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Cornilleau Sport One Outdoor Table Tennis Table

The Cornilleau Sport One Outdoor table tennis table is a superb table that you can set it up at the backyard of your house. It is superb since it is an excellent way for you to have a healthy activity going in your house with your kids. As of now, this table is also known as Cornilleau 100S Crossover Outdoor Table.

And it is definitely a pleasurable way of spending your time and energy outside the house in the fresh atmosphere.

This outdoor table produced by Cornilleau can say to be a new technology product you can buy in today. Cornilleau managed to make an absolutely innovative ping pong table by their keep improving technology.

Cornilleau Sport One Outdoor
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  • Made in: France
  • Surface Thickness: 4mm
  • Playback Position: Yes
  • Indoor or Outdoor: Outdoor
  • Includes Net: Yes
  • ITTF Approved: No
  • Assembly Required: Yes
  • Brakes on Wheels: No
  • Packed Weight: 54kg
  • Table Weight: 45Kg
  • Adjustable Height Feet: Yes
  • Table size: 275cm long x 153cm wide x 77cm high (9′ long x 5′ wide x 2’6′ high)
  • Storage size: (when folded)155cm high x 161cm wide x 75cm deep
  • Minimum play area: 510cm long x 330cm wide (17′ long x 11′ wide), guideline only
  • Warranty: 3 years (10 years on the surface).


The table does not come pre-assembled, so you need to carry out the assembly job yourself. Nonetheless, it is not so hard for you to set the table up. You may simply spend about 30 to 60 minutes to complete the assembling of the table by following the instruction manual that you have with the table.


There is a 4mm resin laminate playing surface you can find on the top of the table. It is constructed with a soft mat top and anti-glare coating. Such solid designed can offer players with a quite decent bounce of the ball.

Frame and Undercarriage

The frame is built with 40mm corrosion/scratch resistant steel. And the undercarriage is made of steel and thermoplastic polymer. Having this type of solid and sturdy material make it possible to give great support to the table.

Net and Post

This ping pong table includes polyethylene net and ABS net posts that been mounted and incorporated into the carriage. This can save your work to put on the net and post. Also, you no need to remove it when you have finished playing.

There is adjustable net tension so that you can adjust the net to your desire playing tension.

Table Legs

The legs are having the width of 25mm and they are made of steel with resin shoe. There is leg leveler available for the table where you are able to adjust the height of the table if you are placing the table on an uneven floor surface. Such a feature can provide extra stability for the table.

Wheel Casters

The table is built with large notched tread wheels which make it very easy for you to maneuver. They are oversize wheels that have the size of 200mm. It is especially easy for you to move around on your lawn where there are grasses cover on the floor.

Racket Storage

There is racket storage at both sides of the middle table where you can store 2 rackets in there. So, you no need to find your racket every time you want to play ping pong. You can simply take out from the racket storage and you can start playing the game.

Ball Holders

You can also find convenient balls holders constructed into the middle part of the body of the table tennis table.

Folding Mechanism

The Cornilleau Sport One ping pong table features with a compact folding mechanism which is specially designed for easy fold and unfold plus safely. If one of your hands is occupied with something, you will have no issue to open the table even with just one hand.

Playback Mode

The table can be folded one-half vertically and make it be in a playback mode. So, when the time you can’t find a partner to play ping pong with you, you still can play solo or do individual training with the availability of playback mode for this table.

Benefits You Can Get From This Table

The Cornilleau Sport One table is without a doubt an outstanding beginner table which provides a great playing level. The table is featured with leg-levelers and bat storage which can be very useful for players.

In addition, It is weather-proofing in which it can withstand any weather condition without having any damage to the table.

If you purchase this table, you not only receive the table but you will at the same time get some ping pong bats, balls and a cover. You can then having fun with this recreational ping pong table outdoors with your family and friends.

There are still more benefits you can expect from this Cornilleau Sport One Outdoor table tennis table. You can get a decent thick playing tabletop which provides you a great ball bouncing, an anti-glare surface, more robust legs and superior wheels for easy movement.


  • This table is not approved by ITTF so it is not a table that you can use for official tournament and competition.
  • The bounce quality of the table may not good enough if you are an intermediate or advanced ping pong player.
  • The rackets that provided are not too quality one. If you want a better quality racket, you will need to buy separately.


All in all, it is recommended for you to buy this table tennis table if you’re searching for a good quality table to place outdoor. You can get this table at an affordable price since this table won’t cost you more than $1000. It is a fantastic table which also incorporates a playback facility which enables for single player use.

Generally, you will be satisfied by having this Cornilleau Sport One table. It is a solid table and also good looking. All the features built on this table serve their purposes very well.

Detailed Video of the Table

If you are interested in buying this table, you may spend some time to take a look at this video first to check out all the features that you can have with it.

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