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JOOLA Outdoor Aluminum Table Tennis Table

This is another remarkable outdoor table manufactured by JOOLA. It allows you to play anywhere despite the weather conditions. You will not be constrained in-house. With its unique technology, weather and terrain resistant materials, the JOOLA Outdoor Aluminum is a must-have ping pong table.

The table makes you play like a pro. It’s brand, JOOLA is one of the leading brands whose expertise in creating table tennis equipment is recognized. Here are noteworthy reasons this table should be a priority.

Official Sponsor for United States Olympic Team

One of its selling aspects is that the brand name, JOOLA is an official sponsor of the United States Olympic team. Customers prefer it because it meets international table tennis standards. The JOOLA Outdoor Aluminum is efficient for outdoor tournaments. It has a foot regulation size of 9×5 ft hence fit for competitions.

Essential features

  • Aluminum plastic composite table top.
  • Surface Thickness: 6mm
  • Tournament grade net set comes together with the table.
  • Weatherproof
  • Playback position
  • 3-Inch Caster Wheels
  • Adjustable Leg Levelers
  • Automatic Locking Devices
  • Dimensions: 108 x 60 x 30 inches
  • Weight: 178 lbs (approximately 81kg)

Table Top

The JOOLA Outdoor Aluminum Table is built with 6mm aluminum plastic merged table top. It is well painted and is excellent for gameplay. The apron is having a thickness of 40mm which makes the table to be resistant to chipping and warping.

The table top provides a consisted ball bounce even after an extended period of outdoor use. It is, therefore, an excellent investment for your family.

Net Set

When you purchase this table, it comes together with a tournament grade table tennis net set. So you don’t need to buy the net separately. The net is good enough for outdoor use as it is weather-resistance.

The weatherproof net can be easily fixed in the metal posts. The net set can be adjusted to fit your preferred level or which aligns with your community background, backyard or deck.

There is a classic screw clamp on the net which makes it be very easy to attach on the table. Besides, you can also adjust the tension of the net.

Caster Wheels

It has four caster wheels suitable for heavy duty. The wheels are present in each of the two foldable halves. They aid in moving the table from one point to another. It is perfect for your backyard or patio. This table guarantees fun for your family. You can play endlessly with no interruptions.

Automatic Locking Devices

Safety is one of the most important consideration when they want to buy a table tennis table. The JOOLA Outdoor Aluminum is featured with 3-inch locking latches that enhance portability and safety. So you can rely on this table for the safety feature that is built on this table.

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The JOOLA Outdoor Aluminum is designed to withstand weather conditions. You are assured of an all-year-round excitement.

Steel Undercarriage

Each of the two halves is fixed on a 30 mm square powder-coated and rust-resistant steel undercarriage. The heavy metal provides durability, reducing the possibility of maintenance. The heavy metal also enhances the table’s stability.

Table Legs and Levelers

Another vital component is the adjustable height levelers found on each of the table legs. The levelers help in balancing the table even on unleveled grounds. The anti-tilting devices promote the firmness of the table during heightened competitions.

If you are placing the table at the front yard or the backyard of your house, you can have them to be placed evenly on the ground even if you are having an unleveled ground surface.  You can do so by adjusting the height levelers of the legs to make them stay firmly in place so that you can play the table tennis without worry about the tilting of the table.


The table comes in 2 table halves and they are foldable. With such design, it is easy for you to move them around to place in playing position or for storage. There is a compact storage design for the table so it can save you space.

Each table half remains separate from the other. They can be joined together by the net clamps.

Playback Position

If you have no one to play with, there is nothing to worry about. One half of the table can be folded up in a playback position.


Since the table comes with 95% pre-assembled, you will be able to assemble the table very quickly. It is, therefore, a buy-and-play tool.

Generally, you can complete the assembly of the table in just a few minutes as all the thing that you need to do is just to mount the wheels on the table.

With a dimension of 108 inches in length, 60 inches in width and 30 inches in height, the table meets standard regulations. It also weighs 178 pounds, a perfect weight for enhancing its stability on the ground.


  • Can withstand all weather conditions.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • The price is quite affordable.
  • The leg levelers make it possible for the table to stay evenly on the unleveled ground surface.


  • The net can get loose after playing for some time. You may want to buy an additional net if you want a better quality one.
  • No paddle and ball come with the purchase of the table. You will need to buy them separately.

Concluding remark

The JOOLA Outdoor Aluminum is a must-have. It will offer you a superior bounce with the built of its quality playing surface. It is a table that will not disappoint you as a player or your family. Its single player capability is an added advantage. I understand that there are many similar tables that are available out there. However, JOOLA Outdoor Aluminum is tested and proven regarding its efficiency and playability.

The selling price of this outdoor table tennis table is about $500. This can be a solid purchase for your family. For an outdoor table that is offered in this price range, it is rather affordable for most households compared to other outdoor tables which require you to pay for a much higher price.

If you would want to know more about the other tables, you can read more outdoor tables here.

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