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Prince PT200 Competitor Table Tennis Table Review

Prince table tennis tables are another quality ping-pong table on the market. While they haven’t been in business as long as Stiga or Butterfly, they still been in business for over 33 years and have a reputation for quality.


It seems that their main business is in the field of court tennis, but they have done well by developing high-quality ping-pong tables for a reasonable price.

About the Table

One of the tables that been released by Prince is the PT200 table tennis table. This product was designed to be closed to standard tournament tables but is more suitable for recreational play for any household.

At the same time, it remains to hold onto the cost-effective characteristics of an enjoyable ping pong table specially made for you and your families.


  • 5/8″ Thick Dark Green Top and 2″ Metal Apron.
  • 1-1/2″ Round Legs and 4″ Wheels.
  • Legs: 1-1/2” Round Legs.
  • Wheels: 4” Double Wheel Casters.
  • Net and Post Set Included.
  • Weight: 120 lbs or 54 kg.


  • Play Position: 60” (Width) x 108″ (Depth) x 30″ (Height)
  • Playback Position: 60″ (Width) x 28″ (Depth) x 74″ (Height)
  • Storage Position: 60″ (Width) x 71″ (Depth) x 74″ (Height)

This Prince PT200 table tennis table features with the same dimensions of a qualified international tournament table which carried 98 inches for the length, 60 inches for the width, and 30 inches for the height.

prince pt200 competitor table tennis table

The weight of the table is about 120 lbs, which is quite heavy if compares to other similar quality tables. Nonetheless, this table is quite sturdy and allows you to use it for quite some times.


You need to assemble the table by yourself when you first receive the table. You need to follow closely with the assembly manual so that you won’t miss any step when you are on the way of setting the table up. It is best for you to have 2 people to carry out the assembly job.

Playing Surface

The table is manufactured with a high-end MDF tabletop. The thickness of the tabletop is 5/8″ or 16mm.  Such thickness will provide you with a smooth and even bounce surface. Enough though the bounce quality may not be as good as those tables that are of 18mm or 22mm. But it is sufficient for recreational play.

Apron and Legs

There is 2″ of steel table apron built with the table. The material used is of good quality which can provide great support to the entire table.

Besides, the table is also built with 1.5″ tubular steel round legs and horizontal crossbars. This can increase the stability of the table. You won’t need to worry if you accidentally hitting the table or lean on the table as it can give you good safety protection with such feature in place.

Net and Post

When you purchase this table, it is shipped together with the net and post. So you no need to buy them separately. Once the net is finished assemble, you can place it intact with the table. You no need to readjust the net every time you fold the table up.

2 Table Halves

This is an indoor table tennis table and the table is designed in 2 table halves. This is easy for you to move around when setting up and for storage after play. Such a design will save you space. You can also fold one half of the table to be in playback position and you can play solo with the table.


The table is constructed with 1-1/2″ round legs and 4″ wheels. This will ease the task for you to move the table without much effort needed.

There is a pair of pivot wheels and some other stationery wheels. The 4” double wheel casters can make the table to be steady stay in place and will not be moving too much.


  • A sturdy table built with quality materials that you can expect to use it for many years.
  • There are safety latches on both sides of the table for you to hold the table up. You can easily fold the table if you have finished playing the game and want to move for storage.
  • You no need to remove the net and post when you fold the table.


  • No leveler is available for the table leg. So it is not possible for you to adjust the table height if you are placing the table on an uneven floor.
  • The thickness of the table is not thick enough. Bounce quality may not be very good.


As mentioned earlier, the Prince PT200 table tennis table is a heavyweight table and therefore the assembly process will be not easy and time-consuming. Many people bought this table and complaint that it took them about 1 to 3 hours to assemble and set the table up.

The thickness of this ping pong table is not meet with the qualified international tournament tables, thus it may not provide competitive play for players.

Video of the Table

If you are intended to buy this table, you may want to take a look at the video to have a clear look of it and see all the features that you can get wit this table.


You will be able to fold the table easily for storage. The asking price is quite affordable but some material that made the table can be rather cheap and of low quality. You may get some problems after using it for a while. It is not advisable for you to buy this table if you are an advanced player and wish to buy a competitive play table.

Where to Buy?

There isn’t always a large selection of tables on the eBay marketplace so I have provided some awesome listing of really great prince table tennis tables for you to choose from that are currently available on the Amazon marketplace.

Take a look at the current Prince table tennis tables listed on the Amazon market right now. Get them while the getting is good because they never last. You can also try to get from Wal-Mart if there is a Wal-Mart nearby where you are living as they always offer quality table tennis tables with a great price.

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