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Butterfly Easifold 19 Rollaway Table Tennis Table Review

Playing table tennis has become a lot easier with the new and improved design of Butterfly’s Easifold 19 Rollaway Table as compared to Killerspin or Stiga. The table comes in excellent quality at an affordable price.
It is an entry-level table that arrives 90% pre-built. It helps to get rid of all the hassle of installing the table. You need to add the wheel brackets to the table, and everything is set.
It is an indoor table tennis table suitable for schools, homes, or any recreational centers.
Let’s take a look at the overall performance of this Butterfly Easifold 19 Rollaway Table Tennis Table. It will allow us to decide the attributes of the table at a glance.


This table comes pre-assembled. When you receive the table, all you need to do is attach the wheels to the table, and you are all set. You can start to play ping pong right away. With its simple assembling feature, you are ready to play in just 15 minutes.


Butterfly Easifold 19 Rollaway has options of two appealing colors of blue and green tabletop surface. It has a 19mm thick tabletop surface, which is excellent in terms of bouncing playability.

The table is constructed from MDF, which is a type of combination wood. The MDF material used to made the table is denser than plywood. The table comes with a new logo and corner bits.

Butterfly Easifold 19 Rollaway Table

Net Set

You will have the net set shipped together to you when you get this table. The Butterfly clip-on net and post set is useful in quality, and you can use the clip to attach it tightly on both sides of the table. Such a design provides you with easy installation and removal.

The net set includes a rubber cover on the clamp to protect the table’s center corners from getting damaged.


It is made up of stainless steel frames and beautiful magenta corners to improve the table’s aesthetic look. The steel frame is strong enough to provide adequate protection to the playing top.

You can find the independent undercarriage on each half of the table, which provides excellent support.

Leg with height adjusters

There is an exquisite humidity protection finish beneath the table. The table has height adjusters to suit the requirement of players of different heights. Height adjusters perfect your game by leveling the table as per the surface. The table support bars provide extra strength to support the table.


This table is designed to assemble into two different halves. Each half of this table consists of 2 legs, which can be folded into a standing structure to ease the mobility of moving the table back & forth and storage.


There are 4 independent wheels for each half of the table, and one of the wheels has a break for securing the table.

The wheels roll very nicely. Due to its nested two halves fold, the table takes significantly less space. The locking mechanism is provided to prevent the table from accidentally opening or closing during storage.

Playback Mode

Another fantastic feature of the table is the playback feature, where one-half of the table can store vertically, and a single player can practice solo-play.

Safety Features

The wheels’ break can secure the table and placed it firmly on the ground or when it is put in storage. The double locking system mechanism can help prevent the table from opening or closing accidentally, which make cause hazard to the people if the table suddenly opens or close without proper handling.


  • 9 ft long x 5 ft wide
  • 19mm thick MDF tabletop
  • Butterfly clip net set
  • Independent undercarriage
  • Leg with height adjusters
  • Weight: 200 lbs (approximately 91 kg)
  • Playback mode
  • Locking wheels
  • Warranty: The warranty given for this table is three years.


  • Playing position: 108″ (Length) x 60″ (Width) x 30″ (Height)
  • Storage position: 60″ (Width) x 60″ (Width) x 56″ (Height)


  • Very easy to set up.
  • The table is solid and rigid with beautiful craftsmanship.
  • It can roll smoothly and efficiently without scratching the floor.
  • Exquisitely designed that will only occupy minimal space when putting the table into storage.
  • USATT approved for tournament play.


  • The table’s assembly is very heavy. One person cannot assemble the table alone.
  • During the storage, the net has to be detached.
  • Recommended for home use since it is a little flimsy when used a lot in schools or clubs.


I love this excellent table. It is well-built, easy to use, and great to play on. If a rating scale is to be considered, then ignoring its mild cons, I will be glad to give this Butterfly Easifold 19 Rollaway table a rating of 9 out of 10.

Price-wise, this table is priced at around $700. With such a price tag, it may not be affordable for some people. But consider the quality this table offers you. This table is very durable that can last you for many years.

Even if any part is broken after playing for some time, you can still get replacement spare parts by consulting Butterfly.

So guys, pick up any of the varied options of the Butterfly Easifold 19 Rollaway Table and get ready to gear yourself for a great game of table tennis. Use it to play indoor with your friends and family, or be prepared to give a tough competition to your opponent in an outdoor table tennis game.

You will be able to enjoy many hours of playing ping pong with your friends and family members, and you are going to have a lot of fun.

You may want to look at the video of this table to get an idea of how the table looks.

There are still other quality Butterfly table tennis tables that you can take a look.

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