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Butterfly Primorac Carbon Review

The combination of Cypress layers and carbon fiber makes the Butterfly Primorac Carbon an excellent blade for offensive players. It can offer players an incredible amount of topspin and fast speed.

Review of Butterfly Primorac Carbon

The Primorac Carbon is a popular offensive table tennis blade from Butterfly. It is incredibly fast, which seems too fast for beginners or even some intermediate players since its controllability is comparatively low.

The additional 2 plies of carbon offer extra speed to the classic version in sacrifice with its controllability. Even though this blade is still playable for a short distance, it is more suitable for medium to long-distance play style.

Butterfly Primorac Carbon chart
Butterfly Primorac Carbon chart

Given that this is an offensive blade, it is excellent for smashing and driving when combined with super speed rubber, such as Tenergy Series. Besides, it is excellent for blocking with a swift return ball (thanks to Hinoki carbon). You will feel very stable when you block.
Moreover, it allows you to generate a reasonably great topspin loop when combined with soft spinny rubbers like Nittaku Narucross Ex-Soft. However, this blade is not forgiving. In other words, it requires both perfect stroke and technique to return a suitable ball.
Therefore, it is more suitable for advanced players. This blade is commonly used with Butterfly Sriver rubber to enhance its controllability.

Butterfly Primorac Carbon
Butterfly Primorac Carbon

In the readymade category, there are various models and brands available in the table tennis bat. Therefore, people have plenty of choices to select. The Butterfly Primorac is one of the best-selling table tennis rackets in the present market, and it will be a perfect choice for people looking for a suitable and convenient racket.

Though there are many rackets in the sale, this one comes from the world’s leading brand. Therefore, people can ensure the quality of the product with no doubt.

Product Information

  • Type: Offensive
  • Surface Hardness: Medium
  • Ply: 3 Plywood + 2 Carbon
  • Weight: ~98 g
  • Feel: Hard
  • Speed: 9.4
  • Spin: 8.6
  • Control: 8.4

The specifications of this table tennis are impressive, and it has a standard design to give the player the utmost handling. The people who think of buying this Butterfly Primorac can read the product reviews on online sites. Hence they can get to know about the product’s standard and the existing user’s feedback. Those things will give them the confidence to buy this racket to play.

Butterfly Primorac Carbon-FL Blade

The African wood is used as the blade material, and it is designed for the advanced level of playing. It comes in the category of offensive racket type and suitable for senior players. 

The blade’s thickness is 6.9mm, along with a height of 6.1 inches and 150mm width. It possesses flared handle with carbon rubber so that the player can feel the grip in his hand and he can play effectively. Therefore, this is a better option in the plenty of choices in the table tennis rackets.

If you are looking to buy this Primorac Carbon blade, you can get it from Megaspin.

Test on the Blade

Butterfly Primorac Carbon is a classic offensive blade that features an FL handle. With this blade, you can get speed and elasticity. It can help you generate a very powerful shot, and at the same time, you won’t lose the ball’s soft control feel. The dwell time is excellent, and is fast to respond to the opponent’s shot.

You can play aggressively when close to the table. You can also play a fast loop at the mid-table distance. It offers a strong push with a low trajectory. It will help if you don’t exert too much strength, even if you want to make an offensive shot.

When you are playing a loop, you need to swing your arm, and the friction of the ball with your rubber needs to be thick. Of course, the strength of the waist and the abdomen should also be emitted.

When playing close to the table, you should swing your arm and twist your wrist. If the friction you make is not thick enough, it may be easy to go out of bounds.

When you receive the opponent’s serve, you need to press the blade downward and do the chop. Otherwise, it will not be easy to get a highball. Because the blade is extremely fast, you need to have a good feel and control when playing.

This Butterfly Primorac Carbon blade can perform very well if you combine the blade with a soft rubber sponge.

My Thought

I went to a sports store planning to buy a new blade. When I was there, I heard the store person recommending people to buy the Butterfly Primorac. It was the most expensive blade at that time, and I guess, a dual expression of identity and skill.

This blade is not great, but it is a perfect balance blade for everyone to have. You can look around see different players use a variety of blades.

Some play fast attack, and some play topspin. You will get a blade that suits your playing style.

I think the Primorac blade is good if you match it with a suitable rubber. I have seen those who use Primorac blade attach with Butterfly Sriver rubber play very good topspin and sidespin. So, it is a blade that you can get if you are thinking of improving your playing skill to the next level.

Recommended Table Tennis Rubbers for Primorac Carbon

  • Offensive with good control: Sriver series
  • Very aggressive style: Tenergy 80
  • Spin play: Nittaku Narucross Ex-Soft
  • Overall Rating: 4.4 / 5