JOOLA Wing Medium Blade

Are you looking for an exceptional blade that is easy to spin, control and provides excellent blocks? The JOOLA Wing Medium is a good fit for you. You can use this blade offensively and defensively and achieve adequate control. If you are the type that plays for long hours, this blade is very comfortable to use.

You will use it for an extended period without any fatigue. Read on to get a glimpse of why you should go for this all-purpose ping pong blade.

Wing shaft integration (WSI) handle

The WSI technology gives the JOOLA Wing Medium blade a different feel. Its grip is integrated tightly like a wing into the blade that guarantees stability. The handle also consists of layers of hinoki wood. The wood layers are shaped to fit entirely in your hand.

Some ping pong blades slip of the player’s hand during play; the JOOLA Wing Medium is different. It is comfortable for your hand and easy to fidget.

JOOLA Wing Medium Blade order from megaspin

It is an all-around blade

The blade offers you excellent blocks and solid smashes. It is versatile enough for both offensive and defensive use. The integration of veneers offers valuable game features. The JOOLA Wing Medium Blade is perfect for players with many spins and actual blocking game. Also, the speed of this blade sufficient.

Its 84/100 medium control speed generates fast shots. Its weight of 80 grams, enables fast spins.

Suitable for both beginners and experienced players

Whether a newbie or an expert player, the JOOLA Wing Medium is perfect for you. It is of high quality. The performance rating of this paddle shows that it is a high-level tool.

The quality and thickness of the rubber and grip in this blade and the dimples’ direction make this blade worthwhile for medium control rating and a defensive playstyle. Its weight is an added advantage. Both children and adults can use it. For experienced players, the blade offers you numerous spins.

Durability and cost

The JOOLA Wing Medium is made of a thick rubber that enhances strength. Likewise, the layers of wood on the handle make the blade long-lasting. The JOOLA Wing Medium offers you value for your money. You will use it for a long time. The price of this blade is reasonable. Amazon is the best place to get your quality and original blade. Despite its quality, it is affordable.

Reputable manufacturer

I understand that there are many brands of ping pong blades out there. However, the JOOLA Wing Medium is a product from a trustworthy and reliable manufacturer, JOOLA. You are guaranteed the best quality blade that is tested and proven. JOOLA brands are highly recommended.


JOOLA Wing Medium is a blade that will not disappoint you. Former users have testified of its efficiency. It is affordable, simple to use and spin and provides perfect blocks. Its WSI technology guarantees stability. It is a preferred choice by many.

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