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Factors to Consider When Buying Folding Table Tennis Table

Full-size or Folding Table Tennis Table?

If you are looking to buy a table tennis table, you should be aware of your needs for whether you want to play the game indoor or outdoor. Another concern would be if you are looking for a full-sizeOpens in a new tab. or foldable table tennis table.

It is easy for you to choose if your main concern is only to play either indoor or outdoor and you no need to take so much time to make the decision. But it is rather difficult for you to make up your mind to go for either full-size stationary or folding table tennis table.

Due to some foreseeable factors like different time usage for different users, the safety issue if the table is placed in public places, and preventing the table from being stolen, outdoor tables normally will be stationary type.

For indoor, the factors that should take into account are including how frequent the table is being used and if the venue is a sharing place for other activities. If the table tennis table is frequently used in the venue and is devoted to training the players, then you should consider buying a stationary table.

However, if the venue is for multipurpose and you need to move the table very frequently, then it is best for you to buy a foldable table tennis table.

When choosing a folding table tennis table, you can get either combine folding from both sides of the table or two single folding tables where the table is separated into 2 parts.

The advantage of combine folding is less assembly time required while a separate table will need more time to assemble. But the price for a separate folding table will be cheaper.

The Game Can be Played All Year Round
Ping pong is not like outdoor games such as lawn darts or croquet which you can only play on good weather but can’t play at all during bad weather season especially during winter.

You can play ping pong throughout the year even in the winter season, you may simply rolling the table tennis table inside your house or under your basement and start playing. You can then fold the table up and keep it into storage when you are finished playing.

Some Foldable Table Tennis Table Brand

Killerspin MyT10 BlackPocket folding table tennis table


Killerspin has manufactured quite a number of high-quality foldable table tennis tables which can be used outside and public venues. The best thing about the tables is that they can be folded easily and completely flat for storage.

All tables manufactured by Killerspin are easy for assembly. It takes only about 30 minutes of your time to assemble the table when it is taken out of the box. All four feet have easily moveable locking wheel casters for simple movement.

KILLERSPIN MyT5 Premium Foldable Table Tennis Table

The KILLERSPIN Premium table is designed for office or home use and comes with a lot of unique features. The table is very compact and easy to store as it packs and unpacks very easily in a matter of a few seconds. It comes with a 5/8 inch tabletop with repeat roller coating that provides a very high quality 16 layer finish.

This layer provides the user with consistent bounce and pace of the bowl so that you can improve your game with practice. It weighs only 196 pounds and also comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

The customers who have used the product spoke very highly of it and explained that the KILLERSPIN premium table has everything you expect in a top-quality ping pong table. It can also be used for sporting events as the high-quality material used in the table promises to last longer than other tables in the market.


Another reputable brand would be Butterfly. Some of the tables produced by the company are featured with a quick set-up in which you are able to complete the assembly in 15 minutes after everything is taken out from the box.

Their tables are of high quality especially its surface is made of thick density wood which can give a steady bounce of the ball. A single person can unfold the table easily.

STIGA STS 420 Table Tennis Table

The STS 420 is the latest of the STIGA table tennis series and comes with all features that a professional table tennis table has. The table provides the best quality, performance, and convenience and is also designed to last much longer than a normal ping pong table.

It comes with a 1 inch top that is filled with multiple layers of paint and finished with a clear and smooth surface for a consistent and great playing surface. Its dimensions are 108 x 60 x 30 inches and weigh only 315 pounds.

The customer reviews as expected were mostly positive since the product is amongst the best ping pong tables in the world. The only negative point of the table was its price as some customers felt that it was not worth the high price.

There are still other great brands that worth to mention which include JOOLA, Kettler, DHS, and Prince. You can find these respectable tables by doing a search on this site.

The folding table tennis table is designed halves fold separately so that you can have hassle-free storage. You can also fold the table for solo play if you can’t find any partner to play with you.

This video shows you how to fold a Kettler ping pong table.

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