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How To Repair Ping Pong Table Top?

Do you know that most of the ping pong tables are made of particle board? Yes, they are. Generally, the surface of the tables is polished, putty, and painted with quality paint so that they can have good bounce when people playing the game with them.

broken ping pong tabletop

The ping pong table is consists of tabletop, net, and legs. During gameplay, people’s bodies will inevitably come into contact with the table, or if the table is kept in storage in the dampened area for a long time, the table may get warped, scratched, damaged, and having sticky dirt.

Therefore, you may want to know how to fix the table when it is getting damaged or when the surface is having scratches.

Even though many people are keen to know how to repair their ping pong table when it is damaged, but it is rather difficult to give you a perfect solution to this kind of problem.

How To Fix A Warped Ping Pong Table?

The ping pong tabletop can be warped if the edge is having water damage or getting moisture. To fix it, you can try to remove the tabletop and check where the damage is located. Lay the table with the cupped side up under the sunshine when the tabletop can rocks back and forth when touched.

For the cupped side, try to apply some water on it. Use clamps to draw the ends of the tabletop down. It may take 36 to 48 hours for the whole process.

You can keep the tabletop remain in wet condition, and slowly tighten the clamps to draw the tabletop flat. Once it is flat, leave it in the clamps for another 24 hours for it to get dry completely.

Otherwise, you can also keep the table flat on the ground by placing some heavy items on the warped area of the tabletop. Leave the tabletop as it is while weighted. Once it is dry, remove the weighted items and check on the tabletop. If it is getting flat, then you can assembly back the tabletop.

As of now, all ping pong tables are constructed with high-density wood material. You can find a factory to shovel off the paint and rework it if the table is getting warp. If the density board is up, there is no point in repairing it.

How To Repair Scratches?

After all, it is not easy to repair the table scratches as this depends on the material of the table (whether it is a glossy or anti-reflective matte surface) and the degree of depth of the scratches.

The matte anti-reflective table is generally not easy to get scratched. If it is getting scratched, you can try to contact the manufacturer and take it back to the original factory for maintenance.

Using car wax

If the scratches on the glossy ping pong table are not too deep, you can try to use special car wax to polish it, and then use the cleaning spray to clean it up. By doing so, it can effectively alleviate the scratch marks.

Using putty

If the scratch is severe, you can use putty to repair and then paint the tabletop. The process is just the same as your repair the scratch on a car.

If there are scratches on the surface or a few small holes, you can put on putty, when the putty is dry, sand it with fine sandpaper and paint with the same color.

Apply toothpaste

You can also try to apply toothpaste on it and then brush it. After applying the toothpaste on the scratch spot, use a rag to wipe the surface gently.

Once the gap of the scratch been filled with toothpaste, you can just stop to apply toothpaste anymore and just wait for it to get dry naturally.

Eco-Friendly Way

For an environmentally friendly method, you can use sticky paper to place on the tabletop and cover the scratching surface.

But if the scratch is too deep, it is impossible (in fact, it is common to scratch the table, I have never seen any ping pong table that has no scratched on it after being played for some time.

Unless you buy the ping pong table and never use it, otherwise the scratch marks will only be more in the future. This is even more likely to happen if you are playing ping pong frequently.

If the surface damage is not serious, you can just ignore it without doing any repair on it. But you should pay attention to remind everyone who uses the table to take good care of it in the future.

If the damage is too severe, then there is no way for you to repair the table anymore. You better consider of buying a brand new table instead of trying to repair it.

How To Remove Sticky Dirt?

Turpentine oil can dissolve a lot of dirt. I used it to remove the glue from the sponge. You can also apply it on the dirt surface of the ping pong table and wiped the dirt back and forth with a cloth or cotton swab.

After cleaning, choose the paint of the same color and paint on the table.

If you are a perfectionist, then you will want to spray the paint to the entire table surface to avoid any color differences.

You should keep the table as free from dust as possible, and wiped with a rag after playing the game every time. Only by doing this so that it can ensure that the table is at its best and that the table surface is always on its good condition.

Send Back to the Manufacturer

If the damage is severe and you are not able to repair it by yourself, it is recommended that you send it to a professional manufacturer or experienced woodworker to carry out the repairing work.

One of the advantages for you to send the ping pong table to the factory for repair is that you will get your table done professionally.

Because what you do on the table may not necessarily make the surface of the table flat. Besides, you also can’t paint the table with the same paint which may affect the use and visual effects.

Check If Your Table Is Still Under Warranty

If your table is still under the warranty period, you can just send the table back to the manufacturer for repair. If the table damage is caused by human error, you will still need to pay for the repairing costs, but it will not be very high compared to the table which is already out of warranty.

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