Prince Advantage Indoor Outdoor Table Tennis Table

Testing and buying an all-weather table tennis table requires some special considerations. Will it hold up to the climate in your area? Does it require a cover? How well does the surface play, and how well does it stand up to wear and tear. Beyond all those specific concerns is the reputation not only of the manufacturer but also the model itself.

Everything about this table sounds and looks good. From a sturdy frame to an all-weather top to 1-inch steel legs. It also has locking wheels and leg levelers to accommodate uneven floors. While the Prince Advantage has some nice things going for it, nothing is perfect as with everything in life.


The table comes pre-assembled. It may just take you 15 to 20 minutes to completely assemble the rest of the parts.


The top of the table is constructed with Compreg Technology. It is made of high-density wood that is impregnated and sealed with a finish that is water-resistance and has a real competition table’s playability.


prince advantage table tennis table
prince advantage table tennis table

Net Set

When you buy this table, you will have the heavy-duty clip-on net set shipped together with the table. There are 2 table clamps for you to attach the net on both sides of the table—the spring-loaded clamp helps keep the attached net from sliding apart.

Table Legs

There are steel legs with 1″ width built for the table. The legs are made with Leg Levelers and crossbeam, which provide excellent support for the table.

Wheel Casters

There are 4″ heavy-duty rubber wheels with locks available for the table. With the availability of sturdy wheels, you can move the table smoothly to anywhere you want. The locking feature is available for the wheel to provide adequate safety by keeping the table in place when placed in the position.


  • Playing Position: 60″ (width) x 108″ (depth) x 30″ (height)
  • Playback Position: 60″ (width) x 68″ (depth) x 62″ (height)
  • Playing Position: 60″ (width) x 25″ (depth) x 62″ (height)

The Good

  • The Prince Advantage Outdoor Indoor table is pretty heavy, and while some complained about this, it is an advantage in many ways. Much of the weight comes from a durable, strong frame made from quality materials, including 1-inch metal legs and a 5-inch horizontal crossbar. It has decent wheels, so despite its weight, it is reasonably portable. Also, that weight will hold the folded upsides off the table in place and prevent them from turning the entire piece of equipment into a backyard prairie schooner during windy storms.
  • Another great thing about the Prince Advantage is that it is easy to assemble. The most challenging thing about putting it together is moving it to the desired location first. There are few things left for the consumer to put together with this item. It means it can be up and into a playing mode in less than an hour.
  • Any people rave about the Advantage’s playing surface. Not everyone likes the difference between indoor and outdoor playing surfaces, but few complained about how the top plays. Prince uses its proprietary “Compreg Technology” to make the top. The result is a ½-inch thick top that resists warping when wet and that Prince claims offer the real bounce of an indoor table.

The Bad

  • What makes this table look like such a great option is also where it sometimes fails miserably. As stated previously, Prince uses a proprietary process to infuse slabs of wood with water-resistant sealers to create the tabletop playing surface. Unfortunately, defects in the surface sometimes become clear only after it is exposed to the elements.
  • When the tabletop surface cracks, bubbles may form around it, likely because of moisture seeping through the damaged surface. Some report bubbles popping up on the surface with no scratches. It may also chip and flake off, which, depending upon the issue’s location, could seriously affect the playability of the table.
  • Issues with the top go beyond chips and cracks. Despite specially treated wood and a metal apron to help keep its shape, the tops may bow, leading to uneven playing surfaces and frustration for all involved. Some unevenness of the top may stem from issues with the frame and legs and how they attach to the table. Keep in mind that this table is made up of two separate pieces, and the only thing holding them together is the net assembly. First, more physical players may bump the table hard enough to throw the sides out of alignment. Second, only so much a set of leg levelers can do if there are imperfections in how the top attaches to the frame. Add to that having to go through the leveling process with two separate pieces, and you have a recipe for frustration.

Finally, regarding the weight of this table, think carefully about where it will be placed and whether or not the chosen location will support the table evenly. Wet grassy or muddy areas may allow different parts of the frame and legs to sink in more than in other places.

Additionally, any wet or muddy areas may cause the table’s wheels to become mired in the muck, meaning it will have to stay put where it is until things dry out.


Sometimes a product description sounds so good, and it can make the reader think that there could be nothing wrong with it. The Prince Advantage table tennis table is such a product. Most likely, if you choose this item for its great features, you will have few if any problems with its quality. Be a careful consumer.

Consider giving the top a careful inspection upon delivery (and before the truck leaves) to look for any obvious imperfections. Once assembled, with a little TLC, this table should last you for years.

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