STIGA Advantage Table Tennis Table Review

The STIGA Advantage Table Tennis Table is constructed with the use of the finest raw materials. It is another entry-level indoor table created by a renowned ping pong equipment manufacturer to maintain the highest standards of quality in the industry.
The table’s craftsmanship is more than reasonable, which can provide the player with very good and even bounce when hitting the ball on the table.

STIGA Advantage Table Tennis Table

What’s Good About This Table?

The table features a 1/2″ steel apron providing warp-resistant support. It is an excellent table built with quality materials and a very affordable price.

An added advantage of this table is that the tabletop is professionally finished by applying automated roller coating. At the same time, the silkscreen striped average top creates a perfect bounce for smooth and consistent play.

The table features release safety latches, secure tabletop, and playback in storage positions. The safety latch located under the table provides a strong and secure lock-in for the top to be in the upright storage position.


Some great features that you can find with this STIGA Advantage Table Tennis Table include:

  • 1.2″ steel legs provide added support for a consistent and level playing surface.
  • 2″ wheels allow for easy and smooth mobility for storage and transport.
  • 3″ lockable wheel casters make the table stand out. Moving this table to a far distance is not an issue.
  • QuickPlay design with 10-minute assembly and 95% pre-assembled to offer users with easy and quick setup.
  • 5/8 inch thick dark blue tabletop with silkscreen striping.
  • 1.2-inch steel tube aprons.
  • Independent table halves.
  • 72-inch tournament-grade net and post set.
  • Safety latch system.


  • Play Position: W: 60 inch D: 108 inch H: 30 inch. (152cm x 274cm x 76cm)
  • Playback Position: W: 60 inch D: 66 inch H: 64 inch. (152cm x 167cm x 162cm)
  • Storage Position: W: 60 inch D: 28 inch H: 64 inch. (152cm x 71cm x 162cm)

Assemble and Installation

The installing process generally is quite simple without much effort needed. It would help if you had a wrench to tighten the bolts so that the table can stay firm in its position.

Playing Surface

The tabletop is made of MDF that is painted on both sides of the table. The thickness of the table is 5/8 inches or 16mm. It is painted dark blue with silkscreen striping, making the table smooth to the touch.

Table Edges

The table corners can be hazardous and cause injury occasionally. The STIGA Advantage table has a 1.5-inch steel apron place at the edges of each corner to prevent the table from getting damaged and protects players from injuries.

Net and Post

Standard net and post included with the table are very easy to install and take off. The equipment that comes together with the table is of good quality. It is good to see that Stiga is providing quality and professional-spec heavyweight clamp net and post set with this table.


The STIGA Advance Table Tennis Table also features playback and storage position. It means you can fold the table at 90 degrees and move them away. You can also play ping pong solo by fold up one half of the table and using solo-play. 

Safety Latch System

One of the good features you can have with this table is that the table is built with a safety latch system. The safety latch will lock the table when it is placed in a vertical position. With such safety precautions put in place, it prevents hazardous and protects the table from getting damaged.

Without the safety latch system, the table might be unstable when you put it in a vertical position, and it may fall and cause injury. It is especially dangerous if you have kids in your house.


The STIGA Advantage Table Tennis Table has four 1.5-inch powder-coated steel legs. They are available in a square design, which can give strong support to the table.

There are also leg levelers, which are adjustable where you can adjust the height to the level you want. With this feature’s availability, there is no problem for you to place the table on an uneven surface since it can be leveled to stabilize the table. There is a self-opening feature where you can deploy the leg levelers automatically.


  • Can assembly and install very quickly without much effort.
  • The table is very sturdy and can cater for heavy-duty.
  • A well-built and reliable table.
  • Come with a quality 72″ clamp style heavy-duty net.
  • The price is quite affordable for most households.


  • The disadvantage of this table is that it is not a tournament standard table. Thus, this table is only ideal for beginners or intermediate players.
  • The tabletop has a thickness of 16mm. It is the thinner level of table tennis tables that may not give you quality bounce.


If you love to play ping pong during your free time, but do not wish to pay too much for a table, then you may consider buying this STIGA Advantage Table Tennis Table.

Suppose you are serious about playing table tennis, and your skill level already reaches a certain level. In that case, you may want to pick some better tables for tournament use to improve your playing skill to another level further.

Click to buy from Amazon if you think this is the right table for you.

If you don’t think this table is right for you, there are still many different models of STIGA table tennis tables that you can choose from.

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