Double Fish 19MM 2.5 Inch Table Tennis Table

It is always crucial to buy a table that meets your expectations. Among the many found in the market, the Double Fish 19mm 2.5 Inch is a world-class brand. The technology applied in building this ping pong table is at another level.

It meets the standards outlined by the International Table Tennis Federation, ITTF, and has been used in global competitions for a long time. It is also used in significant table tennis events.


The tournament-quality of Double Fish 19mm 2.5 Inches is evident. Besides its competition-grade standard size, the table comes with professional ballsbats, and a net system.


  • Color: Blue
  • Thickness: 19mm
  • Frame: 40mm Square Metal Legs
  • 8 pieces of Lockable Wheels
  • Playing Dimensions: 107.87 x 60 x 29.9 inches(274 x 152.5 x 760 cm)
  • Folded Dimensions: 60 x 19.7 x 62.9 inches (152.5 x 50 x 160 cm)
  • Weight: 110 kg

For many tables, such accessories are bought separately. As such, purchasing this table saves you money and time. It is both an indoor and an outdoor table. Thus, it is convenient to use in homes, sports clubs, recreation centers, schools, offices, and community centers.

Being an international brand is an added advantage—all of us like equipment that meets established regulations. Being a global championship sponsor and approved by ITTF, The Double Fish 19mm 2.5 Inch is a perfect brand for various domestic and cross-border events. The leading technology used in creating the table is unique.


Double Fish 19MM 2.5 Inch Table Tennis Table


The Double Fish 19mm 2.5 Inch has a playing surface that is 2.5 inches in thickness. The closest grade to the global competition standards. The flexibility displayed by this table takes your play to the next level.

With this table, you are guaranteed a perfect play level. It has a high-density fireboard panel that measures 19mm. The fiberboard panel has a German curtain coating technology. You enjoy the excellent performance with elasticity, glaze, and perfect friction.


The table is 95% pre-assembled, meaning that setting it up is a hassle-free process. The process requires you to use several bolts to attach the table. There is no particular expertise needed to set up the table. However, you will need 2 persons to set the table up.

Net and Post

The net and post come together with the table. The net is of excellent quality. You can adjust the tension of the net with the availability of the tensioner with the net.

Wheel Caster

The table is built with a 40mm wheelbase and 8 lockable wheels, making it move easily and safely. The thicker steel rob provides an excellent bearing load and stabilization for the table.

Also, the presence of 8 lockable wheels helps in moving the table around. The table halves can be rolled using lockable casters.

It is effortless for you to move it for storage. All you need to do is lock the caster, move the table to storage with a face-to-face tabletop, and then push down the brake.

Playback Feature

This table comes in 2-halves, which are foldable. It has a playback feature, which means you can fold one-half of the table for solo play if you want to do the self-practice.

Table Weight

With a weight of 110 kg, the table is massive to shift or lift. However, with 8 pieces of 40mm wheels, it helps to move the table without much effort needed.


The Double Fish table is built with quality material, and it can last you for many years.

An Eco-friendly Table

The table is created using Formaldehyde-free materials. Again, no toxic gas is emitted by the equipment. Your health is assured and is environmentally friendly.


  • Well built table with an excellent playing surface.
  • Quality and lockable wheel casters ensure the safety of the table.


  • The table is quite heavy.

What You Need to Pay Attention To

To ensure the durability of the table, there are some precautions that you need to bear in mind:

1. If you want to clean the table, use clean water to rub on the table surface. Please don’t use a solvent liquid-like thinner or gasoline to clean it.

2. Don’t use any metal object to touch the tabletop. It can damage the tabletop.

3. You can use a wet or dry towel to wipe the table stains to ensure that the table always stays clean.


Double Fish 19MM 2.5 Inch table offers nothing else but satisfaction. Previous users praise it for its quality, stability, durability, and efficient playing surface.

Having stood the test of time, this table offers you a different playing experience. It is recommendable for all players, beginners, and professionals.

Double Fish and T&R Sports

One of the distributors of Double Fish table tennis tables is T&R Sports. The company uses its brand name to sell the tables. Therefore, sometimes you will find the Double Fish table brand is under T&R Sports. They are actually one and the same table.

If you are interested in getting this table, you can try to get it from Amazon.

You can read for more indoor table tennis table reviews to find out more if this Double Fish is not your ideal choice.

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