Andro Treiber Z Table Tennis Blade

The Andro Treiber Z Blade is another product by the Andro technology. Blades from Andro meet the specific needs of players. In this article, I will provide a review of this blade. It has been on the market for quite some time now.

Feedbacks from current users show that it is a blade that fulfils its promises. Here at, we always work to ensure that you choose the right blade. Read on to know why the Andro Treiber Z Blade is worth buying.


Having been used by many players so far, the Andro Treiber Z blade is undoubtedly powerful. It provides excellent backhand and forehand strokes. It is also the most well-balanced blade when it comes to versatility. If you are looking for a first-class synthetic fiber blade, this is your blade. It is perfect for hard gaming and offers a harmonizing soft impact.

The Andro Treiber Z blade is both hard and fast. It provides the player with a good ball feeling. When using this ball, you benefit from aggressive topspins. When using it for the first time, you may experience some problems when blocking. However, within a short period of consistent use, you will get used to the blade’s speed, therefore becoming an excellent blocker. The Andro Treiber Z blade is comfortable and does not slip off easily.

Though some players fear this blade due to its expensive cost compared to other blades, its quality is not negotiable. It is essential to always go for what will give you satisfaction.

The Andro Treiber Z blade is convincingly a high class bade with either a straight or flared handle. It has a built-in synthetic fiber. The blade guarantees you a unique experience, and you will appreciate the stability and hardness it comes with. It provides superb ball-feeling when playing constant and solid blockers.

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The Andro Treiber Z blade has a heavy top that helps you bring the ball to its target quickly.
Talking about its speed, this blade will enable you to achieve numerous spin without using too much energy. Its speed rating is 96/100. Additionally, it has a control-rate of 97/100. As such, you are assured of uninterrupted game.
Weighting 88g, the blade is neither heavy nor light. I can say that it has a medium weight which is well distributed. , I can say that the Andro Treiber Z blade is impressive and offers a great feeling.
This high-quality blade made from Germany has a large sweet spot. You can always hit the ball without missing or experience off strikes. The ball bounce offered by the blade is also fantastic. It is an efficient blade for both attacking and blocking. You will also experience easy counter-spins.


Previous users confirm that is a superb OFF blade that does not cost an arm and a leg. The Andro Treiber Z blade does not disappoint.

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