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Review of Table Tennis Robot AMDT Y&T B3

I’m going to do a quick review of the Table Tennis Robot AMDT Y&T B3 or the RO buddy.

When coming to table tennis robots, most people will choose for more renowned ones like the Newgy or iPong. But there is a brand known as AMDT Y&T which is not really known by many people.

There are actually quite a few models of table tennis robots that have been released by the company. And this includes the model that we want to discuss now, which is the Table Tennis Robot AMDT Y&T B3 or the RO buddy.

Robot Features

This robot can works with both poly and celluloid balls. But you can choose either of the balls. You can’t mix them to be used together. It can hold up to 150 balls. This is enough for you to practice and play alone if you can’t find a companion to play with you.

The weight of this robot is about 6 lbs. It can let you adjust for 3 different types of spins which are topspin, backspin, and no-spin. It can shot up to 80 balls per minute.

It can be a good robot for you to practice and improve your ping pong skills.

Test On The Robot

After load it up, I start to do a fixed position shot where it just shoots to the corner of the table. When the robot starts up, it actually starts out pretty slow and you have to turn up the speed.

You can adjust the setting with the wireless remote control. The remote is having some buttons like pause, top wheel spin plus-minus, bottom wheel plus-minus as well as frequency changes.

So I’m going to get it tweaked at the first ball. For the first ball, it is always slow as it doesn’t really hold the last settings. So you have to always turn to speed up a little bit.

On the plus side, it’s a very affordable robot. It cost me just about $300 on Megaspin. It came with a ball picker and other accessories. There are also a couple of ping pong balls that come together with the robot.

Once you get the settings right, it’s actually very accurate and it can throw the balls to the position where you want them to be. It actually provides very good topspin on the ball. However, it is just not very good while throwing the ball with the backspin.

As far as I can tell, the robot also has an oscillating feature where it will shoot the ball to the corners. This is really well for people to practice their movement or footwork while training on their stroke.

So if you get the settings right, it does what it promises and it’s very reliable in terms of performance.

The issues you may have with it are the little control panel down at the bottom of the robot that lets you adjust the robot. It can be rather difficult because you can’t choose digitally and it is hard for you to see what settings are at. It has 6 different settings for topspin and backspin, 9 settings for frequency.

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But because you can’t see where they are at, you can only tell when it starts shooting balls off the back of the table. If the topspin is too high or whatever you can’t figure out what you need to set it in order to get it right. This can be a very difficult one that you need to spend some time to figure out.

This Table Tennis Robot AMDT Y&T B3 comes with a little remote control. It is kind of difficult for you to use it because while you are playing and you are trying to adjust the remote, it’s just hard to use while you’re doing it. It also doesn’t work every time, sometimes it just not working when you are clicking it.

There is another model above the B3 which is known as the B5 which I didn’t even see it on Megaspin. I wish I would get that because it has a display on the front that shows you what the speed settings are at which would be so useful for me.

So in order for me to get the right settings on this robot, I’m going to click the ‘-‘ button four times from the bottom all the way and then click it four times up for topspin, and then reset the frequency. Then click six times to get the right frequency.

This is just kind of difficult. I find that it ends up shooting a lot of balls long off the table. It’s a full-size table and if I’m playing a forehand loop and getting a topspin on it, it’ll shoot so many balls off the corner of the table.

That’s pretty frustrating when you know the balls that you’re waiting for coming and you have to swing. Because in a real game you couldn’t just let balls go by. You have to pretty much swing at everything. So that’s kind of not a thing that up to my expectation.

Table Tennis Robot AMDT Y&T B3


  • You can get this robot at a very affordable price compared to others.
  • It can provide you with a consistent shot.
  • Very reliable in terms of performance.


  • The setting is not easy to understand and it is rather hard for you to get the right setting.
  • The remote control sometimes not working. It just not sync well with the machine.
  • It cannot perform random shots.
  • There is no pre-set training program for this robot.

I heard that there is a similar version of this table tennis which is from Tibhar that comes with the settings’ display in front and side of the robot. You may want to find it out if you have a Tibhar distributor near where you live and you intend to buy a table tennis robot like this one for you to train your table tennis skills as the robot is just a piece of indispensable equipment that most people need if they want to play well in the game.

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