A Comprehensive Guide to Ping Pong Table Dimensions

Before you impulse buy a table tennis table, you should first be aware of how much space they take up.

The ping pong table dimensions of a full-size model are 274 cm (L) x 152.5 cm (W) x 76 cm (H), which equates to 9 ft x 5 ft x 2.5 ft. However, you must also consider how much space you will need to play. The minimum space required is 19 ft x 11 ft, but advanced players require two, three, or four times more space.

Yet these are just the basic details relating to full-size ping pong tables — you may not even want to purchase a table with standard dimensions. Read on as we cover all of the info relating to ping pong table sizes.

Ping Pong Table Dimensions

Full-Size Ping Pong Table Dimensions

ping pong table dimensions

Full-size table tennis tables make up the bulk of tables you will see. Not only are they used for all competitive events, but they are also usually the tables of choice for bars, parks, and even home play.

Full-size table tennis tables measure 274 cm (L) x 152.5 cm (W) x 76 cm (H).

Besides these table tennis dimensions, full-size competition-compliant tables must be of a uniform dark color. These rules are set by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF).

One of the top full-size models you can get is the JOOLA Inside. It’s a best online seller and offers incredible value for money. We recommend the 18 mm version for beginners and intermediate players and the 25 mm version for advanced players.

Measurement Length Width Height Net Height
mm 2740mm 1525 mm 760 mm 152.5 mm
cm 274 cm 152.5 cm 76 cm 15.25 cm
Feet 9 ft 5 ft 2.5ft 0.5 ft
Inches 108″ 60″ 30″ 6″

When folded, the size of a ping pong table is around 161 cm (L) x 58.5 cm (W) x 155 cm (H). Unlike the playing dimensions, these will vary from model to model.

Net Height

ping pong table dimensions net

For full-size tables, the net must measure 15.25 cm across the entire length of the table, including the posts. Therefore you should disregard nets that have posts that stand too tall.

Furthermore, ensure that the bottom of your net rests as close to the table’s surface as possible.

Table Markings

ping pong table markings

There are three types of markings on table tennis tables with standard table tennis sizes (for full-size models):

White sidelines run along the length of both sides of the table. The width of each sideline is 2 cm.

White end lines run along the width of both sides of the table. The width of each sideline is 2 cm.

The white center line runs across the middle of the table. The width of the centerline is 3 mm. It divides the table into equal halves when playing double games.

3/4 Size Ping Pong Table Measurements

ping pong table dimensions 3/4


How big is a ping pong table that is 3/4 size? Tables that are 3/4 size measure approximately 213 cm (L) x 122 cm (W) x 76 cm (H).

If you can’t quite fit a full-size ping pong table into your home, a 3/4 size model is the next best thing. If I recall, a 3/4 size model was one of the first tables I bought when I started learning how to play and it helped me a lot.

Just know that this it’s not a great table to purchase if you’re a skilled player. The shorter length really shows — you’ll be putting lots of balls off the end of the table.

The top 3/4-size ping pong table you can purchase is the Butterfly Junior table. It comes fully preassembled and stores very compactly, measuring just 5″ wide.

Measurement Length Width Height Net Height
mm 2130 mm 1220 mm 760 mm 152.5 mm
cm 213 cm 122 cm 76 cm 15.25 cm
Feet 7 ft 4 ft 2.5 ft 0.5 ft
Inches 84” 48” 30” 6”

Dimensions of a Mid-Size Ping Pong Table

ping pong table dimensions mid-size


Mid-size ping pong tables measure around 183 cm (L) x 91.5 cm (W) x 76 cm (H). However, there is quite a bit of variance from model to model, with some being longer/shorter and others being wider/thinner.

Yet what is always true for mid-sized ping pong tables is that they are around 2/3 the size of full-size tables. We should also note they are 76 cm high, the official size for table tennis.

As for the net, it may or may not be regulation height. Some tables will come with a smaller net to reflect the smaller table size.

As it stands, our top mid-size ping pong table is by JOOLA. It comes fully preassembled and weighs just 62 lbs. JOOLA also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee which is a nice bonus.

Length Width Height
mm 1830 mm 915 mm 760 mm
cm 183 cm 91.5 cm 76 cm
Feet 6 ft 3 ft 2.5 ft
Inches 72” 36” 30”

What Size Is a Mini Ping Pong Table?

ping pong table dimensions mini


The average mini ping pong table size is around 125 cm (L) x 72 cm (W) x 75 cm (H). Where mid-size ping pong tables are 2/3 the size of full-size ping pong tables, mini models have around half the table tennis board size of full-size models.

These are best for children or if you are very tight of space. Given that these tables are so small, the gameplay differs from usual. You have to focus on control over speed as it is very difficult to consistently attack.

If you’re interested in picking up a mini model, we recommend the Stiga mini table. It folds up easily and has a very stylish look to it.

Length Width Height
mm 1250 mm 720 mm 750 mm
cm 125 cm 72 cm 75 cm
Feet 4 ft 2 ft 2.5 ft
Inches 49” 28” 29.5”

Table Tennis Room Dimensions

If you’ve seen the pros play, you’ll know they need a lot of room for matches. However, for casual play at home, you won’t anywhere near this amount of space.

Generally, you should aim to have around 5 ft of space on either end of the table. This will give you a decent amount of room to play your shots. In addition to this, you should aim for around 3 ft of space on either side of the table.

Assuming you purchase a full-size model that measures 9 ft x 5 ft, you need free space measuring 19 ft x 11 ft in total.

Yet this is a basic estimation and the absolute minimum we recommend. Many players will want additional room to have more exciting games.

Just so you know, the pros have 45 ft x 23 ft of space to work with.

Factors That Affect the Space You Need to Play

Your skill level is the main factor affecting your needed space.

Beginners tend to start playing very close to the table. As such, they require the least amount of room to have fun matches. Advanced players by comparison, frequently drift far away from the table. So if you’re in this category, you could well find yourself wanting two, three, or even four times as much space as a beginner.

Besides skill level, your style is another element to consider. Players who drive and block the ball usually stay close to the table. Conversely, defenders and lobbers stay much further away from the table.

Other Room Requirements

ping pong table barrier Wall color: Table tennis balls are usually white, so you should avoid playing in rooms with either white or fair walls as you’ll find it difficult to keep your eye on them during rallies. Darker wall colors are best.

Lighting: Dimly lit rooms are not ideal for table tennis, so make sure you have good lighting set up. Also, if you’re playing outdoors, you have plenty of light so it isn’t an issue. Conversely, Glare is, so purchase an outdoor table with an anti-glare coating if possible.

Room height: For beginners, you probably won’t hit the ball too high, so ceiling height shouldn’t be much of an issue. However, for more advanced players who lob the ball, a low ceiling can present problems. So take it into account if applicable.

Floor: Your floor is one of the least important factors, nevertheless, we want you to have all of the details you need. Having a flat floor with a good grip is ideal. The likes of bumpy cobble and carpet are less so.

Barriers: If you’re playing at a club or in an area with several tables, buying table tennis barriers is a good idea. These help separate the playfield so that rogue balls don’t interfere with other people’s games.


Ping pong table dimensions vary, as while most tables are full-size, 3/4-size, mid-size, and mini tables are available on the market. However, most of you are probably looking for a full-size model.

So what is the size of a regulation ping pong table? The regulation table tennis table size is 274 cm (L) x 152.5 cm (W) x 76 cm (H).

But you shouldn’t only consider the size of the table itself. You must also account for the space you will need to play the game effectively. Playing in a cramped room is no fun at all! At the very minimum, you’ll need 19 ft x 11 ft. Yet, many people will want more. I recommend playing in a room where space isn’t an issue and measuring how far away from the table you usually stand — this will give you an idea of how much space you will need.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Standard Thickness of a Table Tennis Table?

The thickness of most table tennis tables ranges from 13 mm (0.5") to 30 mm (1"), and a standard table should have a thickness of at least 19 mm (0.75"). However, for tournament play, tables must measure at least 25mm thick ( 1").

Are Table Tennis and Ping Pong Tables the Same Size?

Table tennis and ping pong tables are the same so there are no size differences. The standard ping pong table size is 274 cm (L) x 152.5 cm (W) x 76 cm (H).

How Tall Is a Ping Pong Table Folded Up?

Foldable ping pong tables measure around 155 cm (61") when folded. Though we should note that there will be slight variations from model to model.

Are Olympic Ping Pong Tables Smaller?

All Olympic ping pong tables are the official size which is 274 cm (L) x 152.5 cm (W) x 76 cm (H). This is because they must be ITTF approved, and the organization mandates that only full-size tables are eligible for tournament play.

How Much Do Ping Pong Tables Weigh?

Full-size official ping pong tables usually weigh anywhere from 100 lb to around 300 lb. However, the tables used for international events can be much heavier. 3/4-size, mid-size, and mini tables are much lighter on the other end of the scale. They can weigh less than 50 lb.

Has the Size of the Table Tennis Tables Changed?

The size of table tennis tables has not changed. Full-size models must measure 274 cm (L) x 152.5 cm (W) x 76 cm (H).

What Is the Table Tennis Size in Feet of a Full-Size Table?

What Is the Table Tennis Size in Feet of a Full-Size Table?
What Is the Table Tennis Size in Feet of a Full-Size Table?

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  1. Quelle est la surface de la table de tennis conseil composé de? It it Bloc bord, panneaux de particules ou autre bois?

  2. Tableau planches de tennis sont faits de métal, de contreplaqué et de panneaux de fibres.

    Tables et filets pour le tennis de table doivent être conformes aux dimensions réglementaires. Les tableaux doivent être neuf pieds de long, cinq pieds de diamètre, et deux et demi pieds de haut (sol à la surface de lecture). Le filet doit être de six pouces de haut, et étirer à travers le milieu de la table et six pouces au-delà des deux côtés. La surface de la table doit être une couleur terne, non réfléchissante qui contraste avec le blanc et orange des balles. Noir, bleu marine, et le vert sont les couleurs populaires.

    Pour la plupart des maisons, une table pas cher et le filet est correct pour eux de jouer le jeu, même si la précision varie. Mais cela n’a aucune importance pour la pratique et matchs amicaux aussi longtemps que les imperfections ne sont pas trop graves. Tables placées sur une surface molle, irrégulière, tels que les tapis, auront du mal à correspondre à la précision de ceux qui sont placés sur les surfaces dures et plates.

  3. It is good for you to get an outdoor table tennis table in case you have limited space to place your table indoor.This can provide you with more playing space and also you can play the game under good weather.

    However, if you still wish to buy a table to place indoor, you may consider of getting a folding table that you can fold it up for storage when not in use.

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