Butterfly Compact Outdoor Table Tennis Table

Table tennis tables consist of the full sized tables,mini sized tables, and the compact tables. The compact table is the same height as a full sized table tennis table but it has the capacity to be folded away into the smallest of spaces for easy storage.

The compact ping pong tables can be divided into two halves, this makes it easy for anyone to set the table up or pack away each half of the table one at a time, without any much stress or heavy lifting.

compact table tennis table

Compact tables are also cheaper than the full sized table tennis table. It will be good for you to start developing your game with a compact sized table tennis table.

The compact ping pong table does not come with the same thickness of a standard sized table and it is mostly recommended for home use only. It is not suitable for use in table tennis clubs or sports centers.

Recommended Compact Table Tennis Tables

I will recommend the Butterfly compact table tennis table because the butterfly compact table tennis tables is specifically designed for use at home.

It features two separate halves and easy to fold legs for storage in very minimum space. The butterfly compact table dimensions are 275 cm long, 153 cm wide, 77 cm high, Storage 143 cm high, 153 cm wide, 8 cm deep.

It comes in blue and green colors, with clip net & post set, 2 reversed sponge bats and 3 quality balls inclusive and the price is very affordable.

Mini Ping Pong Tables for Kids

Smaller sized table tennis tables are highly recommended for kids and juniors. Mini ping pong tables are produced with a reasonable size for kids to learn to play table tennis and it can be stored without taking too much space at home.

Kids should start playing with mini tables and as they grow up they can upgrade to play with full sized tables. A mini ping pong table is very affordable and they are mainly designed to be easily set up and taken down as quickly as possible.

Mini table tennis tables are not suitable for beginners who want to learn how to play table tennis. They can only develop their skills using a full sized table tennis table.

Do your kids already have a mini table tennis table and you want them to step up their game and develop the basic techniques? Then buy a compact or full sized table tennis table.

Butterfly Brands of Mini Ping Pong Table

The Butterfly Compact Outdoor Table Tennis Table is the ideal choice for those families who are having limited room spaces and garden size. Also, it is ideal for those who are cost conscious where they think the price to buy a full-size ping pong table can be too expensive for them.


The table comes with a 12mm weatherproof table top which can provide players with excellent playability and it appears to be very durable and virtually unbreakable. This can be the table is produced with the premium quality materials. Besides, the table is well protected by a strong metal frame and strengthened with metal bars.

Butterfly Compact 19 Table

The Movement and Storage

The table is divided into two equal halves as well as four easy to operate folding legs. Two wheels are set into the center edge of each table half to allow easy wheel away before and after use.

The table takes minimum storage as when the two halves fold together, they only take up about 3 1/2 inches or 9cm in width.


This Butterfly Compact Outdoor Table Tennis Table is delivered in ready assembled condition. Thus, there is no need for you to spend your time and energy in setting up the table.

All you need to do is to take up the table packaging, set on the table, adding the net and post set which may just take you about 2 or 3 minutes to complete all the tasks and you are ready to play.

Equipment and Accessories

The table is available in blue and green color for the table top playing surface with the track in the silver leg. A protected weatherproof cover is provided for you when the table is in the storage position.

A full-size net and post set, 2 reverse sponge bats and 3 practice balls are provided as well with the purchase of the table.

All these equipment are well wrapping and are included in a rubber cover to avoid the damage of the table.

Butterfly folding table
Butterfly compact folding table

If you buy the table, you should know that you are actually entitled to a 3-year warranty on the table. The delivery of the table is made by appointment and is carried out by a special team.

More About Butterfly Compact Outdoor Table Tennis Table

The Butterfly Compact Outdoor Table Tennis Table is really compact and mini in size. However, the bats the provided with the purchase of the table is not of good quality which won’t give the player with a good shot.

Nonetheless, the table will still able to provide fun and fitness for all the family since most of the players are just amateur and they just want to have some good times to play the game of ping pong.

Butterfly Compact Outdoor Table Tennis Table

If you want to get some standard tournament size Butterfly table tennis tables, there is also post being discussed about them. You can refer to this link and read on.

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