STIGA Expert Roller Table Tennis Table Review

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Brief Description

The STIGA Expert Roller Table Tennis Table comes from a long line of exceptional quality tables. This table is designed for tournament play but perfect for the game room or school recreation center.

The STIGA Expert Roller is not only a USATT approved table, but it’s also the official table tennis table of both the US Open and the US Nationals. Due to its ingenious design, it and can be easily stored in a small space.

Both sides can be folded in on each other for easy storage. Additionally, each half is equipped with its own wheeled support for convenient maneuverability.

STIGA Expert Roller Table Tennis Table

The table top is comprised of a tournament grade, 1 inch thick top with a chassis reinforced by cross brace supports. It can easily be moved while in the storage position.

This table has been sold in over 100 countries around the world. STIGA products are known for their design, style, innovation, and playability. Their tag-line is, “Play the Best”

It’s engineered with STIGA’s signature to fold up and roll up easily to store design when not in use. The STIGA Expert Roller is also designed with a playback mode for those serious about perfecting their table tennis skills while not playing against another player.

Product Specification:

  • Playing Surface: 1″ wood
  • Color: blue
  • Legs: 2.5″x1.5″ steel
  • Railing: 2.25″ wood
  • Wheels: 4″
  • Built-In Net: N
  • Play-Back: Y
  • Preassembled: N
  • Weight: 114 kg
  • Storage size: W = 152.5cm x D = 66.5cm x H = 154 cm

Breakdown of Features and Benefits:

  • 1” Signature STIGA Blue Competition Table Top. This provides a solid and true bounce for superior play.
  • Tournament quality edgebanding, striping, and padding. Protects the table for long life and protects your clothes from snagging.
  • Trademark STIGA extra-reinforced steel chassis is extremely durable lasts a long time.
  • 4 – 4” Steel ball bearing caster wheels that makes for smooth rolling.
  • 1.25” square steel legs that automatically fold up and fold out for easy set-up.
  • Competition quality net and posts.

Player Experience Using the STIGA Expert Roller Table Tennis Table

When it comes to great table tennis tables, you’re going to spend some money to get that great table. The STIGA Expert Roller is a notch below in price from the STIGA Expert Roller series but overall it’s a better bang for your buck. One inch blue tabletop prevents the table from warping and has a quality bounce that you don’t find in the thinner table tops.

Another element is the extra reinforced steel chassis that allows for a sturdy table. Let’s be realistic, even though I don’t recommend anyone sitting on your table, you’re bound to have someone sit on it. The steel chassis holds up to a weight of your average male.


The STIGA Elite Roller is a quality table that gives you the best game for your dollar. This is a terrific ping pong table that built with roller trolley. The construction of the table is incredibly stable and it carries out the function really well.

The legs can be folded out automatically. It features a superb high solidity table surface that provides you with fantastic quality bounce. It is ITTF approved and is favored by a lot of international players.

Where can you get it?

The STIGA Roller can be purchased at most of the larger online retail centers. Higher end STIGA tables can be tough to find locally. Online, we’d recommend sticking with a larger supplier. Smaller suppliers will sometimes have tables that have been inventoried for a longer period and may have been dinged up in the process.

Who wants a nicked up STIGA Roller? Typically when you go with a larger online e-tailer they are moving enough inventory that tables don’t get “shuffled around.”

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