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Butterfly Centrefold 25 Sky Rollaway Table Review

The Butterfly T2625SU Centrefold 25 Sky Rollaway Table Tennis Table is one of the truly superior qualities table tennis table that is released by the company. This excellent table is built for heavy-duty. The special design of fold and wheel away for space saver purposes make the table can be maneuver around easily.

Furthermore, this table tennis table is actually made to take care of players using wheelchairs. The designated distance between the table end to the first leg (40cm) and bar(16 inches) is set in compliance with the Paralympic requirement.

Butterfly Centrefold 25 Table


  • Tournament-level ping pong table with fold-and-roll features.
  • Scratch-resistance of the tabletop as it is built of hard PVC band along with sturdy 2″ steel rim.
  • Features with 15″ (width) and 63″ (height) when folds up.
  • The easy-rolling system with the implementation of 5-inch ball bearing casters.
  • No assembly required.
  • ITTF Approved – 1″ table top (25mm).
  • Weight: 280 lbs (approximately 127kg)


Playing Dimensions: 108″ (Length) x 60″ (Width) x 30″ (Height)
Storage Dimensions: 20″ (Length) x 60″ (Width) x 63″ (Height)

It is a classic competition table that been used in many clubs around the United States and all over the world. The table is especially being used in many tournaments and their tables have been chosen as the official table of the U.S. Open and U.S. National Championships.


The Butterfly Centrefold 25 Sky Rollaway table tennis table is constructed out of quality thick wood that is of 1″ or 25mm width.

It is constructed from the compressed particle board with a scratch-proof top. Such construction offering a very quality and consistent bounce for the top of the table.

Generally, this optimum thickness can provide players with perfect bounce, speed, and spin whenever playing the game with it.

This can ensure players to keep their optimum performance by playing their style with the table. This is utmost important for international players since consistency is a key factor for them to win the game.


The rail attached to the tabletop is 2.75″ (70mm) steel. It is a quality and sturdy frame that can provide good protection to the tabletop.

Table Leg

The legs consist of 2″ (51 mm) steel that makes this table to be extremely strong and durable. Each of the legs is featured with an adjustable screw at its base.

With such a feature in place, you can adjust the table to make it level even if you are placing the table on an uneven floor. What you need to do is to turn the screw with your fingers so that you can adjust the height of the table.


It is a very solid competition table that comes in complete assembled. Therefore, it is not required for any assembly work from you.

Net and Post

You will receive the Europa Net Set with the purchase of this table. This net set is both USATT and ITTF approved for international tournament play.

The net is built of screw-on, felt-tipped clamps. Such a design can help in securing brackets and prevent scratching on the tabletop. The available ring chain makes it possible for you to adjust the net tension. And the available screws can let you calibrate the height of the net easily. The net can fit the table with a thickness of up to 1.5″ or 38mm.

Net Assembly
The net assembly is also very simple. Before you fold up the table, you will need to loosen up the net and post from the table. The net and post are independently attached to the table and you can remove it very easily.

After that, you can pull on the handle of the table and lift it up. This may take a little bit of muscle for you to do this but you can observe the mechanism in the center is catches both table halves have the same folding mechanism so they will be folded up together at the same time.

Folding Mechanism

It has a folding mechanism that allows you to fold up all sides at one time when you finish playing the game and want to fold it up for storage. Two persons are recommended when folding this table. It is advisable for you to always follow manufacturer instructions to avoid any miserable things happen.

Table Lock

Other than the adjustable leg, the table also featured with table lock which can help to ensure that the table surface is level. You can lock the table up when you want to play ping pong with it and you need to release the lock after playing so that you can fold the table up.


The table is built with 5″ locking wheels. They are very good and solid wheel casters that rotate when you transport the table to place for playing or to move for storage.  Thus, there is very smooth for you to move the table anywhere without any issue.

Besides, the wheels are also lockable where you can lock the wheel to prevent it for moving when you place it in playing position or meep in storage. This can secure the table from slipping off.



  • The table is come with fully assembled. No assembly work is required.
  • Very sturdy built which can offer you with good playing experience.
  • The net set that you get is a very quality one.


  • The price can be quite expensive. This is a high-end table which is not meant for recreational play.

You may take a look by viewing this video to figure out all the features of this table.


Overall, in case you are a serious player and want to get a top-quality table, then this Butterfly Centrefold Sky Rollaway ping pong table will definitely suit all your needs. Other than the table is featured with incredibly tabletop design, the fold and rollaway feature also is revolutionary.

You will make a good investment if you buy this table that features with strong construction that you can use for many years. Thus, if you are looking for the best table and the price is not an issue for you, this is the one that surely worth your consideration.

To know more about other Butterfly table tennis tables, you can check out this post. There are still a lot of different brands of outdoor tables being discussed here as well.

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