JOOLA Colt Off Control Blade

The JOOLA Colt Off Control is known for its ergonomic handle. It is an offensive blade with a perfect balance and control. It is an excellent blade that offers the pleasure of playing at its purest. Let us explore more of the characteristics of this superb ping pong blade below.

Essential characteristics

It is one of the ping pong blades with a different but unique shape compared to other JOOLA blades. The JOOLA Colt Off Control blade enables the player’s hand to grip the handle allowing for more play variation.

At first, what appears like a reasonably strange handle is the latest and most comfortable playing with it for the first time. It is a simple, impressive and innovative handle.

The Handle is smooth on the wrist and offers an ideal power transfer from the forearm. Because of the wrist’s flexibility, some gaming circumstances are simple to master.

The JOOLA Colt Off Control is also good at smashing. It is an entirely balanced offensive blade and offers excellent ball control in serve and receive positions and even when playing inactively. At the same time, it provides sufficient power to take over the challenger when playing vigorously. It offers vigor for active topspins play and enables the player to master the most flimsy situations.

JOOLA Colt Off Control blade consists of balsa wood and 5 layers comprising materials such as Limba, Black Limba, and Samba. It has a thickness of 5.9 millimeters. The layers of the wood material are placed strategically to ensure the stability and durability of the blade. Also, the elements are placed strategically to provide a perfect bouncing spot for the ping pong ball.

The Colt blade also weighs 85 grams and offers high control with an OFF- speed. The weight is sufficient to provide perfect ball control without causing fatigue.

It is also ideal for players to use it without difficulties. It is outstanding, and the price complements its quality. It is long-lasting and guarantees you many years of use.

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The JOOLA Colt, Off Control blade, is for all offensive players, whether beginners or professionals. The blade helps generate extra power in shots and is made from 100% wood.

The 5 layers of wood guarantee the blade’s flexibility and increase the trampoline effect, promoting spin. You can use the blade with your preferred JOOLA rubbers that enhance control. Examples include Joola rhythm and Samba, among others.


The JOOLA Colt Off Control is a blade guarantees maximum speed, power, and topspins without much effort. It is useful for both forehand and backhand shots. It is easy to use the blade, enabling the player to dominate the opponent during active play.

Most importantly, its ergonomic blade allows the payer to have a tight grip on the handle and offers excellent power transmission from the forearm. This blade is affordable and gives you value for every coin.

Check out more table tennis blades from other brands. You may get one that suits your playing style.

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