JOOLA Aruna Off Blade

Aruna is a new JOOLA blade named after Quadri Aruna, a 2014 ITTF Star Awards Champion who developed the blade in conjunction with JOOLA. It comes in two versions, the JOOLA OFF and OFF plus.

One notable and unique characteristic of this blade is the handle color that displays the color of the Nigeria national flag. It is a feature that makes it remarkable and stands out of many JOOLA brands. 

Noteworthy features

The new JOOLA Aruna blade is ITTF approved and designed with the needs of ping-pong players in mind. The 2014 ITTF champion, Quadri Aruna, collaborated with the global JOOLA Company to create a blade that met Off players’ play requirements. The star used this blade in the championships, and only the design has changed.

It is an ideal blade that offers high controllability. The OFF version has 7 layers and perfectly increases topspin. The JOOLA Aruna Off blade has the necessary power for optimal speed due to its modern carbon technology. It weighs 87 grams, an ideal weight to control and enhance spinning. The Off plus version is faster and has 5-ply and high power.

The outer part of The JOOLA Aruna Off blade is made of the Japanese hinoki wood, which offers a soft and bouncy surface for effect ball control. The inner layers are made of the koto, hardwood, cotton later, Kiri wood core, respectively. These materials enhance stability and durability and also ensure that the blade has a perfect balance to prevent it from sliding.

The blade has smooth edges, enhancing the safety of the players. The blade has a thickness of 5.5 millimetres.

The JOOLA Aruna Off blade is made for a power and spin combination without the loss of touch. The blade is a perfect choice for serious spin players who dominate and counter loop and also need total confidence in their tool.

Joola Aruna Off Blade order from megaspin

The blade has a flared handle that enhances grip and prevents the blade from slipping off when playing. Also, the 157x150mm head size offers a sufficient surface area for ball bounce. Ideal for the plastic ball, the blade provides optimal control.

Though not light, the wood combination and the carbon layer enhance power, spinning, speed, smashing and looping. It has a better finish than most conventional OFF blades. It is highly controllable on both sides, and it is set up offers a perfect center balances. The carbon sheet also enhances lightness, flexibility, and stiffness.


The JOOLA Aruna Off blade accommodates the needs of table tennis players. It is an affordable signature blade with excellent quality. It is a blade that will take your game to the next level and give you value for your money. It is a tested and proven blade by the ITTF. You can never regret choosing blade.

This video offers more details about the blade:


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