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Franklin Sports Quikset Table Tennis Table Review

For table tennis enthusiasts, playing your favorite game just got better and easier. Gone are the days when people have a whole hell of a time setting up table tennis table and trouble stocking the table for future use.

With the state of the art technology, Franklin Sports – a sports equipment making company based in the United States – came up with Franklin Quikset Table Tennis Table. Their idea was to help people turn their game room into table tennis central.

Franklin Sports Quikset Table Tennis Table Review
Franklin Sports Quikset Table Tennis Table Review

Franklin Sports’ design of the Quikset was engineered to focus less time on building the tennis table for you to enjoy more playing time. The idea sounds great because it doesn’t look alright wasting an enormous amount of time assembling a table which could have been invested in more playing time.


Franklin Sports Quikset Table Tennis Table features an innovative design you can set-up in minutes and folds up in seconds. Open the product box and you are ready to play in a matter of minutes.


The size of the table is that of a tournament size – 9 feet x 5 feet x 29.5 inches. There is an extra thick 9mm HDF for the top of the table that is supported by a rigid metal frame and legs.

It is constructed with a high-quality playing surface which can offer you with optimal bounce height just like other more expensive table tennis tables.

Net and Post

There are net and post comes together with this table. The post is not a common one. It is a special designed just for the Franklin Quickset table. There are two wing nuts on each side where you need to take off first and insert them on the two designated holes on each half of the table.

You will need to screw the wingnuts back on inside of the table and once the two posts have been installed on the table, you can start to place the net onto it.

The net has two bungees on each side and you need to slide the two bungees onto the post to complete the installation of the net.

Leg Levelers

It has a durable stability steel bar reinforcement on each edge and one-inch leg lever to ensure rock-solid stability making the table ready for many game nights to come.

The leg levelers are adjustable where you can adjust the height of the table to make it leveled if you are placing the table on an uneven floor.

Foldable For Storage

The table is designed in two halves. The table can be easily folded after gameplay and can be put in a closet or under a bed for storage.

Built-in Hinge System

Though the Quikset design allows for easy and fast setup, its built-in hinge system firmly locks the table in place and amazingly folds when you are finished.

Easy Transport

The table is engineered with built-in handles which make the transportation of the table to be very easy. With such a design, you will be able to pick up the folding table and transport to the place where you want to play the game.

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Features of the Franklin Sports Quikset Table Tennis Table

  • Its design cuts setup time to half. In minutes, your assembly and in seconds, fold.
  • It comes with preassembled hinges for easy and effortless installation.
  • It comes with a ready-to-play attachable net.
  • It can be assembled to two separate halves (9 feet x 5 feet) which makes it ideal for use in smaller spaces.
  • It comes in tournament size which provides an authentic and professional play experience.
  • It has a 1-inch leveler which ensures an even playing field.
  • Durability and strength are provided by the steel reinforcement on each corner of the table.
  • It has a hinge system which firmly locks the table into place during gameplay.
  • It has a dimension of 108″ x 60″ x 29.5″ (9ft x 5ft x 29.5in).
  • It has a weight of 80 pounds


  • Easy to set up and you can play ping pong in just a second.
  • No tool is required to assemble the table.
  • Easy to fold up for storage after finish playing.


  • You may have not so stable feel when they place the table.
  • The table seemed to get damaged easily.
  • The net looks very cheap and is not of so good quality.

Final Thought

Having said all these, it important to say that the product was design with two sets of customers in mind – those who are space-limited but strongly want to play table tennis regardless and kids or beginners who just want to have some casual fun with ping pong.

You might encounter some minor problem when assembling the table, however. Trying to set up each half of the table upside down may give you some problem. You will have to flip them over and put them together. There are supports you have to put in place to keep the table from drooping. Putting the pieces in place upside down only makes the table fall out.

You might encounter another problem when you move the table as a whole once you connect the net with the halves of the table. This is so because the halves have been designed to be connected by the net. Trying to budge one side, however, just moves that side alone leaving the other side.

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The Franklin Sports Quikset Table Tennis Table, regardless of whatever, is the best choice to go if you desire portability and want to ease yourself from the unnecessary stress of assembling and disassembling your table after use. In addition to this, you have a choice of keeping the table for any period of time you so desire without worrying about storage space.

You may take a look of the video for this table to have an overall impression on this table. Besides, you can also figure out all the features as well as how to set up the table in this video.

Where can you get it?

The Franklin Sports Quikset Table Tennis Table can be gotten on many sport accessories stores online with the price that is less than $200. Amazon is also a nice choice for you too.

Whatever the price you get this awesome table, be assured you won’t regret your choice.

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