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How Did XuShaofa Ping Pong Balls Become the Best?

For many people, XuShaofa may be a brand that they never heard of in their life. Even for table tennis players, most of them also found this name is too strange. However, if you want to find a high-quality seamless poly table tennis balls, then this brand will be the one that you should try.

What’s Good About XuShaofa?

The ball is very solid and round. Most people are having an issue with seamed balls as they tend to easy get breaking and cause them to spend more money to buy more balls. With the invention of this XuShaofa seamless plastic balls, the issue is getting reduce a lot and save them on the cost of playing or training on table tennis.

We have been testing the balls for a couple of days and I can say this ball is really round and solid. The solidity that I mean is it’s heavier than the normal celluloid ballsOpens in a new tab. and also it is more consistent when playing in a loop.



  • It is made of poly plastic material which makes it be safer and more durable compared to the traditional celluloid ball.
  • It is built to be a whole and one unit ball that is seamless. Which mean you will not find any seam like those celluloid balls.
  • XuShaofa is more durable compared to the balls manufactured by other companies.
  • It can provide you with more resistant.
  • More consistent all around.
  • Perfect and constant bounce.
  • Innovative construction technology.

It is Heavier

Because it is a bit heavier, you really can feel the ball in your racket. Thus, you really have a great feeling even with the rackets that is constructed with carbon layers. You can feel better by touching around your racket whether it is in the tip or close to the angle of your handle. All these can give you a lot of precision and can help to improve the position in your hand.

One of the things that worth mentioning is the ball comes faster especially at the backhand side. You need to get used to it a little bit by taking maybe one session training to play with the ball. Once you are familiar with the hands-on you will be able to have good control with it.

XuShaofa Balls

The ball is really having great bounce and can go up quite fast to your chest. So you need to keep a good technique to get the ball off balance if you want to try to block the ball. For serving or receiving with your forehand and backhand, this ball just performs very well. This is also the same as the topspin and against stop ball.

You can get a very nice spin with this XuShaofa table tennis balls. There’s a lot of grip in it where you can play with your rubber. So you really can see a lot of improvement in comparison of this ball with the standard celluloid balls that you have.

Seamless vs Seam Ball

seam vs seamless
seam vs seamless

If you cut the seamless and seam ball into two halves, you will be able to notice the difference between them even clearer.

The thickness of the seamless ball is basically the same, so the accuracy of the landing point and the uniformity of the bounce are better.

half seam ball
half seam ball

I managed to take a photo of the seam ball that been cut into two halves. From the picture, we can see there are differences in the thickness of the seam between the three parts of the seam, waist and the bottom.

We only need to press the three different parts with the same finger to clearly feel the difference in thickness. Because of the difference in thickness, when the ball is shot at the same speed but different parts are bounced on the table or touched by the racket, the bounce direction, speed, and strength can be different.

This will lead to the player to misjudge the height of the bounce and the trajectory of the ball. If you make a mistake, you will lose points.

Even amateur players will have such experience where a ball that they are very confident in hitting but inexplicably got shot off the net or out of the bound. The main reason for this is caused by the different bounces in various parts of the seam ball.

Advantages of Xushaofa Seam Ball

Offer you with even bounce

The more obvious advantage of seam ball is the great bounce it offers you. You can do a simple test by using some seam balls together with Xushaofa seamless ball. You can drop a seam ball and a seamless ball at the same time on a table tennis table and observe the bounce quality.

You will notice that the bounce of XuShaofa is the highest and more consistency. Xushaofa also takes the longest time to stop the bounce. The frequency is higher than seam ball and the ball getting hit is also farther than other seam balls.

Stable Spin

When playing the sidespin at the mid-table, the Xushaofa seamless ball is bounce with great trajectory and fast speed. This may be because the ball is evenly stressed and there is no side seam, so the ball does not feel flickering under any conditions.

When do a spinning test on the table, the seamless ball did not jitter or having irregular spin during the spin test.

Feel a little heavy in the hand

When playing close to the table, the feel of the ball is relatively stable. It is slightly heavier than the other seam balls. When playing at the mid and far distance from the table, the ball feels sinking.

Not easy to crack

The Xushaofa seamless ball is quick durable. It is not easy to get cracking. I have tried to make ferocious smash continuously, and I found no cracking on the ball. The other seam ball that I try with the same playing stroke is getting crack at the joints.

ITTF Approved

Xu Shaofa seamless 40+ 3-star table tennis ball is ITTF approved ball for international competition because it is durable, stable, and has good bounce.

After all, XuShaofa table tennis ball is the most revolutionary and advanced table tennis ball maker on the market. If you want to play with the best ball, you should play with this brand. I would recommend this ball for everybody who wants to have a nice and high-quality training session.

This seamless ball is great. If you are interested, you can get them from AmazonOpens in a new tab. or MegaspinOpens in a new tab..

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