JOOLA Toni Hold White Spot Blade

This blade has for many years, proved to be a valuable defensive blade. Ping-pong players commonly use it due to its efficiency in offering complete control of the ball. It’s elastic, and soft cottonwood veneers make it a highly sought blade.

You can never go wrong by choosing this blade. Customer reviews so far indicate that it is the most suitable blade for anti-top rubbers. Need more information about the great JOOLA Toni Hold White Spot blade? Read on.

It is a DEF blade

It is the best blade for defensive players. Its lightweight makes it suitable for this purpose. If you are a competent defensive player or you are learning a defensive style of play, a DEF blade is all that you need. The JOOLA Toni Hold White Spot has soft piles of cottonwood to offer you better ball control. Although it is a low-speed blade, it provides extra high ball control.

JOOLA Toni Hold White Spot order from megaspin

Weight and bending resistance

As a ping pong player, you need a durable blade. The JOOLA Toni Hold White Spot has a bedding resistance of 88 and weighs approximately 85 grams.

The bending strength is enhanced by the soft five piles of veneers that make it stable. With this blade, you can participate in serious competitions and take your defensive game to another level.

Perfect for your game

The JOOLA Toni Hold White Spot is excellent in chopping, blocking and chop-blocking. It also has a nice feel and offers superb control. It works well in far away chops and adjacent table blocks. Through many years of manufacture, the features of this blade remain unchanged. However, it qualifies as the perfect blade for modern-day ping pong games.

Works well with Pimple or Anti-spin rubbers such as JOOLA Badman and Amy

Often, many players find it a challenge to decide on the ideal rubber communication. Others believe that the most expensive rubbers are the best. Using authorized rubbers in your ping pong blade is essential.

The JOOLA anti-spin and Badman rubbers are approved by the International Table Tennis Federation and can be used in all table tennis events. The JOOLA Toni Hold White Spot combines perfectly with the rubbers that complement the blade’s defensive game style.


The JOOLA Toni Hold White Spot is the best DEF blade for both short and long-distance defense. It is a blade that has proven to be effective in defensive play over the years. It offers extra high ball control due to its five soft piles of cottonwood veneers.

The blade is ITTF approved and is convenient to use and control. If you are a DEF player or want to become one, the JOOLA Toni Hold White Spot is all you need to up your game. It is not only suitable but also affordable, especially on Amazon.

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