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16 Places To Find Ping Pong Table For Sale

Are you at the moment looking to buy a ping pong table for your house, office, club or organization? Are you getting no idea where you can find ping pong table for sale in order to get one that fit your requirement?

ping pong table for sale

If so, I am here to outline for you some of the sites be it online or offline to assist you to resolve your buying problem.

Know Your Requirement First

Before finding ping pong table for sale on the market, you need to make yourself clear on what kind of table you would like to get. What are your criteria when come to buying a table tennis table? Are you simply focus on the price range? Or are you looking for reputable brand names? How about the color? The weight? Are you going to play the game indoor or outdoor? All these questions you need to get an answer first and it will lay a clearer picture in your mind.

Besides, you also need to know the key features you want in order for you to pick the right one. Most of the ping pong tables you can find out there in the market will be categorized into 3 different categories which are economy, mid-range, and premium.

Their prices vary with the quality of playing surface, strength of the frame, warranty coverage and key features that offer you.

Also, before you make your purchase, you need to know if the supplier going to offer you free shipping or free assembled of the table for you. After you have all these in your mind, then you are now getting yourself ready to find a place to buy a ping pong table which can meet all the criteria you are already listed down.

More To Know Before Make A Purchase

When you are thinking of getting a table tennis table, There are actually many places you can find to purchase this type of equipment. This is a very popular sport, and it has grown to a worldwide recreation. It is also a well known competitive sport that is played in many countries.

It is a fun recreational sport that people of all ages can enjoy. This game is very much enjoyed that many people have their own table in their home. If you are interested in buying one, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table

The type of equipment you get will depend on how it will be used. If it is for your kids, then you will want to get a standard one which will not cost you a lot of money. You can get an adjustable stand that can adjust its height to different levels. This is great for families with kids where both adults and children will play on the same equipment.

Sturdy Stand For Experts

For more advanced players, you will want to get a more sturdy stand. The game will get more aggressive among expert players and the stand can get worn out quickly. You will want to get a good stand that can hold up under a competitive game. There are many quality products available.

You also must think about if the equipment will remain to put up on a designated location or if you need to put it away. There are several options for portable or permanent models. Lots of individuals favor the folding choice since it can be rolled over and pull away for storage.

Many people tend not to have the room to keep a table occupying the room all the time unless they’ve got a designated game area. You’ll find some tables are features with wheels which can make them simple to pull around. The equipment will even possess a braking mechanism on the wheels.

Table Top Thickness

The thickness of the table surface is also an important feature that you should take into consideration when buying a table tennis table. A quality table top will offer the player with the consistent bounce. Some believe the thicker the table is, the better it will bounce.

This is true. A 0.75 inch thick counter is adequate and will provide a reasonable bounce. But the one inch counter is preferred since this is the most common type of equipment. This is also the type of table that is used for tournaments.


If you are searching for this sort of equipment, one more thing that you need to consider is that you need to make sure the legs are sturdy enough. The legs will provide great support of the entire table when the game is being played. There are tables that built with leveler which is adjustable when the table is placing at areas where the floor is not even.

These levelers can help to keep your stand straight and level. Other things you need to figure out is if the playing surface of the stand is even. You need to make sure there isn’t any warp or fold on the surface.

From time to time, you will find there are table tennis tables for sale where you can get with huge discounted prices. You may always put an eye on the internet or at your local sports shops.

For websites like Sears, Walmart, and Amazon, you will get excellent tables with special bargain price when they are on sale. There are numerous distinct types and dimensions to select from.

It’s crucial to understand what you need just before you purchase this equipment. The costs will differ based on the dimensions and the design.

Besides all this, the final one would be the price. You can look at the table tennis table prices for different tables and get the one that has all the features you want with the price that meet your requirement.

In here, I have listed down the 16 places where you can get a ping pong table for a certain brand and model you are looking for.


Buy a Butterfly ping pong table at because it is a reputable company you can trust with. Since this is an authority shopping site for Butterfly, the table you get will definitely be genuine and of great quality.

Website: Butterfly Online


You can look into their web store to see all kinds of ping pong tables that are manufactured by STIGA. However, almost all the tables are not available for purchase. Which mean you can’t make your order from this website. The reason is the table is a big ticket item which is hard to ship.

Thus, the company has been appointed a lot of distributors in different countries to sell the tables. If you are looking for a STIGA table, you will need to find it from your local sports store.

Website: STIGA Table Tennis

3. Cornilleau

This is a France company. When you go into their website and wish to go to the shopping cart, it will redirect you to a shopping cart which is in France language.

If you are living in France, then it is no problem for you to make a purchase and they will ship the table to your location. However, if you are not staying in there, you will need to buy through their authorized distributors as well.

Website: Cornilleau


If you are living in the USA, you may make your order of ping pong table from JOOLA. There is a JOOLA shopping cart that operates in the USA and they will be able to ship the table to your given address.

One thing good about buying from JOOLA shopping cart is that it is offering free shipping if your total purchase is $50 or more. So, for all the ping pong table for sale on there, you will be entitled to free shipping.

Website: JOOLA USA

5. Kettler

Kettler is a consistent growth company for the ever-improving of their table tennis equipment which includes ping pong tables. You can buy the table you want directly from Kettler. Most of the customers found Kettler is easier to deal with and the thing they appreciate the most is the table always come with well packaged, good wrap and well protected.

Website: Kettler

6. Killerspin

Killerspin website is quite simple and easy to access. You can probably make an order of your desired table from there. The company also very welcome partners to become their authorized distributors or certified dealers.

Most of the tables being manufactured are of great quality and they are generally packed with good care and well protected when shipping out and so customers can receive the tables in good shape without any damage.

Website: Killerspin

7. Amazon

The largest online retailer where everyone knows about. Even though Amazon total revenue is 3 times smaller compared to Walmart, but the company is growing fast. And most people love to buy the thing from Amazon for the convenience it provides to customers.

You can find almost all brands of ping pong table for sale at their shopping portal. With most of them are having reviews from genuine buyers, they can help you distinguish which table is the best choice for you.

Website: Amazon

8. eBay

A best option to get your table tennis equipment including the table. If you make no purchase of your ping pong equipment from this portal, try out for yourself for the first time. The portal has all the table tennis sellers around the world to list their products over there for you to choose.

Be it an individual seller or company, you can definitely find the table you want in there. Just choose from the sellers with a lot of positive rating and you will protect yourself from getting scammed by dishonest sellers.

Website: eBay

9. Walmart

It is the largest retailers in term of revenue in the United States. You should always check out the ping pong tables available on their store and see what’s the price they are offering. Most of the time you will make substantial savings where the store can offer you.

Go for the good bargain table are between your budget and you will be happy with what you get. Knowing more about buying ping pong equipment in Walmart.

10. Target

This retailer is having a big portfolio of different private-label brands in their store including ping pong items. Those famous ping pong brands have become key drivers of growth for their retail business. You will save money at Target if you carefully pick the ping pong table are for sale with a special discount or offering special deals.

Website: Target

11. Megaspin

Megaspin is the mega-store that sell all the table tennis gears and tables online. The company has a network of distributors and retailers in the USA. If you are having any question on the table that you are interested to buy, you can ask their support before placing your order.

Their supports tend to be very responsive and helpful. You can find almost all famous brands of ping pong tables for sale on their site. You can read more about the store by following this link.

12. Dicks Sporting Goods

Other than their in-store discount, most of the table tennis tables that posted in their store are having discounts from 3rd party websites. The good thing about buying ping pong tables at their store is you will receive rewards points for your purchase.

You can then use the reward points to buy other ping pong stuff. Their table choices may not be too many if compared to other retailers.

Website: Dicks Sporting Goods

13. Paddle Palace

Paddle Palace is a company that is located in Portland, Oregon, United States. The company is one of the distributors in North America that selling all the major brands of table tennis including the ping pong tables that sell on their site.

Bear in mind that the listing prices are inclusive of shipping. Therefore, most of the tables selling there are not so cheap with exceptional if you buy the mini table.

Website: Paddle Palace

14. Costco

Costco is one of the largest retailers in the United States. The company has 50 million paid members around the world. Thus, they have a very strong purchasing power which allows them to bargain with the supplier to give them the lower price and they can sell cheaper to the customers.

However, the table options you can get from this retailer is rather scarce, I think there are only 2 brands of tables are up for sale in their store which is Kettler and JOOLA.

Website: Costco

15. Tabletennis11.com

The Tabletennis11 store is located in Narva, Ida-Virumaa, Estonia. It is a reputable table tennis equipment seller. There are many people ordering ping pong gear from them. Most of the customers love how the way the team takes care of their orders. However, their table choices also limited.

You can most probably get a Donic and DHS ping pong table from them. If you buy the table plus some other gears, you may be entitled to their volume discounts which can save you up to 25%.

Website: Tabletennis11.com

16. Craigslist.org

It is an online classified ads site which is created by Craig Newmark. Craigslist has a broad range of categories that selling ping pong tables from many locations. You can find both new and used ping pong tables in the site.

If you are having a question or you would like to know more about a particular table you are interested in buying, you can participate in forum discussions or post your question to the sellers and you will get the answer and reply from them.

Website: Craigslist.org

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