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Save Money When Buying A Table Tennis Table

Many people who have got into table tennis at school or at a friends house want to either buy a table or wish to upgrade an existing table. And if you have recently become interested in playing the game, or maybe you want to take your game to the next level, then we will discuss here on what you need to look for when you want to buy a table tennis table.

Spend Your Money Wisely!

Remember all makers say their table is best and all manufacturers are trying to convince you that their product is the best for you! It is very important before you make your purchase that your needs are clear in your mind.

There are a lot of people who choose to play ping pong only with the purpose of having fun or fitness. While some serious players would wish to improve their skill and become a professional player. Either way, unless you have plenty of money, you will need to choose carefully.

Cornilleau Sport One Outdoor

Are you buying a Table Tennis Table for all the family?

If you intend to buy a ping pong table for your families, the first table that you should go for is to pick the cheaper one. If you want all members of the family to enjoy table tennis it might be a good idea to buy a cheaper table first.

All young families will tend to give their first table tennis table a tough time, so if you buy a cheaper table to start off, then if you have a budding world champion in the family. You can upgrade to a more professional model later.

Permanent Vs Fold Flat Table Tennis Tables

Unless you are absolutely sure you will want to leave your table permanently set-up I would strongly suggest you purchase a Folding Table Tennis Table, they should be very easy to set-up and fold away.

Always check to see if it can be operated by one person? Rollers are a great feature and make the table very easy to use. Roller tables should also be fitted with brakes to stop the table moving around during play.

Even if you determine that you can leave your table set up all the time, things can, and inevitably do change so a folding table can make very good sense in the long term. There are many factors to consider when making a big purchase such as this one.

Is Table Thickness an issue?

Tables that are used for competitions are always 25mm or 1 inch thick and are quite expensive for most users. I think most people will be perfectly happy with a good quality 19mm table. I’m sure even Olympic champions didn’t start on top spec competition standard tables so consider all the options first.

Manufacturers like Stiga make marvelous tables, so unless you can find a 25mm table at an irresistible price, this would be my recommendation.

When you want to get serious practice to play in a competition, then it is, of course, good for you to practice on a ping pong table that is meant for tournament standard. By then, it will be the right time for you to upgrade to the more expensive expert table.

Don’t just look at the playing surface.

Make sure that the table you buy is of good quality. You need to pay particular attention to the support legs. A good feature built into a lot of tables is leg levelers.

Outdoor Table Tennis is great fun so leg levelers are very useful here. Make sure your table top is precisely 76cm from the floor. Equally crucial to the overall quality are the small things like the net fittings etc.

Net Fittings
Check that the fittings that attach the net to the table are good quality and strong, paying particular attention to the clamp areas. Will the clamps damage the table? It’s not difficult to engineer this, unfortunately, some manufacturers may overlook this on the ground of cost.

Check for Warping
This is really important if you are considering buying a second-hand bargain. You need to get down to the table level and look along the surface both along and diagonally to check that the surface is perfectly flat. This shouldn’t really be a significant problem on a new table but worth a check all the same

Finish is Important
Look for a good smooth and even finish on the playing area. Look for any rough edges on the top and sides. Check that the edges are nicely finished and are rounded so you won’t get injured during the spirited play. Don’t forget to check the bounce, a good table will allow a standard table tennis ball to bounce 23cm when dropped from 30cm – so take a ruler with you.

All these small points add up and you deserve to get a good quality product for your money. These days good quality and value for money are important and if you follow these points I’m sure you will find a great table.

Cheap Ping Pong Tables

Ping pong tables are an excellent recreation solution for anyone suffering from lack of space due to the simple fact that they can fold up for easy storage. Ping pong, or table tennis, is generally scored and has a result once a player reaches 11 points. The game can be played by two players or four players, depending on the size of your ping pong table.

Stiga STS410Q Table
Click for a lot of table tennis table choices

Ping pong tables are relatively cheap compared to pool tables. You can find a quality pool table for two or four players that will easily fold for under $500. Ping pong paddles and ping pong balls come in accessory packs that can be purchased online for about 20$ a set.

So, for under 600$, you have a home gaming system that will store nicely and provide for hours of entertainment. Not bad! Plus, table tennis is now an Olympic sport – you may become a gold medalist someday with practice!

DIY Table

A DIY enthusiast may look for ways to make cheap ping pong tables as opposed to buying it new. According to some online manuals, all you need is a large piece of plywood, a couple of cans of green paint, white electrical tape, some c-clamps, a paintbrush, and a ping pong kit.

diy table tennis table
DIY table tennis table

Simply paint the board, measure and tape the boundary lines, clamp on the net and place it on a table, set of sawhorses, or as one suggests a broken air hockey table. Um…ok, that’s one way to do it.

This would be a great project to try in order to start playing ping pong and find out if you like it, have the time for it, or have the room available to play. But as you become more fond of the game, you may be ready to find the next best type of cheap ping pong tables available to you.

You could look on one of the online classifieds for a used table; however, there is usually a question of shipping as the item is fairly large. When compared to buying one of the ping pong table conversion tops new or used, you may find that this option would be just as cost effective.

Another consideration besides price when you are looking for cheap ping pong tables is the question of quality. All things are not created equal and you may come to find that how your playing ball reacts to different surfaces and thicknesses will affect the outcome of your game. Instead of blaming the ball for that bad shot, you may be able to blame the surface on which you are playing.

table tennis tables for sale

Table tennis rules state that a ping pong ball should bounce up to 23 cm when dropped from a height of 30 cm. Depending on the thickness or material with which the top is constructed, that bounce height may vary on your ping pong table.

Getting an affordable ping pong tables may be a good entry point to learning the game and table tennis conversion tops are certainly an option for those developing their skills. The more you play, the more you will be able to maneuver the ball so that it will land where you want it to, with the amount of speed that you wish.

The more skills you have, the more fun that will follow. Whether on a green painted board, or a pro table, ping pong on a cheap ping pong table is fun!

table tennis tables for sale

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