The 16 Best Places to Purchase a Ping Pong Table

Looking to buy a ping pong table for your house, office, club, or organization and getting nowhere? No need to worry, we are here to help! Today we are covering all of the best places that have ping pong tables for sale, be it new, used, online, or in-store. As a keen player myself, I know how important choosing the right table tennis table is, and just how difficult it can be to source after you find the right table for you.

Before I dive straight into retailers, I’ll quickly cover what to consider when purchasing a table.

ping pong table for sale

Know Your Requirement First

Before you ask where to buy a ping pong table, you first need to clarify what kind of table you would like to get. What are your criteria when it comes to buying a table tennis table? For instance, is your primary focus the price?

Ping pong tables are split into 3 different categories: entry-level, mid-range, and premium. The more you spend the better features you will likely receive. Below we’ll quickly cover some of the main features you should pay attention to besides price.

ping pong table for sale

Table Top Thickness

The main feature you should look out for is the thickness of the tabletop. The thicker it is, the better the bounce will be. Of course, if you are a beginner there is no need to buy a thick table top — it will cost a lot more money and you don’t possess the skill to really need it.

The minimum thickness we tend to recommend here at Table Tennis Spot is 18mm. This provides a good enough bounce for beginners, and even more skilled players can still have fun using it.

The maximum thickness you will find is 30mm, although 25mm tends to be the top end for most premium models. This thickness is tournament-grade so it provides the absolute best playing experience.

Strong Frame

The frame of a table tennis table is very important because if it fails it could result in injury, and you also won’t be able to use the table any longer. Try to find tables that have thick undercarriages and legs that are at least 1.5″ thick.


Almost all tables fold for convenient storage. However, some take up far more room than others. If you are looking to save as much space as possible consider an ultra-compact table like the Butterfly Compact-16. Many others on the market are also 2-piece tables and nest together for simple storage, although they do take up a bit more space.


As table tennis tables are fairly expensive pieces of equipment, a long warranty period is a strong selling point when you are comparing which tables to buy. Unfortunately, a lot of cheaper tables have very short warranty periods, so if you are concerned about longevity, perhaps consider spending a little more to secure a longer warranty period.

Where to Buy Table Tennis Tables

Below are our top 16 sources to find the table tennis table you are looking for.

1. Megaspin

ping pong table for sale

Megaspin is an online mega-store that sells a vast range of table tennis gear. You’ll be able to find products from all popular table tennis brands. The company has a network of distributors and retailers in the USA — they are our top recommendation if you reside in North America. They have a best price guarantee which means they will match the price of any other seller in North America.

We really love their website, and they’ve nailed navigation. You can easily shop by category, brand, and sort by filters such as price, name, popularity, and date released. They also run regular table tennis table sales, for instance, this month the Butterfly Space Save 22 has 10% off.

If you have any questions regarding tables you can get in touch with their support. They are very knowledgeable and are happy to help in any way they can.

My Top Recommended Table from Megaspin — JOOLA United Pro 25

ping pong table for sale


My favorite table is the JOOLA United Pro 25. It’s crazy cheap considering its build quality and has a 25mm thick playing surface. It’s also suitable for all skill levels, and looks great! You can learn more about the table here.

Shipping: Worldwide



table tennis table for sale

Butterfly is one of the most popular table tennis brands in the world. They are more expensive than most as they are a premium brand, but they rarely underdeliver in terms of quality, bringing us some of our favorite products in Tenergy 05 and the Timo Boll ALC.

As of the time of writing they have 32 ping pong tables for sale on their website. These separate into professional, institutional, home, outdoor, and conversion tops.

Their website can look a little busy at times but overall it provides a relatively straightforward browsing experience.

Shipping: Worldwide


table tennis table for sale

STIGA is another table tennis specialist like Butterfly although their products are much cheaper. The range of table tennis tables on their website is not that great, they only have 16 table tennis tables for sale. They don’t even sell their best-selling table (the Stiga Advantage) on their own website which is rather baffling. However, you can easily pick it up from Amazon.

The company has appointed distributors in different countries to sell their tables, so you will likely find them in retailers that sell quality table tennis merchandise. If you want to learn more about the Stiga tables on offer we recommend reading this post.

Shipping: Europe


4. Amazon

table tennis table for sale

The largest online retailer. Even though Amazon’s total revenue is 3 times smaller than Walmart’s, the company is growing fast. Most people love buying from Amazon for the convenience it provides customers.

You can find almost all brands of ping pong tables for sale at their shopping portal. They have genuine reviews which can help you decide which table is the best choice.

My Top Recommended Table from Amazon — Stiga Advantage pro

ping pong table for sale


A table that always stands out when shopping on Amazon is the Stiga Advantage Pro. It’s a great table for beginners/intermediate players as it has a 19mm thick table top. It also nests together for easy storage, includes a competition-grade net, and requires just 10 minutes of assembly time.

Shipping: Worldwide

5. Cornilleau

ping pong table for sale

Cornilleau is a French company that produces excellent outdoor tables. They also provide among the best warranty in the industry at 10 years for their outdoor tables.

When you visit their website and select a product to purchase they will prompt you to select your country of residence. They will then re-direct you to their appropriate website to make the purchase.

They have many different types of table tennis tables for sale and separate them into outdoor, indoor, institutional, and competition tables.

Shipping: Europe, Asia, Oceania, North America, South America


ping pong table for sale

JOOLA is a German table tennis manufacturer. They have a US website that gives buyers free shipping when they purchase above $50. If you’re purchasing from Europe you can still buy direct. Instead, visit is split into two sections: table tennis and pickleball. While the website appears professional it is not the easiest to navigate. As of the time of writing they have a total of 35 ping pong tables for sale.

Shipping: North America, Europe &

7. Kettler

ping pong table for sale

Much like Cornilleau, Kettler is another one of the kings of outdoor table tennis tables. Their models are very high quality and come with a staggering 10 years of warranty. Kettler went out of business in 2019 and then they were purchased by Trisport AG which continue to sell products under the name “Kettler”.

The US Kettler website has more of an old-fashioned look compared to many modern websites, but ultimately, finding the table tennis table section is easy. The UK version of their site, by comparison, is far superior in virtually every way. Sorry US customers!

Shipping: North America, Europe &

8. Killerspin

ping pong table for sale

Killerspin’s website is user-friendly and looks a lot better than some of the other websites on this list. Killerspin tables aren’t particularly common at clubs and tournaments but don’t let this discourage you. A lot of their tables are high quality and possess more of a premium look. As such, they tend to be a little expensive. 

Shipping: North America

9. eBay

ping pong table for sale

eBay is always a good website for sourcing a bargain. But be careful tables are not sold on by a third party for profit here. 

On eBay, you can find both ping pong tables in used and new condition. Just remember that if you are looking for a cheap used table, you will likely have to filter your search to local pickup close to your area. Virtually no sellers ship pre-owned table tennis tables. It can also be rather difficult to find a table tennis table for sale near your area.

Also, be sure to choose sellers with a positive rating. This way you protect yourself from getting scammed by dishonest sellers.

Shipping: North America, Europe, Asia, Oceania,,, plus others.

10. Walmart

ping pong table for sale

Walmart is the largest retailer in terms of revenue in the United States. They don’t have a great range of table tennis tables on offer, instead of specializing in cheaper models., but you do have the option of purchasing in-store or online which is an advantage few retailers have.

Their website is very clean as you would expect from such a big brand. But as table tennis tables form a slither of their overall stock, you are best navigating to them with a manual search as opposed to shopping by departments.

To learn more about the pros and cons of shopping for table tennis tables at Walmart check out our guide.

Shipping: North America


11. Target

ping pong table for sale

Target is a great alternative to Walmart. They too only sell select table tennis tables and generally favor entry-level models as opposed to premium models. You also have the choice of buying in-store or online.

Their website is easy to navigate and pleasing to the eye. We recommend conducting a manual search to find table tennis tables.

Shipping: North America


12. Tabletennis11

ping pong table for sale

The Tabletennis11 store is located in Narva, Ida-Virumaa, Estonia. It is a reputable table tennis equipment seller. Most of the customers love the way the team takes care of their orders. However, they have limited table choices, but we can guarantee they are high quality.

They also sell a range of other table tennis equipment.

Shipping: Worldwide

13. Dicks Sporting Goods

ping pong table for sale

Dicks Sporting Goods is a retailer located in the US. The latest figures suggest that there have 730 stores across the continent, so there may well be one close to you if you live in the US.

A benefit of buying from Dick’s Sporting Goods is that they offer an in-store discount, you also receive points with every purchase. Most of the table tennis tables posted in their store have deals from 3rd party websites. You can expect good value for money with Dicks, but a relatively poor selection. 

Shipping: North America


14. Paddle Palace

ping pong table for sale

Paddle Palace is a company located in Portland, Oregon, United States. The company is one of the major distributors in North America, selling plenty of tables from well-known table tennis brands. However, their choice pales in comparison to the likes of Megaspin who sell around 7 times more tables. 

We really like their website, but we did notice at times it shows as being down for a few seconds before loading in, so give it a second and don’t click away.

Shipping: North America

15. Costco

ping pong table for sale

Costco is one of the largest retailers in the United States. The company has 50 million paid members around the world. Thus, they have very strong purchasing power that allows them to buy in bulk and secure lower prices for their customers.

Table availability is pretty scarce and depends largely on where you are purchasing from. Their UK store, for instance, has more availability than their US store. We recommend using the search bar to quickly find if they have any tables for sale when shopping online.

Shipping: North America, Europe, Oceania, Asia



ping pong table for sale

Craigslist is an online classified ads site created by Craig Newmark. It offers a broad range of categories, and from time to time you will see used ping pong tables for sale on Craigslist. It’s much rare to find tables that are new.

The appearance of Craigslist is very minimal, and I personally, find it a bit troublesome to navigate. It’s my least favorite website to use of those on this list.

We recommend exercising caution when purchasing from Craigslist. You don’t get much protection as a buyer. It is always best to find the product using craigslist and then purchase in person with cash to prevent falling victims to scams.

Shipping: Worldwide



Lots of sports retailers have ping pong tables for sale and now you know some of our favorites. Hopefully some of those we proposed caught your eye! If it wasn’t already clear, we think Megaspin is the best place to buy a ping pong table if you reside in North America. Their expansive range and best price guarantee mean they are hard to beat. Their customer service also exceeds that of many of our other picks.

But whatever retailer you decide to go with, make sure you do your research before you buy ping pong tables so that you get models that will perform well, and for a very long time!


Warren Davies

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