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SAN-EI Paragon Sensor “Perfect Bounce” Table Tennis Table

The SAN-EI Paragon Sensor is a highly purchased table tennis tableOpens in a new tab. in most of the online shopping sites such as Amazon. Actually, the stock only lasts for a short time. Its demand shows that it is a perfect table.

It is created by SAN-EI Company, an Olympic brand name whose products meet the ITTF standards. Professional players prefer this table due to their quality. Get more information about this best-selling table here.

What makes it stand out among others?

It is a table that is designed and manufactured with superb Japanese Engineering. With the high technology involved, this makes the table to be a pleasure for anybody to own be it the general households, office workplaces, the local clubs, or the national associations.

It is a product of an Olympic brand which is originally made for the Rio Olympics. This gives you a guarantee that you are purchasing a product that is approved by the International Table Tennis Foundation, ITTF. It is an official ping pong brand for the Olympic Games.

SAN-EI Paragon Sensor "Perfect Bounce" Table Tennis Tablebuy now


Setting up the SAN-EI Paragon Sensor table is very easy and is effortless. It only requires one person to do the assembly. Once you unwrap all the things from the box, you may only take a few minutes to unfold and set the table up.


The table top is thick enough to offer sufficient room for a perfect bounce. The playing surface is built with San-Ei Blue dyed Melamine. The design makes the table to be very durable. The 1-inch playing surface offers enough thickness for ball bounce during table tennis Olympics.

Besides its superior quality, the SAN-EI Paragon Sensor is the only table that has a ‘blue-eyes’ color. It is a unique color that was initially made for the Olympics. The customized color makes it distinctive as well as its ‘perfect bounce’ trademark from SAN-EI brand.

Also, the lock latches ensure that the table is firmly fixed and does not warp when stricken by the ball. It is one of the most attractive tables in the market.

Net and Post

The net & post is included when you purchase this table. For this table that is with the width of 25mm for its tabletop, you will get a quality SAN-EI net & post. There is height adjuster available where you can adjust the height of the net. There is also a tensioner for the net where you can tighten the net to be fixed for you to play a quality game.

San Ei net and post


The construction of the undercarriage of the SAN-EI Paragon Sensor table is very solid. It has a simple and easy mechanism to lock/unlock the table.  Even though you may need to unlock a few latches, but the design of the carriage make you be able to perform the task without much effort.

Wheel Casters

It is easy for anyone to move the table around due to it has 2 pairs of wheelers that aid in transporting from one place to another. The wheelers are attached to steel legs that support the tabletop firmly.

One thing worth mentioning is the wheels that use for this table. The wheels are of hospital bed grade and the size of the wheel is 100mm. With such superb quality of wheels built on the table, it makes anyone can move the table effortlessly across the floor.


Many people love this table due to it is super easy for them to move for storage.  Once you finish playing the ping pong game, you can just fold the 2 table-halves up, and move the table to the place where you want to store the table.

When moving for storage, it is a breeze with the availability of hospital bed grade wheels. This is especially useful for people who are playing ping pong regularly and need to set up and move for storage very often.

The SAN-EI Paragon Sensor is great for clubs. However, professional or dedicated players can acquire it for practice or tournaments with colleagues. It is the only ping pong table that has a perfect bounce table top, the main reason for its high demand by players.

Professional table tennis games require tables that are stable. That is why this SAN-EI Paragon Sensor is made of heavy metals that make it cumbersome. It weighs approximately 286 pounds. The weight is essential for stability. It cannot fall or overturn during extreme championships.

Features of the Table

  • Thickness of the Tabletop: 25mm
  • Frame Size: 50mm x 25mm
  • Wheel Leg Size: 40mm x 40mm
  • End Leg Size: 50mm x 50mm
  • Wheel Size: 100mm x 8
  • Height Adjusters: 4
  • Lock Wheels: 4
  • Can Fold into Playback Position
  • Playing Dimensions: 274 cm x 152.5cm x 76cm
  • Storage Dimensions: 74cm x 152.5cm x 160.5cm
  • Weight: 286 lbs (Approximately 130 kg)


  • Very easy to assemble.
  • Easy to set up and move the table around.
  • The tabletop is easy to clean.
  • Storage of the table is superb as the table is occupied very little space once it is folding up.


  • The price is not cheap.

Is the table easy to use?

Yes. Just like other outdoor or indoor table tennis tables, the SAN-EI Paragon Sensor has all the necessary accessories to make your play fulfilling and exciting.

Is it expensive?

Not really. Its price is affordable, and any person can afford it. Its quality and playability are qualities that complement the price. The fiberglass carriage and steel frame are worth the effort. Amazon has the best prices for this table and also offers original and quality SAN-EI tables.

Do not look further; you are just a click away to having the best and rare ping pong table. The table comes with a warranty, and your order is always 100% safe.

If you are a professional player or you own a table tennis club, the “Perfect Bounce” table is all you need. Advance your game and playing skills to the next level by acquiring this remarkable ping pong table. It is one of a kind. With the superb outlook and design of this table, you will have outstanding playability with it.

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