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STIGA Ping Pong/Table Tennis Tables

Among the popular table tennis table sold in the world are the STIGA table tennis tables. Table tennis enthusiasts fell in love with the design, gameplay, and innovation of these tables.

Stiga Ping Pong Table is basically a board that is used for playing table tennis which is a fast-paced, enjoyable, recreational sport and past time.

In the United States, this game is fast growing and the people in it are of a much younger generation than in the past. Luckily, ping pong has injected in it some fantastic gaming approaches which can be enjoyed by players all across the board.

Stiga Logo
Stiga Logo

A STIGA Table Tennis Table has the engineering backed by a company with more than 60 years of expert experience in the industry. They have positioned themselves as a leader in the world of Table Tennis.

It was in 1934 that Stig Hjelmquist started the STIGA merchandise. Through the years, the ownership of the company had been passed from one company to another, until 1944 when it finally landed in the hands of Sweden Table Tennis AB.

From the quality of materials that go into the products and the design requirements that each one of their tables exhibits, STIGA also uses some world’s top players and coaches to contribute to the design and testing of all their products. With all the essential components that go into research, development, and manufacturing you’ll be able to play on the same level of equipment of your Table Tennis idols.

What makes this brand tick?

Famous throughout the world, almost every table tennis fan is familiar with the ping pong tables STIGA offers. The material’s durability and the capability of the table to provide competition-like experience make it a preferred brand for players.

Why you should go for a Stiga Ping Pong Table

Without Stiga ping pong tables, you will hardly enjoy any provision the game has to offer. This is because the ideal and genuine Stiga ping pong table means that you get to play the game wherever and whenever you want, night or day. It is also great for a full night entertainment with friends or for hours of family fun.

Just Have Fun At Home With STIGA Table Tennis Table

STIGA has a different line of table tennis tables that will fit you need. If you have friends coming in and you want to entertain them, just present them your STIGA table and start the time of fun.

The STIGA Aerotech Ping Pong Table can be the solution for this. The great thing about this item is that after an exciting game with the whole family, you can just fold it up, and store it somewhere when you are not using it. So if you are not playing, you can still maximize the space in your home or if you plan to see the sun while playing the game, just go outside, and have a blast with your game.

Be prepared for any competition

This product of STIGA is perfect for those who want to get a feel of what games in a competition is like. There are tables in the market that do not fit the standards set for table tennis tables. Purchasing this type of tables will not present you with the right practice in case you want to try out for competitions.

In the past, you must have worked hard and practiced in order to get ready for a competition. The problem was the table that you were using did not match up to the required dimension. Once you entered the competition, it was as if you were just testing the water—like it was your first time to play the game.

Don’t let this happen to you. Practice in equipment that is of competition grade. The STIGA Prestige Ping Pong Table is perfect training to prepare you for any competition.

STIGA table tennis tables can provide you the training that you need as an athlete. Make STIGA your companion as you grow in the game. Click here to gain more information regarding the different table tennis tables offered by STIGA.

A World Dominate Brand for Table Tennis Table

The Swedish National Team, whom along with China, dominates the Table Tennis world. Both of the leading teams in the world prefers to use a STIGA Table Tennis Table as their only choice for practice and competition. Swedish and China know the importance of using superior equipment to complement their skills and drive. Sweden has a ten and a half year agreement to continue to use STIGA as their main table.

Some Famous Tables That Manufactured by STIGA

STIGA Triumph

stiga triumph tablebuy from amazon

One of the more popular tables is the STIGA Table Tennis Table called the Triumph. It is USATT approved and has a quick and easy set-up so that you’ll be taking on the competition in a very short amount of time. It can also be converted into a convenient playback positioning so that you can practice on your own time.

Other features that come into play are banding and striping that are within regulation and two-inch steel support apron for maximum stability.

STIGA Expert Roller

Another popular STIGA Table Tennis Table is the STIGA Expert Roller provides everything you need for tournament play and the convenience of just being able to fold up and roll out. This particular model provides a wooden support frame and is the table of the U.S. Open and U.S. Nationals.

stiga expert roller tablebuy from amazon

The STIGA Elite Roller is the more economical version of the Roller series and ideal for in-home play.

If quality, stability, and credibility are what you desire in your table tennis equipment then STIGA can provide and has provided for a better part of a century. Their world-renowned reputation speaks for itself.

STIGA XTR Outdoor Table

STIGA XTR Outdoor TableSTIGA XTR Outdoor Table


STIGA Vapor Table


Stiga STS 520 table tennis table

STIGA STS 520 Table

STIGA Advantage

STIGA Advantage Table Tennis TableSTIGA Advantage Table


Stiga STS 275STIGA STS 275 Table

STIGA Baja Outdoor Table

stiga baja outdoor table tennis tableSTIGA Baja Outdoor Table

STIGA Instaplay Table

stiga instaplay table tennis tableSTIGA Instaplay Table Tennis Table

STIGA Space Saver Table

STIGA Space Saver Table Tennis TableSTIGA Space Saver Table

STIGA Pure Midi dan Mini Tables

Stiga pure super midi and mini ping pong tableStiga pure super midi and mini ping pong table

STIGA Evolution Table

Stiga Evolution Table

STIGA Evolution Table

STIGA AeroTech

STIGA AeroTech Table

STIGA AeroTech


Stiga STS410Q Table


The Stiga ping pong table is designed for players of all skill levels and ages. It is fast to fold for easier storage when not in use and the four wheels make it convenient to move so as to create a way or fit it into a play area.

With these capabilities, therefore, the table has made a comeback with a notorious stunt and it is currently the most celebrated big boy board in the industry.

Indeed, ping pong has been a popular sport on television, in the internet and online, however, the only way to truly appreciate the game is not virtually, but across the table.

Perhaps this is one of the reasons the board has been designed with proficiency and easiness making it quite integrative and customizable, not only to carry and assemble but also to maintain and play on.

As the art of table tennis continues to be in conflict between players, the Stiga ping pong table continues to preach a sermon every tennis player would like to hear.

It is basically in the calculation of odds, the understanding of tennis moves, the reading of tales and atmosphere of the table that the player can be able to maintain focus and hence attain prompt and resounding victory.

And for these reasons, the Stiga ping pong table manufacturer understands the need and therefore creates a board that can easily meet the demands and provisions of a great table for tennis.


According to Stiga ping pong table reviews, many of these can be used as two-free standing multi-use installations and each one of them includes a half fold and overlap capability for easier storage.

However, ping pong game is essentially about strategy, philosophy and tactics and part of the fun of playing it at the table are enjoying handling close interactions with the ball.

You must be able to splash the net, keep the ball, riffle your chips as well as experience the game. A good table can engage the brain and sharpens the thoughts, which makes it easier for you to play ping pong in real time.

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