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There are many different brands of ping pong tables out there in the market. The famous brand names include Joola,Butterfly, Donic, Stiga, Yasaka, and Kettler. Each brand offers something unique and it can be a jungle out there.


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In fact, the choice of where to play ping pong will determine the model you buy. The folding table offers mobility and easy storage. Additionally, you can choose a table with either a single fold or double fold.

A Little Background About Kettler

Kettler is one of the leading manufacturers of tables. It is a German company with subsidiaries distributed around the globe. It’s headquarter is located in Ense-Parsit.

The company was founded by Heinz Kettler in Parsit in 1949. Although it started as a small company, Kettler is now a global brand. The products are sold in more than 60 countries.

Kettler’s best seller is the table tennis table. Currently, the company produces and sells the ping pong table named “Atlanta” which was used in the 1996 Olympics games held in Atlanta. Kettler was the official provider for the tables.

The company has designed an outdoor ping pong table that is 100% weatherproof and at the same time preserving the bounce quality.

Great Outdoor Ping Pong Table

The material used by Kettler to manufacture outdoor ping pong table top material with the 2000T hot press molding.  Dimensions are very precise with 2740mm(length) x 1525mm(width) x 760mm(height), table edge is 20mm(width) and midline width 3mm ± 0.5mm.

The tabletop is sprayed with dark blue matte green paint, tableside, edge, and centerline are painted white. The firm structure offers stability.
The middle table is designed with a bezel and net where the bezel is made with iron stamping.

Kettler outdoor ping pong tables are durable as they are weather resistant.


Buying Habit
Many people purchase a table when they are still amateurs. They do not fully grasp what they need to know in terms of table features.

It is rather important to take into account these pointers before you invest in a ping pong table. Things like, what is the purpose of buying the table and if space is not a problem where you want to place.  It will determine the model you buy.

If you have not made a decision yet, the following pointers will be of assistance to you.

– If you are a beginner and just started playing ping pong, it is good to purchase from a reliable manufacturer like Kettler.

– Consider the space in your house and how often you will be playing ping pong. Take into account if you are going to leave your table fixed permanently after set up or you want to fold the table and move it to storage after the game.

Whichever table you choose, whether it is a folding or unfolding ping pong table, Kettler is able to offer you with these two models. They have a folding table with brakes and rollers.

Kettler offers good quality ping pong tables with accessories and has excellent customer service.


Kettler Stockholm Table Tennis Table Review

The Kettler Stockholm ping pong table is one of the most prestigious tables manufactured by the company. It has become one of the bestsellers of the company’s sports products. Apart from being robust and high quality, the table is foldable and easy to move.

Kettler Stockholm table tennis table
This ping pong table is manufactured from heavy gauge steel that makes it durable.

The Kettler Stockholm ping pong table has unique features compared to other tables. Many ping pong tables are poorly designed in the middle area where the two halves of the table converge.

Due to this, many of these tables tend to break easily. However, Kettler tables are built with strong central support.

The best feature of the Kettler table is that it is always in the locked position, irrespective of being in a folded or playing position. It ensures the table does not collapse while using it. The table lines are silk-screened which ensure the table is resistant to fading and scratching

ALU-TEC Aluminum Table Tops

Another prominent design by Kettler is the ALU-TEC aluminum tabletop. The engineers of Kettler uncovered constructive features of aluminum for ping pong tables as early as the 1960s. To this day, the aluminum ping pong table tops produced by Kettler are still considered to be a revolutionary technology with regards to its advance weather-resistant technology.

Kettler Top Star XL Weatherproof Ping Pong Table

More Kettler Table Choices

The ALU-TEC aluminum ping pong tables are manufactured in their German factory. The tables are encapsulated with polyester resin treated board in aluminum. This advanced process can seal the wood permanently for many years The table will go through an extensive series of stability and stress tests before being certified for distribution. As of now, all Kettler outdoor ping pong table tops are built with ALU-TEC.

This creates a strong and durable table. It ensures the top surface area is able to preserve an accurate bounce for outdoor play.

The types of materials used for Kettler aluminum ping pong table are examined with reference to both bounce behavior and their response to a variety of weather conditions.

Kettler tables are robust in anti-dazzle and the table surface is UV-resistant.

Learn How to Assemble a Kettler Stockholm Outdoor Ping Pong Table
The Kettler outdoor ping pong table comes with a user manual and assembly instructions to help set up the table.

Kettler Ping Pong Table Parts

Nets and Post

Kettler replacement net

Although a ping pong net is not the most exciting part, without it playing pin pong would be impossible.  If you don’t have a table that features a net that permanently remains assembled and affixed on the table, you will have to select either a hand tightened screw clamp or a spring-loaded clip net assembly.

Most people prefer screw clamp because it provides a much sturdier construction. The screw clamp and the height of the net are both adjustable and this enables you to adjust the net and position it at the right height.

Ping Pong Table Cover

Kettler Premium Heavy-Duty Ping Pong Cover

Extend the lifespan of the Kettler ping pong table by using Kettler Heavy-Duty Outdoor Ping Pong Table Cover. This cover is Ultra-violet Resistant with specially manufactured weather-resistant backing to make the cover sturdy enough against sun, mildew, rain, mold, dirt, and snow.

The cover is featured with built-in air vents on the cover top, tough reinforced edges, and easy side openings with Velcro tape affixed on the side. The cover comes with a  2-year manufacturer’s warranty when you purchase at any of Kettler’s authorized sports equipment store.

Where to Buy?

There are many places where you can purchase Kettler’s ping pong tables, equipment, and replacement parts. You can either buy at a brick-and-mortar store or get them online. Places that have Kettler’s ping pong tables for sale include K-Mart, Wal-Mart, Costco, Target, eBay, Amazon, and so on.

To get the best price visit their websites and compare prices.



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