How to Choose and Buy Table Tennis Table Online with Right Price

Many people love to play table tennis during their leisure time. It has now become a trend for people to buy table tennis table to place in their house to play the game whenever they want.

However, choosing a suitable table tennis table can be challenging if you have never bought it before and have no idea which one is the right one for you. I try share the information I know to ease your buying hassle and to help you out.

Quality of Table Surface

So the thickness of the table surface is the prime consideration for the consumer. The surface can be divided into three categories:

1. The material that makes the table: 

How good a table response for bounce and elasticity will significantly affect the player’s performance. Thus, the material used to create the table surface is essential to meet the requirement.

2. Table dimensions:

If you are a serious player, you will want to buy a full-size table tennis table constructed in standard dimensions that meet the ITTF standard.

3. Table appearance:

There are the sideline, end line, and centerline paints on the table. You need to ensure that the table you buy will have good paint and that the line will not fade quickly. Besides the paint gloss level, the abrasion resistance will impact the ping ball’s speed and spinning.

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Things to consider when buying a table tennis table

The tables’ overall stability when playing the game. The body will inevitably get into contact with the table, which will slightly shake the table.  Too much shaking, will affect the tables stability.

Table Safety

For a folding table tennis table, it shouldn’t open itself in the absence of external forces. For safety purposes, the foldable table tennis table should close with the reliable self-locking equipment.

Professional or Recreational players?

The table is used to train professional players. The high-quality table meets the ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation) standard you should buy. If it is for recreational players who only want to play for fun, you can buy a cheap table tennis table to fulfill your requirement.

If your house has limited space to accommodate a table tennis table, you should buy non-standard small tables.

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Indoor or Outdoors?

You should get the outdoor table tennis table if you wish to play the game outdoor or you intend to place your table in  your backyard.

The outdoor table tennis tables have the top, bottom and sides encapsulated in aluminum to make them more resistant against warpage and moisture. Outdoor tables also feature wheels.  You are able to fold the table tennis table in two halves and move it quickly after play.

Stationary Table or Rollaway Table?

Stationary table tennis tables are usually more stable compared to the rollaway tables that have wheels on them. But the stationary table is not recommended for recreational players with limited space in their house.

It is more suitable for a school or club with ample space to have a stationary table to be permanently set-up in the same area.


Compare Table Tennis Tables Price Online

If you already have your budget set, determine if you need an indoor or outdoor table, and consider your house storage. You may now want to check out the different tennis tables available. The best way for you to make a comparison would search online.
There are a few famous brands on the market, and they included JOOLA, Butterfly, and Stiga. You can compare the price and features available from a different brand or different tables offered by a similar brand.

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Where to Buy Online?


Amazon has these 3 top table tennis table manufacturers with them. So, you may buy the tables from there, and they will deliver the item to you. It will save your time, energy, and the hassle to buy at a local sports mall and don’t know how to transport this big-ticket item back home with you.

Another online store you can consider is Megaspin. They offer a range of table tennis related items with many brands. You can look at the review post I wrote about the company.


One more place you can get the table tennis items and relevant accessories at a reasonable price is Walmart. You can read the post about buying at Walmart here.

How Much Should I Spend To Buy Table Tennis Table?

The table tennis table price can vary from $100 to $600. It shouldn’t be a lot of money nowadays.

Price Points

There are 3 price categories for the table that you can choose from. They are categorized into economy, mid-range and premium. It would help if you decided on which category of the table you want to buy.
Do some considerations include your playing level: a beginner, intermediate, or advanced player? Another consideration would be how often you be playing the game. Also, is there any specific brand that you want to get? By figuring these all out, you will have a clearer mind to make your final decision on the right table.
Besides, with the money you spend on buying a table tennis table, you can expect to have it for a very long time with you without your need to pay any extra to upgrade or change for a new version like gadgets do.
You will also have a healthy life by playing the game with your friends and family members as this is a good exercise for your whole body.
Thus, if your budget is tight, buy a low price table. It will cost you just $100. And if you have excess money, then get a high price one which you use happily by experiencing the quality of the table.


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Warren Davies

2 thoughts on “How to Choose and Buy Table Tennis Table Online with Right Price”

  1. My personal top 3 table tennis table choices would be:
    1. Stiga Optimum 30 model – this is my top pick as it is optimum at 30mm for its thick top compare to average 25mm for most other tables. This allows the table to provides very stable ball bounce.

    2. Stiga Thunder Outdoor Table – this is another Stiga table that is very suitable to place outdoor which is able to withstand for any weather condition.

    3. Butterfly Centerfold 25 Sky Rollway – this is the official ping pong table for 2004 U.S. Open ITTF Pro Tour Championships. It provides highly safety and the construction is very sturdy which make the table very durable.

  2. I never would have thought to look into the material of a table tennis table to see how elastic it was and how well it bounced the ball back. I can see how this would be important though, as you wouldn’t be able to go in person and try out the table. I imagine that checking out a potential sellers reputation via comments and past customer reviews would be important before making a buy like this.

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