JOOLA TPE Feeling XS Table Tennis Blade


The Joola brand has introduced another excellent ping pong blade. The Top Layer (TPE) blade is made of sturdy wood and is perfect for serious players. Various table tennis players and legends have contributed profoundly to creating the JOOLA TPE Feeling XS blade.
It is, therefore, a professional game blade that has all the required features for successful play. If you a looking for an excellent blade, then this is good for you.

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JOOLA TPE Feeling XS blade description


The blade is made from wood materials such as Kiri, Ayous, and Hinoki. The layers of the wood material are placed strategically to ensure the stability and durability of the blade. It has five piles of wood materials. The packaging of these materials is exceptional and elegantly simple.

It is an optimum blade.

JOOLA TPE Feeling XS blade has been explicitly created for intermediate and professional players. JOOLA worked with legendary trainers and players in the creation of this blade.

The XS blade is also ideal for developing players and beginners. It has a smaller face that is ideal for such players. It is also recommended for children players. As such, the JOOLA TPE Feeling XS can generally be termed as an all-age blade.

Weight, price

The weight of a ping pong blade determines the speed and control rate. The JOOLA TPE Feeling XS weighs approximately 80 grams. The weight is efficient and allows players to lift and twiddle the blade during play. The reduced weight makes it perfect for children to use.

The price is of this blade complements its quality. It goes for $150. Purchasing this blade will be the ultimate solution to your blade issues. It is long-lasting and guarantees you many years of use. It is a valuable tool.

Excellent handle

If you have been using a blade with a rounded handle, it is time to experience a different handle. Besides the beautiful appearance of the blade, the handle is somehow square-like.

Though you may feel uncomfortable using it at first, it is the best handle for serious players. This type of handle enhances spins and lets you have a tight grip on the blade, especially during competitions. The handle guarantees you perfect control.

Overall impression

The primary reason why JOOLA TPE Feeling XS beats other ping pong blades out there is that the speed, weight, and control features are excellent. It is an off-rate, and high-quality blade recommended to all players, particularly serious ones.

Customer reviews show that this blade does not disappoint. Though the handle may not be entirely round, it offers efficient control of the blade. The JOOLA TPE Feeling XS is manufactured with quality and professionalism in mind. It is a blade like no other.

Final word

Choosing the right blade can be a challenge. Different blades offer different play results and experience. The choice of the blade should be based on your play requirements. If you require a blade for your ping-pong game, why not consider the JOOLA TPE Feeling XS?

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