Beer Pong Tables For Different Kinds of Shots

Table or No Table?

Whether you have always been an avid fan of beer pong or if you are planning to host a party and just want to provide your guests with some entertainment, investing in a beer pong table is a good idea. There are many benefits of purchasing one, regardless of the type of party or event you have in mind to host.

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Beer pong tables come in a variety of colors and designs, making them really versatile, whether you are planning a themed party or a traditional house party. You can choose from a variety of designs that are relevant to the type of beer you plan to drink, or the overall ambiance you want to achieve.

Beer pong tables are also extremely portable, making them easy to travel with whenever you are attending other parties in need of a table. Disassembling and reassembling a beer pong table just takes a few minutes.

Whenever you have guests playing beer pong at your home or if you are hosting an event, spilling beer and other drinks on furniture and personal belongings can put a damper on the evening. Using a beer pong table designed for playing is a spill-resistant method of playing the game just about anywhere without the risk of ruining anything you own.

Knowing the benefits of purchasing a beer pong table for the next event you are planning is a way for you to find the design that is right for you and the atmosphere you want to create.

Kinds of Shots!

Whether you are hosting a wild party or a quieter one, beer pong is one of the best and most popular drinking games around. Although every table has different rules, here are some common beer pong shots you can try to pull off for extra cups or extra respect.

The Arc Shot
The most common shot. People insist this is the easiest way to sink a cup. Just shoot the ball by throwing it in an arc shape as you aim for a cup. You can make it look even fancier by bending your knees a little bit before shooting.

The Fast Shot
The second most common shot. It consists of throwing the ball with a little more strength than usual. You should aim straight at the cup and have the ball go in a downward line from the moment you shoot until it gets inside the cup. This technique is a little bit harder than the arc shot, but girls love a guy that can sink the ball hard.

The Bounce Shot
A bounce shot is any shot where the ball bounces off another surface before entering a cup. The bounce doesn’t have to be off the table – it can be off a wall or ceiling for added flair. If the bounce shot goes in, the opposing team must drink two cups instead of one. However, the opposing team can block the shot by blocking it after it bounces and before it enters the cup. So it is best to try to sneak this shot in when the other team is distracted.

The Island
If a cup is not touching any other cups, it is known as an island. You can call ‘island’ before a shot. If you make the island cup, you get to choose another cup for the other team to drink in addition to the cup you scored. But this comes with a risk: if you hit any other cup aside from the one you called, then it does not count.

The Around-The-Back

If you are a guy and you grab the ball after you miss a shot (and the ball touches the floor), you can shoot around your back. This shot is almost impossible to pull off, but is guaranteed to get you props if you succeed.

The Weak Hand Shot
Slightly easier than shooting around your back, girls have to shoot with their weak hand after they win a rollback. While it seems easy at first, any beer pong vet will tell you that this shot rarely succeeds and that it takes practice and skill to pull this one off (unless you’re ambidextrous, in which case, make sure not to tell anyone for guaranteed success).

Although you may encounter many more types of shots in your days behind the pong table, these are a few to help you get started.

The Beer Pong Table – Own It

“Why not own a beer pong table?” is probably a better question. Imagine that you go to a party and nobody is having fun and ready to leave. Then you say “Want to get a beer pong game going?” Their eyes light up and they say, “but we don’t have a beer pong table.” “Hang on a minute,” you say as you go to your trunk and there it is a beer pong table folded up nicely. Now every person at the party is surrounding you and waiting for the next game.

GoPong Beer Pong Table

Now everyone knows that the cleanup is the worst part. But you don’t have to worry about that. The beer pong table is the easiest part of the cleaning process. Just wipe the table down.

Next, fold it up into a briefcase-size and carry it back to your trunk with the convenient handles built right into the beer pong table. As it weighs only around 21 pounds, this shouldn’t be a problem at all. So whether you’re hungover or simply just ready to leave, it takes you no time at all to pack up, and you don’t even need to break a sweat doing it.

Do it Yourself?

So you decide to build your own beer pong table yourself. “Will I save some money doing it this way?” Let’s break it down: you spend the time to drive to the hardware store and spend money on gas. Then you buy all the supplies needed, and again you spend more money and waste more time.

Next, you need to make sure you have all the tools necessary to build it, and if not, that’s more money spent. Take the time to build it right and paint the table with some cool designs and suddenly it’s a full-day project and you won’t be able to play until the following day.

If that sounds like fun, then go for it. Unfortunately, your table could end up looking like a five-year-old built it. If space is an issue, now you have a beer pong table that is probably heavy, bulky, and too big to store anywhere convenient.

The playing surface alone of a proper beer pong table is worth the money. On a professionally made beer pong table, you have a nice vinyl top. Some even come with a non-slip area where you can rack the cups. This is so that the cup doesn’t slide when the ball bounces off the rim.

The rack area is marked off for a perfect rack every time, whether you’re playing six or ten cups. Also, the table comes with a warranty; so if it breaks, you’re covered.

Some of the tables have a ball holder so you don’t have to worry about losing any balls. A lot of tables also come with a bottle opener as well. The designs and graphics you get on the tables are pretty wild, with a huge variety to choose from.

So you should be able to find a beer pong table to your liking with no problem at all. For example, you have the Nightmare table with flying tribal skulls and the Greens table that glows under a black light, and even the Pink Hawaiian table for you ladies. There are just too many to list – but I think you get the point.

Ensure Good Support

The eight-foot beer pong table comes with six legs so you will have plenty of support. This way the table surface won’t sag or warp on you over time. The tables are well-built for sturdiness because the last thing you want is for someone to bump into the table and have all the cups spill over. As long as the table is set up on a level area, you are good to go.

Ultimately, a professionally-made beer pong table will cost you a lot less in the long run. Have fun and play responsibly.

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Getting Custom Beer Pong Tables

Summer is the perfect time to throw a party. What better way to spice up a party than to play Beirut, more commonly known as beer pong. If you still do not have your very own beer pong table, worry not as there are plenty of custom beer pong tables available from online retailers that are very affordable.

Custom beer pong tables are for people with discerning taste, both in the game of beer pong and in the taste of beer. If you really want to impress your friends, bring out your custom beer pong table – it’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

Something that Matches Your Taste

With a custom beer pong table, you can choose the table size as well as the images you want to incorporate into the logo and decorative cover of the board, colors, patterns, and images you’d like to use, background and border colors, dimensions, and accessories like party essentials that could come with the table but are not necessarily a part of it.

Engineering a custom beer pong table can come with a hefty price, but you can fill out your custom design form, wait for a select price quote, and wait for the company to respond back to you.

Others will charge a fixed rate for any kind of custom work because they work within certain parameters that are flexible to a certain extent.

Unfortunately, a lot of people that are out there playing beer pong don’t know about custom beer pong tables. Many don’t even know that you can purchase your own beer pong table.

A good rule of thumb is that for every mainstay hobby, there is a connoisseur, and for every connoisseur, there is a niche market waiting to exploit your tastes to make a buck.

Beer pong is no different, and many people enjoy the game of beer pong to such a high level that they buy custom tables for themselves. Many people get so addicted to beer pong that it becomes a routine game that they play.

You can get images of cars, states, football fields, random designs, or anything else on a custom beer pong table. The sky is the limit. Whatever image you upload is the kind of image you’ll put on the beer pong table. Custom beer pong table manufacturers are very open to whatever kind of design you have.

Beer pong is a game that should be celebrated with a custom design so that people can become familiar with how to play beer pong that wanders into the house off the street.

Where Can You Get One?

You will be able to find various designs for beer pong tables online. There are foldable beer pong tables that make for easy storage and travel as well as an inflatable beer pong table that is perfect for floating beer pong tournaments.

If you have checked online and are not happy with the beer pong tables in stock, you can always ask a retailer to create custom beer pong tables for you. Alternatively, you can construct custom beer pong tables by yourself or you can also get your friends involved with the construction.

Custom beer pong tables, when ordered from retailers, can be a bit expensive, so if your budget does not meet the retailer’s price for custom beer pong tables, you can always construct one yourself. A little know-how on carpentry and some tools and materials is all it takes to create your own custom beer pong tables.

Whether the beer pong table you create is designed to float or stay on dry land, or even better for both, constructing it on your own is one of the best ways to own custom beer pong tables. If you are not sure of the details like which material is best to use as well as the design and measurements, you can always check online for further information.

The internet is crawling with DIY step-by-step instructions on how to construct custom beer pong tables. Just bear in mind that you do not need to spend too much money to play this game.

Right now, pre-stocked beer pong tables are available for less than a hundred dollars. You can also purchase standard beer pong tables and turn them into custom beer pong tables by adding in some features and designs that you prefer.

Custom beer pong tables are best played with custom beer pong rules. This drinking game is a sure hit at any party. So if you want to build up the fun you can have with your friends, get custom beer pong tables and play a set or two with your friends.

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