Butterfly Viscaria – An Optimum Table Tennis Racket

Butterfly Viscaria is the latest table tennis blade in the market. It is made of very flexible acrylate fibers. It is made up of carbon fiber with high elasticity and has minimal dissipation of energy while playing.

The perfect combination of the Butterfly Viscaria table tennis blade’s stability and high elasticity is suitable for all-round players. It can be said to be a classic Butterfly blade. The blade is lightweight and is designed for easy control.

It can offer players with the balance of offensive and defensive play. It is one of the best-selling blades for Butterfly.


  • Handle size: 100mm*25mm/FL
  • Surface: 157mm*150m/FL

The best feature of this Viscaria is the compact head size, making it ideal for a quick re-looping when on the bounce. It is best for professional players because of its unique features. Since an experienced company designs it, they are sure of the best features to put in it to make it the best product.


Butterfly Viscaria



The structure of the Butterfly Viscaria has five layers of wood + 2 layers of aryl carbon, which is especially suitable for players who play fast attack with a lot of spins.

The grip of the blade offers a perfect feel. You can do your serve with ease and fast without much force. The blade is high fault tolerance, soft touch, and very comprehensive.

Most people who have used this blade, say the Butterfly Viscaria blade has no defect. The blade is particularly easy to control—the reason why this blade is very popular.

In comparison to Timo Boll Spirit, The Butterfly Viscaria has a slightly larger FL handle. Also, it is about 3 grams heavier than the Timo Boll Spirit.

When playing with the blade, it gives you a higher throw together with less dwell time.

The backhand side can offer a player with more controllable as well as solid play. It is ideal for players who are playing in a compact stroke where the blade can give them sufficient power that they need.


By using this blade, you only need to exert medium strength to make your shot. You can have a stable feel when you do a topspin or sidespin stroke.

When you do a stroke with great strength, there will be shortcomings that the general carbon blade is challenging to overcome where your hand may feel empty. You may have the kind of feeling where you cannot exert your power correctly.

Not Suitable To Attach With DHS Hurricane 3 Rubber

The facts tell us that if you attach the DHS Hurricane 3 rubber on the Butterfly Viscaria blade, the effect can be mediocre. The DHS Hurricane 3 is significantly depending on the blade, and the blade surface of Viscaria is too big to stick the DHS Hurricane 3 rubber.

Therefore, the blade can only be matched with rubber that can give reasonable control and spin. The Butterfly Viscaria does not pick the rubber very much, but it is easy to penetrate, and the slightly softer rubber is more suitable for Viscaria.

The blade has an apparent handle that has an excellent feel when gripping the blade in your hand. It can give you fast speed, easy force, soft touch, and very comprehensive performance.

Playing With The Blade

Making fast and aggressive attack is the strength of this blade, and the sound generated by the blade is a reasonable enjoyment when playing the game.

Because the blade’s structure is made from a combination of wood and carbon, it can give you a larger sweet spot. Although the strong wood is complicated for anyone to feel the deformation, the blade can show the excellent ability to make a powerful shot after putting on the glue.

You can get used to the blade very quickly and can make fast speed with medium power. The ball’s control inside the table is slightly worse, and you need to be careful when doing your chop to prevent the ball from going too far.

Because the blade is stiff, it is easy to make short-distance shots, and the effect is perfect. For the backhand, because the power used to play the shot is much smaller than the forehand, it is not easy to exert your full power in making the shot.

With Butterfly Viscaria blade, you have enough speed and flex to produce a powerful shot from the mid-far distance from the table. You may feel the touch is slower compared to Timo Boll ALC. The dwell time of the ball on your blade is decent.

Throw high ball far from the table is effortless, which shows that this blade is a comprehensive type. You can use it to play far or close to the table.

Also, because of the blade’s stiffness, the spin generated during a serve is less powerful compared to pure wood.

The shot that generated by Butterfly Viscaria is quite balanced. The hardness of the blade is closer to the fiber. The spin and speed of the ball are perfect. It is suitable for a player to practice basic attacks, such as fast attack and topspin. It is also suited to be used to play in specific competitions.



  • Speed: 9.0
  • Control: 8.2
  • Weight: 90
  • Plied: 5W, 2A/C

If you are interested in this blade, you can get it from Megaspin.

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