Palio Expert 2 Racket Review

The Palio Expert 2 is the enhanced version of the already obsolete Palio Expert 1. It is a new paddle that was added to the Palio paddle line. It is very affordable for most people, and the quality is value for what you pay for.

Palio Expert 2

Now, let’s do some reviews on this racket by finding out how good it is? How can the player benefit from this bat? Is it worth the price?

Racket Construction

Let’s take a look at the design of this Palio Expert 2 racket.


The blade is all wood. It has been redesigned and further improved from its predecessor Palio Expert 1. The improvement has made the blade better quality, which offers players a better feeling.

The paddle comes with 2.0mm for the thickness. You can upgrade it to 2.2 mm if you want to.


The rubber used in this pre-assembled racket is the CJ8000. It is an ITTF approved rubber for tournament play. The rubber offers players good control, feel, and spin because the rubber is made with a softer sponge. The top sheet is very tacky, and you can play your game by generating many spins.

There are 3 different thicknesses of the CJ8000 rubber. The thicknesses that you can choose are 1.8, 2.0, and 2.2mm. At the same time, the hardness of the sponge is 36-38 degrees.


The racket has a flared handle, which is very comfortable when you hold it in your hand.


  • ITTF approved
  • Blade Thickness: 2.0
  • Rubber Thickness: 1.8mm – 2.2mm
  • Handle: Flared
  • Sponge Hardness: 36-38 degrees
  • Speed: 7/10
  • Spin: 8/10
  • Control: 9/10
  • Dimensions: 11 x 7.3 x 0.9 inches
  • Weight: 174g


It has excellent control. Most beginners may face their backhand stroke, who may sometimes not pace with the ball hitting and has the ball pop up high. However, this racket can undoubtedly make a reasonable adjustment for them. The backhand feel is different with a forehand, which I think they must have put some liquid in there.

It is essential for beginners because you develop your playing skills, your techniques may not always be perfect, so it is good for you to have a bat-like this Palio Expert 2 to assist you a little bit in sharpening up your overall skill. By having this bat, it can help you to increase your accuracy and also help to keep more balls on the table.


The racket does not give a good spin compared to the professional racket. I tried, and it can give me a powerful spin when I make a topspin shot. The bottom is quite tacky, which does hold the ball nicely. You may be surprised at how easy it was to play fast spin ball with the bat.


This is not a fast paddle, but it is quite okay for most people as it is not too fast and not too slow either. If you are a beginner, you don’t need a fast racket. I found many beginners try to get a carbon paddle when they start playing ping pong.

This is not the ideal one as they will miss the opportunity to develop any control or feeling over the ball when they start learning to master the game.

I like this 2nd generation of Palio Expert racket because it doesn’t give me any hollow feeling nor produces any irritating vibration. With these advantages, it is easily winning over all other paddles with a similar price range.


The blade has a long handle and is designed for shake hands grip. The handle that is constructed of flared wood can give you a relatively good feeling when holding it. It is heavy enough to provide you with the right balance of weight.


I try to get a ball and hit on the bat to see how many times the ball can bounce. The average bounce that I got was 4 to 5, which was quite good compared to the Palio Expert 1, which only gave me about 3 bounces on average.


One drawback I found with this bat is that the rubber is not correctly attached to the wooden frame. It seems to lose after some time of playing.

The Palio CJ8000 has the same as the Palio Expert 1.


This is an excellent quality bat that you can get at a very reasonable price. You are going to be impressed with the amount of spin that this bat can generate. If you want to play consistent loops with your game, this bat can help you to do so effortlessly.

This is also an ideal bat that you can use to practice new techniques and strokes. If you can’t make a good spin when playing the game with your racket, then you can consider getting this one. By having this bat, you will learn to do a spin on the ball very fast.

Other than this Palio Expert 2 racket, there are still many different table tennis bats that may suit your need; you can research and figure out the best one for you.

It is not like other pre-made rackets, the rubber for this bat is replaceable. If you do not like the rubber that comes with this racket, you can remove it and replace it with the rubber you want.

If you like this racket, you can get it from Amazon.

There is a free table tennis case that comes together with this racket, so you don’t need to spend more money buying a case for your racket. The case is specially designed to fit well with the racket.

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