Table Tennis Table Assembly Guide

How to take a table into the basement or into a building

Take parts out of the box and divide the parts further before carrying into the building.

By taking the parts out of the box, you reduce the weight of the heaviest part that must be carried to only 68 to 85 lbs instead of the 180 lbs to 350 lbs of a box with all the contents of a complete table.

When you first receive the ping pong table shipped to your house, it has a cushioning protective film between the tabletops.

When you need to do first, take the carton cover of the packaging table and lay on the floor. Then, having two people to lift a tabletop and gently lay it on the wall.

**Please note: When moving, be sure to protect the tabletop to prevent sharp objects from damaging the tabletop.

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Many tables have the leg assemblies attached at the factory. These leg assembly allows you to get a good grip and hold the table securely to carry. This should always be done by two strong adults.

Required Tools

There are specific tools that you need to prepare before starting the assembly work.

Tools that you need are:

  • Wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • Spanner
  • Hand level
  • Measurement Tape

How to avoid damage during assembly

Before carrying the table parts into the building, put a blanket over each table half to prevent the table halves’ scratches. If you do scratch a tabletop, you can get touch up paint from the manufacturer.

Do not leave the table on the floor overnight. Uneven floors (particularly basement floors with high humidity levels) will cause the tabletops to warp. Often these warps will be only temporary if the tabletops are stored in the upright position.

Lean up aside to avoid a fall

  • Two people should always handle each table half.
  • Leave plastic protection sheets on the tabletops until after the table is assembled.
  • Use the Instruction Sheets when available instead of what you get in the box

Freight Damage

Like any product that is shipped anywhere, there is always the possibility of damage in transit.

Always mark “box damaged, contents to be inspected” if there is any box damaged. If you pick the right supplier, they will have very well packaged the table tennis table and are usually remain intact without any damage even when the box is broken.

The table manufacturers package the tables at the end of the assembly line. They know that damage at the factory is extremely rare, and even when it happens, the factory damage would rarely get through final inspection. As a result, the factories are inclined to provide touch up paint which will match the top’s color. The factories are inclined to provide touch up paint in the event of a scratch.

Factories do not ship tables that are already damaged. It is extremely rare. Inside the factory, the damage is not at all likely.

The table manufacturers package the tables at the end of the assembly line. They know that damage at the factory is extremely rare, and even when it happens, the factory damage would rarely get through final inspection. The factories will provide touch up paint in the event of a scratch.

In the distribution process, the tables are not taken out of the box. The tops are protected by being shipped with the playing surface facing one another.

Table Top Warping

How table halves or halves are warped?

A warp of a new table tennis tabletop is often a temporary condition. It can be corrected by storing the table in a straight-up or flat position, as suggested in the section about restoring the tabletops to the flat position.

About Feng Shui

Some people think that placing a table tennis table inside the house, especially if placed in the living room, will affect the home’s overall feng shui. How do you think?

Well, this kind of thing is quite controversial. There is no absolute answer for this.

Some people think it is not appropriate to put a table in the living room since the living room is a gathering and discussion place. For some Chinese people, it is a place to accumulate wealth and generate positive energy. Thus, they oppose for the table to be placed in the living room.

Can I use my car to ship the table back to my house?

A standard table tennis table has the dimensions of 274cm x 152.5cm x 76cm, and if you have measured the room of your car has sufficient space to load in the table, you can ship it with your vehicle.

Learn more about table dimension here.

Generally, most people who buy the table will have the company to do the shipping for them. Since most of the sports stores that selling sports equipment are having trucks or lorries with them. They are plenty of room for them to load the table. So you can save your hassle to load and unload the table by yourself.

Some company will do free shipping for you when you buy the table. Some will ask you to pay for the shipping fee as it is not included in the price when they sell you the table. You will need to ask the supplier if the shipping is covered of you will need to pay extra if you need them to ship the table for you.

Table Tennis Table Assembly Service

Many people will have a problem with assembling the table by themselves. You shouldn’t worry about this anymore as now most of the sports stores will offer you the assemble service if you can’t do the assembly yourself. Usually, there will be some charges you need to pay for the service. The costs are about $80 to $150.

Among the most common brands are:

  • Stiga
  • Dunlop
  • Sportcraft
  • Kettler
  • Joola
  • DHS
  • Brunswick
  • Prince Victory
  • Butterfly
  • MD Sports

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