Adidas PRO 800 Table Tennis Table Review

The Adidas PRO 800 table tennis table is quickly becoming one of the most talked-about ping pong tables around. You may have seen your favorite tennis player sporting Adidas gear many times before. Adidas is also making some serious inroads into the world of table tennis.

Adidas Pro 800 Table

With the high quality, professional tabletop surface, Easy Fold system for storage, and a perfect 10 rebound factor, the Adidas PRO 800 Ping Pong table shapes up to be the ideal table tennis table. It is perfect for serious competitors  and amateur players who want to invest in top-quality equipment.

Like all other table tennis tables that Adidas released, this table is no exception. It features an essential double release, safety, and security system, which helps prevent accidents from happening to any player.

Furthermore, for a single player, he/she is still playing the game as the playback feature of the table makes it possible for one half to fold up for solo playing mode. The side table is shrouded with Adidas printing, which makes the table appearance even more attractive.

Easy to Store

Professional quality ping pong tables aren’t always that easy to fold up and store away. The Adidas PRO 800 Table Tennis Table, on the other hand, makes folding, storage, and transporting a breeze.

The best Adidas tables are built with Easy Fold features. It makes it simple and nearly effortless to fold these tables for storage and transport. With Adidas’ patented Easy Fold system, each side of the table easily folds up by simply pulling on a small bar under the table’s surface.

When it’s completely folded up, it measures a compact 29″ x 72″ x 61″. And if you are interested in playback, fold up one side of the table and leave the other side unfolded for hours of real practice time.

Key Features

  • The Adidas PRO 800 Table Tennis Table’s rebound factor is a perfect 10. This is a professional rating and is one reason this model has been used at ITTF professional events.
  • It is a professional ping pong table ideal for placing in clubs for tournaments and halls for international competitions.
  • The bounce and shot quality are matched with the highest requirements of skilled and professional international players.
  • Easy to adjust legs allow you to have perfect ping pong play, even when you’re playing on less than even floors.
  • The legs are rubber coated to prevent scraping floors.
  • The table is always ready to play with its fixed net. Once you unfold this ping pong table, you don’t have to fuss with attaching a net or worrying about complicated net adjustments.


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Professional Playing Quality

As we mentioned earlier, the ITTF has used the Adidas PRO 800 ping pong table at major table tennis events. Whenever a table meets the stringent ITTF requirements for professional play, you know that a particular model is up to snuff in every category and built with the features you’d expect from the top of the line ping pong tables.


It’s hard to find any faults with the Adidas PRO 800 Table Tennis Table. Adidas put some serious engineering and manufacturing skills to work when designing and creating this ping pong table. If you can afford it, this table comes highly recommended.


Warren Davies

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