A View of Stiga Instaplay Table Tennis Table Reviews

Bring your sport to the comfort of your home with the Stiga Instaplay Table Tennis table. It is easy to assemble and gets you on the go with the game. It also has corner pads to ensure the player’s protection from unexpected bumps.

Assembly Process

Once this folding table tennis table reaches your doorstep, you may need to spend about 10 minutes of your time to cut and remove the folding cardboard as well as take off the wood sides. Follow by an additional 2 minutes to stand the two halves of the table up and put on the wheel.

Yet another 2 minutes to unbox all the accessories, position the corner protectors plus completely unfold the table. Finally, spend just about a minute to set up the net by joining the 2 halves of the table together, and it is all set.

Unlike other ping pong tables that require plenty of time to assemble, this Stiga ping pong table is relatively easy to assemble. You will spend 10-15 minutes setting everything up after taking all parts out of the box, and you are ready to play the game right away! You can say it is a non-assembly table tennis table.


The top of the table is built with silkscreen striping. The surface color is black, and the top’s thickness is 3/4 inches (19mm). The thickness of the table can give players excellent bounce and good playability.

Besides, the tabletop is sanded and filled with UV protection to ensure that it can provide a smooth and pleasant playing experience for all players.

Apron and Corner Protectors

There is a steel apron with a thickness of 2 inches built for this table—such apron construction helps ensure the consistent bounce for the table. The corner protectors coated in black can provide adequate protection for the table edges to prevent them from getting scratch and warping.

Net and Post

Also included in the package are the 66″ net and the posts. It is made with a decent quality of materials to let you enjoy the game.

However, some people found that the net is not so useful as it doesn’t have the tensioner, and adjusting the height is rather hard for them to do so. Therefore, you should get a better net set with a price range between $30-$50.

Stiga Instaplay Table Tennis Table reviews

Steel Legs

The legs of the table are built with heavy-gauge steel. They are very sturdy with the 2-inch square legs create an excellent base for the table. The bottom of the leg is inserted with plastic leg caps, which can give adequate protection for your floors, and prevent the floors from getting scratches.

Wheel Casters with Locks

With the availability of 3-inch mag ball-bearing wheels, you can move the table around without much effort. Besides, the 4 wheels are lockable so that you can place your table firmly on the ground without moving. The design of the wheels provide you with excellent stability and safety.

Features of the Table

Product reviews will help you evaluate the product, so you will know if it is worth buying or not. Some Stiga Instaplay Table Tennis Table reviews that are helpful and you can consider are as follows:

  • It gives you an “instant” play. Since the assembly time is a factor, having this product lets you save time as it is easy to assemble once you take it out of the box.
  • It has a sturdy surface and support to provide excellent play.
  • It is worth the price since you are provided with a good quality gaming table.
  • The table has a wide surface, perfect for playing table tennis.
  • Since most purchasing transactions are done online, most reviews say that delivery is smooth and fast.
  •  This table has a unique design. It splits into two parts and can be assembled back to the original formation.
  • You are guaranteed that it is made with high-quality products.
  • It can be folded easily to save up space.
  • Serves as a multipurpose table. Since it can be split, you can use the parts for other recreational activities.
  • Most reviews say that this table is a must-buy for table tennis enthusiasts.
  • It is indeed a time saver.
  • “It is an excellent table” is the most common comment by the buyers of this product.

Table Dimensions:

  • Play Position: 60″(width) x 108″ (depth) x 30″ (height)
  • Playback Position: 60″(width) x 66″ (depth) x 64″ (height)
  • Storage Position: 60″(width) x 28″ (depth) x 64″ (height)


Stiga Instaplay Table Tennis Table

Some Rollbacks

Nevertheless, some people may find that this Stiga table tennis table’s quality is good but not excellent. For this table, the playing surface is superb.
However, the material that built the legs can be said to be average. The legs can sometimes become shaky and loose-fitting, making the whole table very unstable.
Sometimes attempting to secure the anchoring screws can be futile and may be stripped right out of the table bottom. This issue may happen if the table is folded and unfold very frequently.
Players who seldom had the table move may not have any issue with it, but the mounting brackets and hinge pins are not of good quality, which can be improved further. The table’s overall design is good, and the material used to build the table is up to standard. It will be perfect if the workmanship can be improved.

Stiga Instaplay Table Tennis Table
Stiga Instaplay Table Tennis Table


The price of the Stiga Instaplay Table Tennis Table is a little above $600. Some reviews show that this product is well worth the money that you spend on. Most are positive reviews, and the negative ones point out flaws that a simple repair can quickly solve.

This gaming table will surely make your table tennis playing worthwhile. No wonder this product is recommended for those who want to own a table tennis table in their homes.

If you think this is not the right table for you, there are still a lot of STIGA table tennis table choices that you can have.

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2 thoughts on “A View of Stiga Instaplay Table Tennis Table Reviews”

  1. I would said this Stiga table tennis table is a rock solid table. I have it order last month and it took 5 days to reach my house from the day I order. The table arrive in good condition and the truck driver is very helpful as he helps to carry the folding table to my basement.

    I took about 5 minutes to unfold everything and just 3 minutes to set the table up. The net that come together is of great quality and I have no issue at all to assemble the net to fit on the table. The table is extremely easy to fold and store. I give it 5 stars and would recommend those who want to buy a table to consider this one.

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