Butterfly Korbel SK 7 Review

In the context of the inorganic era, you will find more and more composite table tennis blades continue to emerge on the market. Even the pure wood blades are integrated with many new high technologies.

A “purely natural” blade-like the Butterfly Korbel SK 7 become more concerned by traditional types of players.

This blade is having some great features such as:

  • Excellent control performance
  • Powerful shot
  • Stable arc
  • Clear hand feel

For players who love a lot of power when playing the shot, Butterfly Korbel SK7 is certainly a blade no to miss. This blade is also suitable for players who like to play mid-distance.


This Butterfly Korbel SK7 blade features a classic Limba for both surface and 5-plies of Syous. It makes it a total of 7-plies pure wood blade.

The thickness of the blade is 6.7mm. The surface layout is small. Therefore you are going to get a smaller sweet spot. Nonetheless, the overall feeling is quite comfortable and flexible.

The most obvious is that the hitting feeling is excellent. The shot is fast and the ball attacking is very powerful. However, the deformation can be relatively weak.

It is a very tough and solid all-wood blade.

It has a relatively soft and controlled playing feel even at high speed, which is an ideal choice for the inorganic age.

Butterfly Korbel SK-7

The Butterfly Korbel SK7 is an offensive table tennis blade featuring relatively soft touch with great controlled feeling even at high speed. It combines with all 7-ply wood with a bit heavier weight than the ordinary blade. It is a perfect solution for playing without speed-glue.

Korbel SK7 Performance ChartButterfly Korbel SK7 Performance

More Information About Butterfly Korbel SK7

The Korbel SK7 is an all-round offensive table tennis blade from Butterfly. Korbel comes from Petre Korbel, a famous professional Czech table tennis player who is a contract player and co-operated on the development of Butterfly table tennis blade.

It offers an acceptable performance with a fascinated price (approx $ 72 – 80). Physically, the blade’s surface is pretty soft, and its weight is a bit heavy (95 g). Some players may need to take time to get used to its slightly extra weight.

Even though its speed is quite far from the best, it still features remarkably fast speed. Given that it is made of pure wood (for all 7 layers), its speed is slower than the carbon composite blades, such as Butterfly Sardius, but the pure wood always gives you a better feeling and easier control.

In term of controllability, I would say its controllability is quite prominent among the Butterfly blades. However, due to its relatively soft surface and heavyweight, you may feel uncomfortable at first, but it will be very excellent and easy to control once you get used to it. Its controllability is significantly better than carbon composite blades, such as Butterfly Sardius or Butterfly Boll Tri Carbon.

It is pretty great for spin play with a relatively soft surface when it is integrated with spinny rubbers, such as Butterfly Spin Art or Yasaka Rakza 7. This blade will perform best on medium distance play.

It is recommended for all-round players who prefer control over speed. If you are interested in getting this blade, you can buy it from Amazon.

Product Information

  • Type: All-round
  • Surface Hardness: Soft
  • Weight 95 g
  • Ply: 7
  • Blade Size: Regular (blade surface: 157 × 150mm)
  • Blade thickness: 6.7mm
  • Shape Grip: Flare (100 × 24mm)

My Experience With The Blade

My playmate is recently changed to Butterfly Korbel SK7 blade. Last week, when we gathered together to play ping pong at the club, we frequently. I had a chance to use his blade and try it out myself.

After playing a few games, I feel this is a good quality blade that a player can consider to have. I am here to share with you some of the features I observe with this blade.

Short ball

The blade inherits the excellent features of the 5-ply pure wood blade. It is easy to handle a short ball whether you are playing close to the net shot or chopped a long ball. After playing for a couple of games, you control the blade, which gives you a very great feeling.


Using the blade to attack the ball can give me an excellent feel. It can be slightly shocking and create a slight vibration.

The speed is slightly faster than the OC blade. The feedback on power is genuine. When the ball is vigorously attacked, the direction is easy to control, the arc of the ball is relatively straight, and the whole feeling is entirely satisfactory, very comfortable!


When doing a drive with the blade, the continuity is better if you put on the DHS Hurricane 3 rubber on the blade. The ball that you drive will be more obvious, and the arc can be fantastic.

However, the Korbel SK7 blade still relatively depends on the power exerted by the player. If the power is not sufficient, you will not make a powerful drive, and it can be easy to shot back by the opponent.

In summary, the Butterfly Korbel SK7 table tennis blade is a cost-effective blade with balanced performance. It can offer a player an easy loop and drive.

Because this blade is particularly easy to use, it is very suitable for beginners to practice. Besides, it is also suitable for advanced players to use it as their main tournament racket.

Recommended Table Tennis Rubbers for Butterfly Korbel SK7

Butterfly Korbel SK7 has a relatively soft surface, it is a bit more suitable for medium to hard surface rubbers.

Offensive: Butterfly Tenergy, Xiom Omega IV Pro

Super Spin: Butterfly Spin Art, Yasaka Rakza 7, DHS Hurricane 3

Control: Butterfly Sriver, Yasaka Mark V, DHS Hurricane 3

Overall Rating : 4.4 / 5

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