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About Concrete Ping Pong Table

Ping Pong is one of the simplest and easiest games that everyone can play and have fun with. No matter what’s your age is, as long as there is ping pong table, paddle, and ball in place, you can play the game right away.

Now the ever good thing is more and more parks are starting to build the concrete ping pong table. This permanent table can install at the park and you need not worry it get stole by theft.

This is because of the major material that used to construct the table is concrete or cement. Generally, a table carries a weight of 2500 pounds. This is heavy if anyone tries to steal them away!

Cornilleau Pro Concrete Ping Pong Table

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Ideal Place to Put Concrete Ping Pong Table

There are plenty of places you can place the table. The most famous place would be in the park. But the table also can be placed at school, university, golf club, camping sites, etc.

The reason concrete or cement is the most ideal material to construct an outdoor ping pong table is due to it is very solid and sturdy.

The table won’t get warp at all. In addition, a concrete table is weatherproof where it can withstand many kinds of weather be its hot sun, raining, snow, storm, the concrete ping pong will always remain intact. The table also can withstand fire and shock. This type of table is designed to keep in the park for many years.

This is a big difference compared to a standard table tennis table. For a standard table, if you leave it outside with no protection, after some time the table will fall apart.

Colors of the Table

Some people are wondering what color the concrete need to be. Well, most of the people will pick the green or red color as these colors easily match the natural color of the environment. If the table is used for the tournament, the color will need to be green or blue.

But for concrete outdoor ping pong table, there are only for recreational play and is not meet the requirement to be a standard tournament table. So there is no fixed color it must be green or red. There are many colors you can choose from as long as the company that built the table can make it for you.

Generally, the net that uses for concrete ping pong table is built with steel material.

If you are interested in getting a concrete ping pong table, you can refer to the Cornilleau website for buying guide and how much the price for you to get the table.

The cost can be expensive but is worth the money as it can be used for many years. To deliver a concrete table, sometimes a crane is needed to lift the table and this can add substantial cost to your purchase price.


  • Everyone can have fun playing the ping pong game.


  • However, the concrete table is only suitable for recreational play. You can’t make it a tournament play as the bounce is not compliant with ITTF standard.
  • You may not have good bounce with a concrete table. However, the table would give you the spin that you wish and you may find it is rather hard for you to hit on topspin or backspin balls.

You can buy the Cornilleau concrete table here.

DIY Concrete Ping Pong Table

If you are thinking of DIY a concrete ping pong table by yourself, you can definitely do it as long as you know how to build. If you having no idea, you can refer to the video that I share to you and you can just follow on they build it from scratch to finish.

The indispensable material would be the cement and sand. You can use the powdery hydraulic inorganic cementitious material.

The word cement is developed from the Latin cementum and is the meaning of gravel and schist.

The mixture of early lime and volcanic ash is very similar to modern lime volcanic ash cement. Concrete made of cemented gravel is hardened not only with high strength but also against fresh water or salt water.

For a long time, it has been widely used in civil engineering, water conservancy, national defense, and other projects as an important cementing material.

The mixture of Cement and Sand

The ratio of sand to cement is 2.5 to 1. The thickness of the steel bar is the same as that of a pencil. The spacing is 20 cm.

After adding water and stirring, it can be solidified in the air or hardened in water, and can firmly bond sand, stone, and other materials together.

If you have no experience, it is best to let the tiler help you to grind the table. Otherwise, the table top may become uneven.

I recommend you do it in spring because if you make the table during winter, the material will be easy to get freeze which may make the table not to be sturdy enough.

But no matter how your DIY concrete ping pong table is done, the flexibility cannot be compared with a real outdoor table tennis table. The bounce quality of the concrete table will also not be as good as the actual table tennis table.

When you start to build your table, I will strongly recommend that you put a layer of wood or FRP on the cement surface. Note that the cement must be stirred at the bottom of the frame. It is even better if you can stir with a vibrator.

DIY cement ping pong table

The difference between the cement tabletop and the wooden tabletop can be very much. If you use the layer of the wood to make the frame and build the tabletop, it will be thinner.

You should remember to water the finish table after some time to make sure that it can slowly get dry with better texture combination. For the time when the casting is finished, you can use the high-grade pure cement to smooth the surface.


  • Tabletop size: 2740 x 1525mm
  • Table Height: 760mm
  • Bounce: 220-250mm
  • Bounce uniformity: ≤10mm
  • Countertop gloss: ≤10 degrees
  • Table friction coefficient: ≤ 0.4
  • Table stability: ≤7mm

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