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Learn the Dimensions of Full Size Table Tennis Table

Table tennis, also known as Ping Pong is a favorite game for many people. To play, you will need a table tennis table. The counter-top needs to be made of solid wood according to international regulations.

Ping Pong Table Dimensions Measurement

For a full-size table tennis table, the upper surface is called the playing surface. It requests a certain elasticity and good bounce of a ping pong ball. The dimensions of a full table tennis table size are 2.74 meters long, 1.525 meters width, and 76 centimeters height measure from the ground.

In parallel with the horizontal, the table needs to have a dark color, either dark green or dark blue color. It is set by International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF).

Standard Ping Pong Table Dimensions:


Measurement mm cm feet inches
Length 2740mm 274cm 9.0ft 107.87″
Width 1525mm 152.5cm 5.0ft 60.0″
Height 760mm 76cm 2.5ft 29.92″
Net Height 152.5mm 15.25cm 0.5ft 6.0″


The foldable ping pong table dimensions when folded in half are 22″(W) x 60.25″(L) x 65.75″(H).

Net height
Net height

The assembly of the net for the full-size table tennis table:

  1. The setup includes a net, hanging rope, and net post. The net is secured at the clamp section on the table.
  2. The net should be hung on a rope, and the rope tied at both ends. The distance from the outer edge of the net post and the outer edges needs to be 15.25 cm.
  3. The net needs a distance of 15.25cm from the table surface.
  4. The bottom of the net should be as close as possible to the table surface, and both ends of the net should be as close to the net post.

Table Marking

table marking

There are white sidelines along the length of both sides of the table. The width of the sideline is 2cm.

There is also a white end line along the width of both sides of the table. The width of the sideline is 2cm.

There is also a white center line across the table. The width of the centerline is 3mm. It is used to divide the table into equal halves when playing double games.

How much space do you need for a table tennis table?

To play at home, you need enough space to accommodate the table as it is 10 ft longer and wider compared to the pool table. For amateur players, no huge space is required and you can place the indoor table tennis table in your vacancy room.

If there is no room for you to place the table, you can place them in your backyard or front yard. However, for expert players, such space is not enough as they need 25 ft more for them to run around.

What is the standard room size for ping pong?

This is a very important question in table tennis for beginners. If there is not enough space in a table tennis room, it will be frustrating and the players will not be able to enjoy the game.

The level of table tennis players will determine the amount of space that they will need in a game.

Professional table tennis players need enough space to be able to exhibit their table tennis skills. For instance, a defender would need a lot more space because they tend to play more away from the table.

Amateur table tennis players who are serious about improving their techniques can practice in standard room size.

table tennis room sizev

table tennis room size

Table Tennis Court Playing Area

According to the ITTF rules of table tennis, room size or playing area should be rectangular. It should not be less than 14 meters long and 7 meters wide.

The playing area should be enclosed by surrounds or table tennis barriers. They should be 75cm high with all the same dark background color, separating it from adjacent playing areas and spectators.

table tennis barrier

table tennis barrier

Recreational Table Tennis Room Size

In the recreational level of table tennis, the standard room size is not necessary. A game of ping pong can be played in the basement, garage, or any other part of the house.

However, for recreational games, it is also important to have enough space for players to enjoy the game.

If there is not enough space in the room, players can hit their rackets on the wall to make a smash.

If there are 4 or more people playing the ideal room space to have is 24ft x 14ft. This will ensure that there is sufficient space for all 4 people to move around.

Another factor to consider is the lighting of the room and floor covering. In a table tennis room, there should be enough light for all players to see the ball clearly so they can make the shot.

The floor should be built with smooth concrete or wooden covering. However, ensure that the floor is not slippery. 

What is the standard thickness of a table tennis table?

Most of the thickness of the tabletop ranges from 13mm (0.5″) to 25mm (1″). A standard table should have a thickness of at least 19mm (0.75″). The table approved by ITTF for international tournaments needs to have a thickness of 25mm ( 1″).

When buying a tt table, you should get one with a playing surface of at least 19mm (0.75″) If the thickness of a tabletop is less than 19mm, it may not offer you a consistent bounce. The table can also get warp after playing for some time.

Are our table tennis and ping pong tables having the same size?

Generally, the tables are similar.

Unless the table is not a standard size table that is meant for formal tournament play. You can find other sizes of ping pong tables such as midsize, mini, or compact tables that cater to recreational play.

What is the dimension for the midsize table tennis table?

For Joola Midsize table, the dimensions is 71″ x 30″ x 36″ (L x H x W). The storage dimensions is 36″ x 36″.

How tall is a ping pong table folded up?

For a foldable table tennis table, the height of the table after it is folded into two halves is about 64 inches.

Are Olympic ping pong tables smaller?

Nope. It is the same size as all the standard tables that are qualified to play in world tournaments. All tables including tables used in Olympic need to compliant with ITTF’s standard.

How much do ping pong tables weigh?

Some people ask how heavy is a ping pong table? Well, different tables made by different manufacturers will have quite a huge variation for the weight. For example:

  • DHS T2828 model of table tennis table carries a weight of 115kg (253 lbs).
  • The double Fish 206 model is weighing 118kg (260 lbs).
  • The shipping weight for STIGA Baja Outdoor Table Tennis Table is 87kg(193 lbs).
  • The weight for Killerspin MyT5 Ping Pong Table 89kg (196 lbs).
  • The weight for the Stiga Outdoor Roller Table is just 54kg (119 lbs).

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