Blades that Made of Wood and Carbon

During the past 3 months, we have bought a lot of wooden ping pong blades. I have to pay for it. The important assumption is that the weight of the wood and the bounce are related.

If the wood type is OFF+ but difference weight of blades is being used, it will affect the overall performance while playing. If the blade is lightweight but with a good bounce, then it definitely better than a heavy ping pong blade.

premier xc
premier xc

If you want to improve your skill, it is good for you to buy a good blade at a reasonable price. I spent quite some money on the blade but very little money on the rubber, like $15 per sheet or only $30.

It was the time I didn’t know rubber is also essential. Besides, since I need to change the rubber very often, it is just not worth it to buy expensive rubber.

I thought a high price rubber is only suitable for people who often play table tennis until their rubber is worn out fast. But now I know that rubber is also essential and I have to choose a more expensive rubber.

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The Wood of the Blade

Lightweight Balsa wood is unique. The wood weighs between 70 and 77 grams. The wood is often thick, and the bat is found to be OFF+ when played. Even if it hurls the wood and moves faster, but the wood does not bounce as hard as you want.

While the ball is bouncing gently but not exertion, the ball will fall from a simple wooden face. That is when using lightweight wood. The player has to hit harder and faster as well.

If you do not want a wooden blade from Balsa but want to have the bounce of OFF to OFF+, then a heavy wood like Butterfly Balsa Carbo X5 with a weight of 90 grams or more is needed, and you need to put the rubber from Japan like Tenergy 05.

The two rubber will increase your bat to about 95 grams if using Chinese rubbers. It will be even heavier if you hit the ball quickly and with little force. But it becomes difficult to control.

And if you need to get a short ball on the table, it will often send out too much force or send a high float from the net. It makes the opponent can return the ball to you quickly.

The reason that the weight of the wooden blade affects the ball is caused by momentum. Calculate with the formula P = M x V when the wood is heavier. It makes the momentum or force output from the wood to become very strong. For this reason, if lightweight wood is used, it will need to exert more power to gain momentum equal to the heavy wood.

Ignore the specification that is OFF or OFF+ on the blades. The quality of production is not something that you can control. It is determined by the weight where if it is cumbersome, it is OFF+ If lighter, it is specified as OFF.

So the priority to choose the best wooden blade is to look at the weight of the wood. It would help if you didn’t use an overweight or lightweight blade.

If you want to change your blade, you should choose the blade that is of the same weight as your old blade.

Carbon Layer

The next thing is the carbon layer. If the wood is a 5 + 2, it is a 7 layer wood with 5 layers of wood, and 2 layers of carbon, either built inner or outer. The wooden blade-like Andro Super Core Carbon with a core carbon layer at the exterior features a soft and smooth finish.

The outer layer of wood will give you the best feeling when hitting the ball. The blade is made from Hinoki wood. These types of blades include Xiom Axelo and Xiom Strato.

7ply Inner Carbon
7ply Inner Carbon

Another type is the blade constructed with 7 layers thick 5 + 2 Inner Carbon like the JOOLA Air Carbon blade. The outside of the hindquarters is made of Hinoki wood with 80 – 85 grams of ST straight handle.

The prices range for these types of blades is between $50 – $200. The wood is often thick and is of good quality. 

Premier XC is a great ping pong bat with a very sweet spot. The wooden structure and weight make it easy to hit the ball in the middle of the wood. 

The ST handle has a handle that is not thick and bulky, and the surface of the handle is flat. 

Pure Wood or Carbon?

Generally, pure wood is thicker than carbon, and pure wood is more solid. Although the carbon blade has better elasticity, it is lacking in ball control.

You will get good contact and feel with an all-wood blade. You will have good dwell time, decent flexibility, and better the ball when the blade is in touch with the ball.

Also, carbon is lighter than wood. If you like to play offensively, I would suggest you get a pure wood blade.

I bought a Stiga Allround Classic WRB, and I love it very much. If you have a carbon fiber blade, you need to be concerned about the world’s oil and petrol reserves. If the oil is depleted, then all carbon is gone.

Why? It is quite simple because fiber is extracted from petroleum.

Many people suggest buying Stiga blade because most of them think Stiga may become the leading table tennis brand in the future. It is the oldest table tennis manufacturer, and the company holds a lot of advanced technologies.


Warren Davies

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