JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table Review

This JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table is approved by USA Table Tennis (USATT) for use in certain international tournaments. It can provide very good quality and is highly convenient. The table is designed with a 5/8″ wood composite for the table top.

It has a resin apron with 1.5″ together with a powder-coated steel undercarriage for robustness and it managed to provide you with very sturdy support. The construction of two table halves makes it possible to be used as a single table or two separate tables.

JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table

Detail of JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table


  • USATT approved
  • 5/8″ wood composite playing surface
  • Powder-coated steel undercarriage
  • Suitable for budget minded people to get this quality table for a reasonable price
  • 1.5″ resin apron
  • 1.5″ diameter steel legs
  • Two halves blue table top with net set and double trolley system
  • The dual anti-tilting safety locking devices designed for increased safety and security
  • 8 x 4″ polypropylene wheels with ball bearing castings
  • Each table half is backed up by its own undercarriage
  • Automatic folding legs and four wheels
  • Storage and playback positions
  • Net set and post are provided

Weights & Dimensions

  • Overall: 24″ H x 61″ W x 108″ L
  • Folded: 65.5″ H x 60″ W x 24.5″ D
  • Playing Surface: 60″ W x 108″ L
  • Legs: 30″ H
  • Tabletop Thickness: 0.625″
  • Overall Product Weight: 140lbs

Ideal Table For Beginner

This table is an ideal table for a beginner. It is very sturdy and effortless for you to assemble. The table comes in two halves which allow you to move them for easy storage. The net clamp is holding the net firmly while you join the two tables.

You can then start playing the game with your family members or friends and the table will stay in good condition with getting apart. However, one small drawback of the table is that it tends to get scratch easily. Hopefully, Joola can take this into account and improve it for the future table. Apart from this minor drawback, the table can say to be a great table with the price that offers.

In order to set the table up, it will be required two people to assemble it up-right even though the assembly is rather easy for you to put up. Generally, you shouldn’t have any issue with the setup.

If you place in your living room or basement with a leveled floor, then nothing extra is needed for you to perform. If the floor is not leveled, you can adjust the levelers on the legs of the table to make the table stand sturdy. When you receive the table with the delivery box when it is delivered to your house, you will find the table is very heavy as its weight total of 160 lbs.

Many customer reviews show that they like this ping pong table due to the fact that it is effortless for them to assemble and they can start playing the game by just spend very little to set up the table. Normally it just takes you about 20 minutes to set up the table and you can start to hold your ping pong paddle and serve the ball.

Some Drawbacks To Look Into

The table may not be built with top material or of the best quality. Nonetheless, it undoubtedly can provide a more than decent playing surface for players to play the game of ping pong. It is especially an ideal table for people who love to play the game during their leisure moment but still wish to get decent quality for their gameplay.

Even though the table does not qualify for tournament play, but it still receives good demand from a lot of amateur players who want to have a certain level of bounce and stability.

While the JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table is not qualified for tournament play, but the price that you pay for is much cheaper than a tournament table. Thus, this is an ideal full-size table tennis table for many people who are looking to play a serious game during their leisure moment.

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