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Pick The Right Ping Pong Balls in Bulk

Do you need advice on how to buy your table tennis balls in bulk, like in 1000 pieces, or want to know what kinds of balls are available?

The ping pong ball is an essential piece of table tennis equipment, and you need to buy the right one and with a certain quantity to save money on your purchase.

I will tell you all you need to know about ping pong balls and which type of ball is right for you according to your play level.

Types of Table Tennis Balls

There are different types of ping pong balls; there are the training balls used for training purposes, and there are balls with the rating system classified by stars.

Nittaku Premium 3-Star Balls

The training balls are softer practice balls with different colors and shapes and are made for recreational purposes or fun players. They are not durable and break easily.

The Star Balls

1-2 star balls are of less quality but better than the training balls and are suitable for training purposes with players who are improving their game but not yet at the professional level.

It is also suitable for use in table tennis robot or ball machines for practice purposes.

Balls with 3 star are exclusively used for official competition; the 3-star inscriptions indicate that it is of the highest quality.

As a beginner, I would advise you to use the 1-2 star TT balls to practice and improve your skills, but as you improve, you can switch to the 3 star balls.

The 3 star TT balls are more expensive than the 1-2 star balls, so it would be economical for you to practice with the 1-2 star balls, which are less expensive.

The rules of table tennis specify that the game must be played with a 2.7 gram, 40mm diameter 3 star balls, and the ball shall bounce up to 24-26cm when dropped from a height of 30.5cm.

The TT ball size was changed from 38mm balls to 40mm balls after the 2000 Olympic Games. The 40mm ball is much slower in speed and produces less spin than the 38mm ball.

The TT ball is made of high bouncing celluloid or similar plastic material. The official color of the TT ball is white or orange.

Approved Table Tennis Balls

The International Table Tennis Federation produces a list of authorized 40mm balls, which have passed the organization’s testing program.

No ball is added to this list unless it passes this testing program.

In all the ITTF official balls, you will see the ITTF logo’s indication, including the logo of the brand, the standard of the ball, which is 40mm, and the country where the ball was made.

REGAIL yellow ping pong balls

How do you buy your table tennis balls in bulk?

TT balls are always sold in bulk, and they are sold inside packs and put in a bulk case.
Depending on the type of TT ball you want to buy, you will find packs of 12 balls, 36 balls, and some can also be 144 balls.
There are different types of ping pong balls, but you can start with the training balls or the 1-2 stars ball as you improve on your game as a beginner.
The ball’s official size is 40mm, the 3-star ball is for official games, and the ITTF has a list of all the authorized 3 star balls.
To get the best of your table tennis balls, make sure to keep them away from direct sunlight, high temperature, moisture, and always pick up the ball quickly when it falls on the ground so that someone does not accidentally step on it.

xsf club tt balls

There are 1000 bulk deals for ping pong balls that you can find at Amazon if you are looking to buy in large quantities. These are advanced training balls that are suitable to be used in training for professional players.

100pcs white 3star ballsorder from amazon

JOOLA and Stiga 40mm Training Table Tennis Balls


The JOOLA ROSSI One-Star Orange 40mm table tennis balls are the best ball that Joola offers. They are relatively light compared to other table tennis balls, making them move through the air very quickly, and they are great for beginner and intermediate players. They are very responsive, which makes it a more manageable ball to play with.

JOOLA ROSSI One Star Balls

Despite their lightweight, Joola 40mm balls are relatively durable. While most table tennis balls don’t have a very long life expectancy, these balls will last for months. Joola upholds its reputation for dependable table tennis balls by using high-grade celluloid.
The table tennis balls are checked for performance and endurance at various production points, which ensures quality performance. With the high quality of these table tennis balls in consideration, it is no surprise that they have been used for national and international competition.
They are the official balls of many international tournaments and are currently the North American Table Tennis Tour’s official ball.
With an outstanding balance of speed and durability, JOOLA ROSSI One-Star Orange 40mm table tennis balls are of very high quality compared to other table tennis balls. I would highly recommend these balls to beginners and table tennis connoisseurs alike and give them a five-star rating.

Stiga Balls

stiga table tennis ballsThe Stiga Three-Star Orange Table Tennis Balls are the most durable and long-lasting balls Stiga has to offer. They are of superior quality for competitive style play. These 40 mm ping pong balls provide consistent bounce, excellent spin, and more extended volleys. You will receive 6 bright orange table tennis balls.
I have used these for tournaments and casual play, and one ball had lasted long before I replaced it. They are very durable, provide good spin and bounce, and are easily seen over the table. I’d put these on par with any professional balls available.
These balls were an excellent pick-up for our family games. We do not play casual table tennis, but we are not the extreme type, either. My brother and I can quickly tell the difference in feel and touch the 3 star balls have over the “wimpy” rec balls we got first because they were cheap.
Now that we are everyday players, these balls have yet to break and probably won’t until my brother steps on one of them. Altogether, 6 great balls for your money.

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