Stiga Pro Carbon Table Tennis Paddle Review

I would love to discuss with you about the Stiga Pro Carbon performance-level ping pong racket. The racket is made of top quality material. It is designed with the latest Carbon Tech technology.

The racket is integrated with 2 layers of high-performance carbon. It will help increase your speed and power.

Stiga Pro CarbonStiga Pro Carbon

 The Stiga Pro Carbon table tennis racket has an exquisite outlook. The paddle is pleasing to the eye. 

Technology Behind It

Stiga is well-known for its innovative technology with the introduction of WRB.

W = Weight Balance: The balance of the blade shifts to the point of contact with the ball.

R = Rate of Recovery: The decrease in blade weight improves recovery rate after each stroke.

B = Ball Sensitivity: It is strategically positioned in the handle to provide extra sensitivity of touch for players. This Stiga Pro Carbon paddle is constructed with WRB technology. 

Rubber For Tournament Play

All the 5-Star series racket released by Stiga have S5 rubber. Virtually all the paddles have 7 veneers except STIGA Evolution with 6 veneers.

This Pro Carbon is designed for the highly effective offensive players. It can offer them incomparable power levels and experience in a match.

Carbon Tech technology makes it possible to generate superb speed. It has the combination of maximum elasticity in an extra-light rubber. As such, it can offer you with great speed, spin, and control.

The carbon enhances the blade surface for rapid responses. The racket is heavy and you may find the rubber can be quite thick.

However, it will not stop you from having a good shot. If you are taking good care of the paddle, you can keep the stickiness of this rubber for quite a period.

Specs and Features:

  • 5-Star series.
  • ITTF approves rubber to play in an international tournament.
  • Assembled with S5 smoother rubber.
  • Extra light blade with 2.0mm sponge.
  • Flared handle.
  • Weight: 185g
  • Dimensions: 22″ x 7″ x 2″


  • Speed: 9.9
  • Spin: 10.0
  • Control: 8.0
  • Durability: 4.5/5
  • Value for Money: 5/5Pros:

    Sleek outlooks – The wood layers are in contrast with light. The handle is dark, which provides more attraction to it.

    Feeling Good – For players who relish good feelings, they will be happy to hold this ping pong paddle in their hand. You may feel a little stiffer but can sense the hard and soft impact of the ball.

    Speed – Provide the player with above-average speed. You may not get a speedy feeling when playing with it. But this Stiga Pro Carbon table tennis paddle is fast enough to take some solid shots.

    Looping blade – Extremely spinning loops is super easy to practice with this racket.


    The handle and edges of the blade can be a little rough. You may need to sand the edges and handle a little, or else it may cause blisters on the hand that grips it. It would help if you played close to the table because the blade is not suitable to play a long distance away from the table tennis table.

    It is not right in chopping stroke as the bat lacks control returning heavy spin balls from the opponent. 

    You can’t replace the rubbers on this pre-made racket. You will have to get a new setup completely.


    You may find the racket is very sticky when you first use it and the dust can quickly get on it. If the rubber starts accumulating dust, apply water on the surface and wipe the rubber with your fingers.

    Once you remove the dust from the sticking paddle, you can use a paper towel to wipe it off while it is still wet. Please don’t wait until it is dry then wipe it, because you will get even more dust sticking on it.


    This Stiga Pro Carbon table tennis racket is a well-balanced blade. It can offer players with excellent control. It can give the accuracy and reliability of a shot on the table.

    The blade is ideal for advanced players. It can provide faster speed for their spinning loops. If you love making consistent loops, you will notice the insane spin and power that this racket can give you.

    Your game will surely improve by using this racket, especially for the speed and spin.

    At first, you may find it is quite challenging to adapt to this racket. But once you master it, you will discover it is one of the best pre-made rackets you can get. It can sharpen up your skill and help you to develop your playing style to the next level. It is a good deal for the quality you receive with this racket. 

    You can get one from Amazon.

    Stiga Pro Carbon vs Killerspin JET 800

    Both rackets are reasonably fit for offensive players. If you like to play an attacking game and don’t care much about control, you should pick the Stiga Pro Carbon. However, if you are looking for a more controlled option, you will want to get the Killerspin JET 800. The price of JET 800 is about $100. You can read more about the racket here.

    Stiga Pro Carbon vs Stiga Evolution

    There is another series of Stiga racket which is known as Stiga Evolution. As mentioned earlier, all 5-Star series of Stiga rackets have S5 rubber. Stiga Pro Carbon has 7 veneers compared to STIGA Evolution with only 6 veneers. You can read through the review to know more about Stiga Pro Carbon vs Evolution and make a comparison by yourself. 

    The price of Stiga Evolution is about $42.

    Stiga Pro Carbon vs Joola Carbon Pro

    Stiga Pro Carbon is a better racket compare to Joola Carbon Pro. Because Joola Carbon Pro only can offer you with average speed and spin. The price is $52 from Megaspin. You can read more about Joola Carbon Pro here.

    Stiga Pro Carbon vs Palio Master 2

    Stiga Pro Carbon is composed of ACS technology. It is the ideal racket for offensive players. The Palio Master 2 is an all-wood blade. It is an excellent all-round ping pong bat. The price is around $45. Both rackets are having rubbers are of quality and can give you a speedy feel. You can read more about Palio Master 2 here.

Model Speed Spin Control Ply Rubber Handle Weight
Palio Legend 2 10.0 9.0 6.0 5 Palio Hadou (2.0mm) Flared 258g
Yasak Mark V 10.0 10.0 6.5 5 Mark V 2.0mm Flared N/A
Palio Master 2 8.0 9.0 8.0 ETT Master 2 CJ8000 Flared 259g
Killerspin JET 600 8.0 9.0 8.5 5 Nitrx-4z 2.1mm Flared 182g
Stiga Evolution 9.6 9.4 9.0 6 Premium 2.0mm Concave Pro 170g
Stiga Pro Carbon 8.0 9.9 10.0 7 S5 Flared 185g
Killerspin JET 800 9.5 9.0 8.0 7 Nitrx-4z 2.1mm Flared 190g

Additional Thought of Stiga Pro Carbon Racket:

Too much choice can be a headache for some of us. Thus, you will need to spend the time to come out with a matrix of your style of play. Then try to find a paddle that fits your playing style. The price is around $50 to $60. You can get it online from Amazon.

The racket is most sought after by players in India and the UK. There is no penhold model for this racket. If you think this Stiga is not right for you, there are still many other table tennis bats discussed in this site. You can read and find the right one that best suits your playing style.

You may also read the comparison between Stiga Pro Carbon and Stiga Carbo Advance 6 Stars. You can know more about these two rackets by then.


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