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The History of Cornilleau SA

In 1969, Emile Cornilleau was approached by a famous Parisian store to make them some superior table tennis tables. Cornilleau ran the company with his son Pierre from a small Farmhouse in Northern France.
From that small inquiry and order, who would have thought this would have been the beginning of an exciting and successful commercial adventure.

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Recognizing the opportunity and following their gut instincts with all the risks involved. The Cornilleau family set about designing and conceiving a production method that would transform table tennis tables from a cottage industry into a fully automated industrial process to satisfy the fast-emerging market for quality goods at affordable prices.

Their concept was to automate their traditional craft skills by utilizing modern technology, often designing and making their machines high quality.

The Cornilleau’s have always been innovators, and this tradition lives on today. Perhaps the biggest compliment paid to them is the many copies of other manufacturers’ tables from their innovations and inventions.

Corniilleau has come a long way since those humble beginnings in 1969. Today, with over 75 countries selling their products, which is one of the most extensive ranges available on the market, the company is now “the” major player in the world of table tennis tables.

Cornilleau in New Era

Table tennis is ever progressing, which is why everyone at Cornilleau is committed to continuously improve their product’s performance.

With this goal in mind, they have to design and develop new collections of tables to meet the highest standards. They always stay in the market by keeping their promise for quality of play, the comfort of use, safety, solidity, and design.

Their innovative design is highly appealing in the market, and many international tournaments are appointed to use their tables. They have also developed a new range of bats, balls, and accessories whose quality and design create the perfect harmony between the player and their tables.

Variety Products Offering

On Cornilleau’s table tennis website, they offer an impressive range of ping pong tables, ping pong equipment, and ping pong balls. They offer the latest and innovative designs that take into account the latest trends in the sport.

Be it a brand new ping pong table, some bats or ping pong balls, or just a replacement net. You will be able to make significant savings and have confidence in knowing that you are dealing directly with Cornilleau.

So whether you are a novice or an experienced table tennis player, look no further for the best and cheapest quality ping pong equipment and accessories.

Cornilleau Indoor and Outdoor table?

The Cornilleau range of Table Tennis Tables is available for both indoor or outdoor version.

The only difference between the two options is the material used for the “tops” or playing surfaces. Indoor tabletops are manufactured from a unique composite wooded 16 mm particulate board with a special paint cured under UV light.These tables must not be subjected to water as any moisture exposure will cause damage to the playing surface.

The outdoor, all-weather version tabletops are made from 4mm melamine sheets. The table is weatherproof and can be left in the garden throughout the year.

Also very suitable for use indoors as well or in a garage or playroom. Although the tables are more expensive, the outdoor table provides you with the ultimate versatility in a Table Tennis Table.

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Development History of the Company


Emile Cornilleau founded the Cornilleau Company in Bonneul Waters, a city in the north of France. Its first workshop was built on an old farm on the edge of the city road.


Emile Cornilleau’s son, Pierre Cornilleau, joined the family business and quickly demonstrated his professionalism and organizational skills. The company expanded its business in the construction sector, including wine racks, air boxes, etc. 


The construction business showed a declining momentum. The company carefully analyzed the development of the COTEXUNION, a manufacturing company that supplied wholesale table tennis products for the Parisian citizens. The Cornellieu father and son began the business of providing steel frames and packaging for COTEXUNION.


The company produced the first batch of 300 ping pong balls and participated in the first related trade fair. By meeting new customers, the company quickly realized that it would develop in a specific industry. With such realization, the company started to expand its production.

The company gradually turned into a limited liability company from the traditional company and invested mainly in the table tennis industry.


The company signed a sponsorship agreement with the outstanding French table tennis champion player, Jacques Secrétin, and has established a solid partnership. Subsequently, Cornilleau launched a series of celebrity players’ signatures on table tennis tables. With the implementation of various workable strategies, the company started growing very quickly.


Cornilleau became the leading company in table tennis in France. The same year, they decided to expand the influence of the brand in the European market.

Not only did the company participate in the international ISPO sports equipment exhibition, but they also invested most of the funds to purchase advanced production equipment and improved the overall quality of its products.

With the ever improved quality of the products, five of the company’s table tennis tables were approved by the ITTF for international tournaments.


Table tennis became an Olympic event at the Seoul Olympics in South Korea. Cornilleau proposed an outdoor table tennis table and produced a solid laminate table using advanced technology.


Cornilleau signed with Barcelona Olympic table tennis champion player Jean-Phippe Gatien. He was crowned the world champion two months later.


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