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Kettler Classic 10 Outdoor Table Tennis Table Review

The Kettler Classic 10 outdoor table tennis table is constructed with a lot of fantastic features. It is there to offer a player with a great table tennis playing experience with this premium quality table. It got a lot of nice features that you can’t find from other table tennis tables.

The table is built in the international tournament size of 9′ x 5′. So it is a table that is qualified for tournament play.


  • One hand locking mechanism.
  • Weatherproof 22mm anti-glare & warp resistant top.
  • Double off-road wheels for easy transport.
  • Professional and detachable net.
  • Leg leveler for a level top.
  • Innovative, easy to reach table tennis ball box storage.
  • Removable soft-touch edge protectors protect the top during transportation.
  • Playing Size: L=274cm(108″) x W=152.5cm(60″) x H=76cm(30″).
  • Folded Size: L=68cm(26.8″) x W=183cm(72.1″) x H=165cm(65″).

Playing Surface

The table is absolutely weatherproof as the table top sheet is made from 22mm (0.87″) Honeycomb ALU-TEC+ Underside composite aluminum. With this feature, you can play the game any time regardless of the weather condition as the ALU-TEC+ can expand and contract the tabletop following to weather changes.

Besides, the table is featured with double layer coating and resin treated board. It is also built with UV resistant weatherproof finish which can offer you with the certified true bounce of the ball.

The tabletop doesn’t resist scuff marks but the design and construction of the tabletop are very sturdy and durable.

You can have the true table tennis experience when you play with your friends or family members on the table.

Net and Post

You will get a tournament and professional grade of the net system that comes together with the table. The net is actually weatherproof. There are adjustable net tension and net height features available for this table.

The durable net and resin post remains in the play position even if you are folded the table for storage. Therefore, it helps to ease your folding task where you no need to remove the net and install it back every time you want to close and open the table.


It can be quite easy for you to carry out the assembling work. You can expect to complete setting up the Kettler Classic 10 Outdoor Table Tennis Table in approximately one and a half hours to three hours.

Even though sometimes you may get stuck when assembly halfway due to the vague instruction manual that is available for the table. But it shouldn’t take you too long to figure out the right way to proceed. If you are having a problem, you can always refer to the assembly video that you can find on Youtube and follow through.

I have attached the assembly video in this post in case you need it for reference.

Elasticated Storage

You can find the table is having elasticated storage for you to keep your rackets and a ball dispenser at each table end which allows you to dispense and store the ping pong balls.

With the implementation of latest one-hand locking mechanism, it is now making the task of opening and folding the table very simple and easy. It only required 1 person to fold the table effortless.

Kettler Classic Outdoor 10 Table

4 Leg Levelers

The Kettler Classic 10 outdoor table tennis table has 4 legs built at the undercarriage. There are leg levelers implemented on all 4 legs which allow users to adjust the table to their desired height.

There are 4 off-road 5.5″ wheels steer installed, were 2 of them have diagonally positioned safety brakes. This makes the table possible to transport on all surfaces with swivel wheels and firmly position and grip with the floor by locking the safety brakes.

Outer Edges Protection

One of the very useful features is the removable soft-touch edge protector that you can have with this table. This makes the corner well protected with the removable corner protector.

All the outer edges are well-protected with the availability of the high impact resin apron. The table top with apron design cradles is good in protecting the table from warping.

However, we did found that the corner covers can come off easily. It is just not tight enough.

Folding and Easy Handling

With a one-hand locking mechanism implemented on this table, it makes the table folding job to be very simple and easy. You can fold the table with one hand if your the other is busy in holding something else.

As the table is foldable, this provides true playback feature and facility to all players. if you can’t find a partner to play the table tennis with you, you can fold one half of the table to be in vertical playback position and you can play the game in solo mode.


  • Easy to assemble the table.
  • Weather resistant playing surface that can withstand all sorts of weather conditions.
  • Very durable construction which will last you for many years.
  • Opening and closing the table cannot be easier than this one.


  • Most people only concern on the price as it is quite an expensive table. But by considering the features and quality that the table offering you, it is well worth the price that you pay for it.
  • The manual and instructions can be quite confusing. It needs some improvement on it.

My View

The Kettler Classic 10 outdoor table tennis table is an ideal table for you to play both indoor and outdoor. It is especially good for you to place it at the patio that gets not too much sun.

If you get this table, you are going to be pleased with the quality that it offering you like the table is very sturdy. By having such a quality table for the price that you pay, you won’t get regret for unmatched performance and quality that you get.

kettler table tennis tables

If you happened to buy this table but having no idea on how to assemble it, Kettler does come out the assembly video to assist you. You may refer to the below video which is very detail in every aspect for you to assemble the table. You should take a look.

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