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Best Floating Table Tennis Table

Floating table tennis table or some people call it swimming pool table tennis table is a small sized table conversion tops where you can put it at a pool area. The swimming pool table top floats on top of the water surface. It is extremely perfect for you to play in the hot season like playing water ping pong in a pool during hot summer days.

Poolmaster swimming pool table
The swimming pool table tennis game is played with over-sized table tennis rackets and the table top is made from soft foam with a hard top and a net with support.

It is very good to enjoy a game of table tennis in the pool with your family using a floating ping pong table.

What You Need

  • Swimming pool.
  • Two-piece game base to be as the ping pong table.
  • Net and plastic post.
  • Two oversize ping pong paddle.
  • Three game balls.

Floating Table Tennis Game

Floating ping pong games are very good for fun family swimming pool party. Most swimming pool tables measure between 40 to 60 inches long by 20 to 30 inches wide; they are grouped among the smaller sized table tennis table and are very good for family recreation.

Have a very good time with this floating ping pong set, this small sized pool table brings will be exciting for your pool game. You can play a very interesting game of table tennis right inside your own swimming pool.

As you go deeper into the pool, it will become harder to serve and return the balls, so you will get your exercise while you are staying cool.


Unfold the two-piece game base to make them flat and become one whole piece. Install the net and post. Get ready with your paddle and ball. Jump into the swimming pool and start to have fun.

Stable on Water Surface

This ping pong set can float stable on the water’s surface and provides players with a quality bounce to the balls. The floating table tennis table, of course, will have net and post-assemble on the table and also two oversized rackets for you to play the game.

Poolmaster swimming pool table tennis table

You will have a lot of fun with your friends and family. Other than swimming and diving in the pool, you can now have additional activity by putting this floating ping pong table in the water and playing around.

The table is having a firm surface on the table top so that you will be able to have a solid shot along with swiftly play. The edges are built with soft material which makes the table rather safe for people to swim close to it without getting any injury.

If you are worried about dropping your rackets into the pool, then you shouldn’t have such worry in mind because the rackets or ping pong ball will remain floating on the water. The table is made of soft foam with a hard top and the swimming pool table tennis table measures 27 wide and 54 long and it can be folded for storage.

Completely Different With Normal Table

If you intend to buy this table, you should first set out your mind by not expect this to appear to be the same as the standard table tennis table. You will find out that the dimensions and proportions are very different where you will get a feeling that the table is small and the rackets that hold in your hand seem to be a giant one.

floating table tennis table

You will get a totally different playing experience by playing the game in the water. You may easily get fed up in the first place as you may having difficulty in controlling the shot, however, you will get used to it once you play for some time.

For this table, it separates into two halves and you can fold each other nicely and fit all the equipment into cutouts for easy storage.

How If I Want to Play On The Floor Instead of In the Water?

This floating table is rather flexible. If you wish to play on the floor and not in the water, you can actually do so. What you need to do is just take the floating table and put on any hard surface. And you can play ping pong right away.

This great Poolmaster floating table for you to play water ping pong is available at Amazon.

54″ Blue Floating Ping-Pong Table for Water Ping Pong

This is another table that is available for you to play water ping pong. The dimension of the table is 2″ H x 54″ W x 27″ D. This is an ideal floating table for kids who are having the age fo at 4 or above.
Blue floating ping pong table

The assembly and installation are rather easy. You can just take the table and put on the net. Then place in on the water and you can start to play the game.

When you buy this floating ping pong table, it will come together with a ping-pong table, 2 paddles, 2 balls, and a heavy-duty net.

You can also play out of the swimming pool like the Poolmaster floating table. You can find a hard surface and place the table on it and play.


Even though it can be fun to be able to play ping pong in the water, but most of the floating tables available on the market are just not good enough in terms of the quality.

The construction of the table, paddle, ball, and net are waterproof which is good enough to stay for long hours in the water. But the playing experience may not be that great. Since the table tends to offer people with very poor quality of bounce, you will not have an even bounce of the ball.

The paddle and the ball that is purposely designed for water sport may not give you a good feel as well. You may feel not so convenient to hold the paddle and the feel also may not be that good when you are hitting the ball with the paddle.

But this is something that you need to sacrifice if you want to play the game in the water. As long as you only want to have fun playing some games when you are at the swimming pool, then this table will definitely serve it purpose.

You can get this 54″ Blue Floating Ping-Pong Table from Amazon as well.

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