Killerspin UnPlugNPlay 415 Ping Pong Table Review

You may have grown up with a table tennis table in your home. Many households have a table tennis table located in their basements, where they play ping pong with their family and friends.

A ping pong game is always good family fun. However, in the digital age, people are so busy with their virtual social networks; kids seem to be watching their iPads and playing video games all the time. As a result, the bond between family members is losing its central importance.

The digital age has its many benefits, but we should also be aware of the importance of unplugging. Sometimes, we need to set aside our digital devices and just enjoy a game of ping pong together.

The Release of Killerspin UnPlugNPlay 415 Table

Speaking of ping pong tables, Killerspin is releasing their new UnPlugNPlay 415 table tennis table. The company aims to give every family the chance to play ping pong in their own home.

Killerspin UnPlugNPlay 415 Deepblu

Specification of the Table:

  • Coating: UV coating
  • Frame Type: Innovative folding design
  • Table Top: 16mm MDF
  • Color of Table Top: Blue or Black
  • Setup Style: Rollaway
  • Feet: Adjustable
  • Weight: 210 lbs

Killerspin UnPlugNPlay 415 Deep Chocolate

Table Top

Killerspin constructed the table top by incorporating nature’s mathematical principles of beauty, inspired by the Fibonacci sequence. The table top is made of MDF and has a thickness of 16mm. It features a scuff-resistant UV finish. It offers great bounce. There are 2 colors available, which are blue or black.

According to Killerspin, all ping pong tables that are released by them from 2021 feature an “area of artistic expression” alongside the net. With such features in place, you can personalize the ping pong table by having your own artwork or logo.


This table does require self-assembly. If you have no idea how to set the table up, do not worry – you can order the table from Megaspin. You can then use their White Glove Service that consists of inside delivery, table assembly, and box removal.


If you do not wish to spend extra money on this service, you can also assemble the table yourself by referring to the BILT application provided by Killerspin. In the app, you will find a step-by-step guide on how to assemble your table.

For Android users, you can download the app from here:
google play

For Apple users, you can download the app from here:
app store

Net And Post

The table comes with a premium screw-on net and post system. The net is of premium quality and is built to last for a long time.

Folding Mechanism

The table is built with a lightweight folding design. You can simply fold up one side of the table to play a solo game. You can even fold the table completely for storage.

The table features adjustable feet and four built-in levelers. You can adjust the height of the table if you place it on an uneven floor.


  • The table comes with built-in storage pockets for ping pong paddles and balls.
  • The price of the table is very affordable.
  • Heavy-duty table.
  • Very sturdy and durable.


  • The table is quite heavy and may require some effort to fold and unfold.


The Killerspin UnPlugNPlay 415 ping pong table is designed for ping pong players of all skill levels. The price is quite reasonable and is therefore affordable for most households.

What I love about this table is that it folds up, making it perfect for smaller spaces. Since the table can be folded up, you can just put it aside when you’re not using it and only take it out when you’re wanting to play. All you need is a ping pong paddle and a ball and you can play ping pong right away.

This amazing ping pong table will help you and your family put down your electronic devices and get into the fun of playing ping pong.


Warren Davies

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