Tibhar Nimbus Rubber Reviews

Tibhar has released a new clear technology rubber for players to play their table tennis game. The extraordinary polish paint applied to the rubber surface area provides you with the very best and proper protection instead of excessive glue or rubber removal. Such clear technology makes it perfect for attaching the rubber to the Tibhar blade, making it an excellent combination.

Get A Tibhar Nimbus Without The Need Of Speed Glue

With the availability of Nimbus rubber, you don’t have to use any speed glue anymore. The rubber is made of SPI(speed-effect inside) that features the integration of TIBHAR’s newly developed speed glue. It is going to exceed all your expectations with your off grip and control.

Tibhar Nimbus rubbers
Tibhar Nimbus rubbers

The Nimbus series is excellent for players who love to play a fast game. It offers good spin speed as well as exceptional control. Some people may have difficulty controlling it well for a short game, but once you get used to the rubbers, you shouldn’t have an issue as it is a quality rubber suitable for offensive game players.

Tibhar Nimbus Sound

Nimbus Sound is the softest rubber among the Tibhar Nimbus series. It offers players with remarkably playing experience.

It gives players a fast and spinny shot as well.

The rubber is built with the greatest extent of sponge backing, making players have an excellent feel with it. This rubber is fitted to a wide selection of rackets. Overall, it is an extremely flexible rubber to perform a chop when you receive a push back.


  • Speed: 8.8
  • Spin: 8.5
  • Control: 8.0

Tibhar Nimbus Soft

For this Nimbus Soft rubber, other than the SPI technology and integrated speed glued effect, it can also offer players complete control with its soft sponge and quick spin with quality elastic rubber.

Many players find the rubber rather challenging to control when playing a full loop kill swing, especially if trying to play for a shorter wide-angle. However, it allows you to play long angles by offering you great spin and additional power.

This rubber is ideal for medium-hard blades. It offers players good spin and decent control. It is a fast rubber that can let you play with a quick attack.

You can play with consistent shots close to the table with this rubber. You can get a good spin when doing your shots and generate many spins when you are doing your serves.


You can play well in chopping, backspin, drive, and loop by having this rubber on your blade’s backhand. If you are not strong with your backhand, then this rubber is good for you as it is soft, and it can help you exert force to your shots.


  • Speed: 8.9
  • Spin: 8.5
  • Control: 8.2

Tibhar Nimbus Delta V

Following the Nimbus series’s success, Tibhar decided to design a new coating that focuses on the same fundamental of speed, playing feel, and control. Nimbus Delta V’s specificity is based on the new geometry of the surface’s pimples with more dynamism and trajectory on topspin strokes, which is suitable for players who want more speed.

Nimbus Delta V is the faster version for the player who loves to play a quick game. There is another similar version: Nimbus Delta S., The main difference between them, is that Delta-V offers players faster speed while Delta S offers more spin.

If you compare this rubber to the Roxon, you will find that this rubber can offer you a little more speed than Roxon. It also has a longer and lower trajectory. You can have a good feel with this rubber when playing with it.

For the spin, this rubber gives enough spin for you to play the game. It is an ideal rubber for you if you love to play with a lot of topspins.

The Nimbus Delta V is designed for optimized play, and it will provide players with substantial energy transfer in speed play, especially for topspin shots.


  • Speed: 9.0
  • Spin: 9.0
  • Control: 8.7

Tibhar Nimbus VIP

It is the ideal rubber for beating the opponent when playing a table tennis game. It features substantial positive aspects than a fresh glued rubber. The Nimbus VIP is built with tough rubber, which offers players reasonable control and spin. However, it may not be easy to play with a fast blade, especially when you want to make a killing serve.

The rubber‘s top sheet is very sturdy, which features a highly effective bounce and throws with a great deal of electrical power.

This rubber is ideal for players who love to play closed-angle loops and positive topspin. You do not need a fast blade to make powerful speed as this rubber is excellent enough for you to attach with other blades for superior performance.


  • Speed: 9.5
  • Spin: 9.5
  • Control: 9.0

Sponge hardness

This rubber‘s hardness is 47.5, which should be the hardest one in the commercially available version of the rubber sponge. With this hardness, it is generally to be used for the forehand.

Rubber surface

The rubber surface of this rubber is sturdy, but the friction is very outstanding. It is one of the best rubbers from Tibhar. The rubber surface thickness is equal to the thickness of the pips, and the pip size and density are medium. Therefore, this type of rubber offers a balance of speed and spin.


The elasticity of this rubber is relatively solid. It doesn’t have the shortcomings of the previous Tibhar rubbers.

More of Tibhar rubbers at Tibhar Megaspin

More of Tibhar rubbers at Tibhar Megaspin

Tibhar rubbers


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