Killerspin MyT-O Outdoor Table Review

If you are looking for an outdoor ping pong table, then you might take a look at The Killerspin MyT-O Outdoor Table, which is one of the excellent tables that you can use either indoor or outdoor. It is very robust to withstand all weather conditions while also providing good performance if you play the game inside a room.

Killerspin MyT-O Outdoor Table Tennis Table


  • Weather-resistant with the 1/8″ or 3mm premium quality aluminum-plastic top.
  • Solid metal steel band around table edge to provide prevention of warping.
  • 4 prime quality levelers support make the playing surface remain evenly on the ground regardless of whether you’re playing the game outside, on the deck, by the pool, or inside your home.
  • Folding one of the separated tables to play in single.
  • Highly safety locking casters.
  • Once open up the box, you can easily set up the table and be ready to play in about 15 minutes.
  • Blue tabletop with the measurement of 36″ (W) x 64″ (H) x 60″ (D) when it folded.
  • Playing dimensions: 107.8″ x 60″ x 29.9″
  • Weight: 150 lbs (approximately 68 kg)


This table is relatively easy for you to assemble as it comes preassembled. You only need to assemble the eight nuts and bolts, and once it is done, you can start to play ping pong.


The Killerspin MyT-O Outdoor Table is constructed with a weatherproof aluminum-plastic blend playing surface. The material used prevents warping on the tabletop after playing for some time.

The table is perfect for outdoor ping pong play because of its 6mm aluminum plastic cover top and an all-metal skirt that provides additional support. The plastic top is 50% thicker compared to conventional outdoor tables.

The table comes with secure 1. 5″ steel metal support legs and 3/8″ wheels, which can be locked. Both table halves can be folded up for easy mobility and storage. If you want to play solo, you can fold up one side of the table up.


The 1.4-inch steel frame design is rigid and strong enough to hold the table in a stable position. It is a great feature, especially when you need to use the table outdoors.

The table has sturdy steel legs with a width of 1.25-inc and an adjustable height. This feature is quite similar to the Killerspin MyT Street Edition.

Net and Post System

The table includes a premium weatherproof clip-on net and post system. The net can be firmly placed on the table with its sturdy clamps. It is also easy to take off when you want to fold and move the table. 

Nevertheless, the net can be used for an extended period, and you do not need to remove the net when you fold the table for storage. The hinges are smooth, and the availability of safety locks provide excellent protection for players.

Repeat Roller Coating

With the implementation of RRC(Repeat Roller Coating) and 16 layers of protective resilience, it helps protect the Killerspin MyT-O Outdoor Table and make sure that the table is durable.

Locking System

A safety locking system helps to keep it secure for players to play the game. The table’s design is pretty appealing, and it can perform just as well as a professional table tennis table.

Wheel Casters

There are durable casters with 3-inch wide with premium wheels and individual locks for smooth rolling on any terrain and secure storage.

kettler table tennis tables


As mentioned before, it is easy to set up, which takes you just 15 minutes to have the table ready and it is ideal for the backyard.

The table comes in two table halves. Such a design is excellent in splitting the weight of the table. Thus, it makes the table easy to carry, maneuver and set up.

The table is built with high quality materials that can withstand all the outdoor elements and weather conditions.

If you can’t find a companion to play ping pong with you, you can still play the game solo with the playback feature available for this table. You can still enjoy playing the game without the need to buy an expensive robot as well.


The weatherproof aluminum top design has some impact on the bounce quality of the ping pong ball. Some people claim the ball didn’t bounce evenly like in other models of outdoor tables, which affects the shot to a certain degree.

If you want to know how the table looks, you can watch the video to see what features it has, if you intend to purchase this table.


The Killerspin MyT-O Outdoor Table Tennis Table is straightforward and easy for anyone to set up. 

The play is just like other quality outdoor table tennis tables like Kettler, Joola, and Stiga. I tested for myself, and found the bounce is rather good, although it is slightly different from an MDF table. In my opinion, it is simply not true for those who claim that the table provides them with poor bounce as I didn’t experience any poor bounce.

All I can say is this is an excellent outdoor table tennis table. The price is ideal if you compare with similar quality outdoor tables.

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