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Having Fun With Beer Pong

Beer pong is an awesome social party game. So relax, grab a beer, and read as I explain some tips everyone should know about beer pong that add to the excitement and keep the game safe.

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Hygiene Issues

There have always been health concerns about beer pong like sharing cups or throwing a ball that might have a disease into someone’s cup. Not too far in the past, (as you probably recall) the flu was on the verge of becoming an epidemic; beer pong was said to have aided in a virus that could have spread nationwide.

Relax; keep reading because I am not saying “don’t play beer pong”. There are simple ways to prevent being vulnerable to almost all diseases that would spread this way. Let’s face it; you probably would want to miss work or class, but not the next beer pong game.

A quick and easy solution is to use water instead of beer. It’s as easy as a keg stand! If you fill your table cups with water and keep a personal cup in reach, you can avoid contact with community cups. When the opposing team makes a shot, take the water out of the rack and pour beer into your own personal drinking cup.

There you have it, no dirt or disease in your cup of beer. This is also good training for tournaments because most tournaments are played with water instead of beer.

We all know today’s economy is in the toilet. Like I said before, using water in the table cups is not only healthy, but it will also save on a lot of beer needed for the game. You can save a lot of money if you are hosting a party by buying a keg; especially if you like top-shelf beer.

Also, consider getting 16 oz. reusable plastic cups. Buying reusable cups saves your money, and it is also better for the environment. Remember, a little extra cash in your pocket goes a long way.

Be Responsive

Be a responsible beer pong player, even more so if you are the host. The last thing you want is to have one of your good friends to get injured or in the worst-case scenario die. Try to alternate teams instead of playing “King of the Table.”

This way, not only does everybody get a break but there is more of a challenge because the players change on every round. You should also make sure you have all the players’ (car) keys and enough room for people to stay overnight if needed.

Deciding to build a table from wood can take hours. When people are ready to play beer pong they probably don’t want to wait for you to make a beer pong table. If you take your kitchen table from your house, you run the risk of damaging your table (more money down the drain).

A professional beer pong table is easy to set up, simple to clean, and putting it away can be as easy as closing a car door. Your time, money, and efforts would be better spent if you bought a real beer pong table

Take Every Consideration For Playing Area

The playing area where you are going to set up the beer pong table should meet certain requirements. Try to stay away from the carpet. Most likely, you will be spilling water, beer, etc. A basement floor or a tile floor is best because they are water and stain-resistant.

If the weather is good, then the back deck or yard is better than any other location. For good accurate shooting, try to place the table in a well-lit area preferably with an overhead light.

Make sure to have enough room to shoot and high-five. If you are playing on a regulation eight-foot table, you are you going to need at least twelve feet for playing room.

Have fun! This is the most important tip-off all. Beer pong is a great social game with a friendly competition to go along with it. You will never have a boring party when there is a game of beer pong going on. So, until next time, “Have a great game!”

Just remember to save money, be healthy, be responsible, make sure you pick the right spot, and you will always have a good beer pong game with lots of good times.

Useful Beer Pong Tips For You

Play better beer pong!! Here are some beer pong tips that will put you at the top of your game!!

Aim for one cup

Always aim for one cup. A bad habit a lot of people have at the beginning of the game is that they just randomly throw the ball hoping it will land in one of them. Even though at the beginning there are lots of cups, that doesn’t mean you’re going to make it in just by throwing, to optimize your chance of making the shot you have to aim too. Aim for one cup throughout the rest of the game as well.

beer pong tips

Throw for the cup in the middle

Let’s face it, most of the cups you make aren’t even the ones you’re shooting for. It’s usually the one right next to it or if you’re really drunk, the one in the far back when you were aiming for the one in the second row (the row with 2 cups).

This way if you’re a little off on your aim and you miss your intended cup you still have a chance to make the cups nearby.

Wait for re-rack when 5 or so left

Normal rules for a ten cup game allow one to re-rack. Don’t call for one until at least 5 cups are left. Again you want to shoot for cups that are in the middle or around others, so a diamond or a diamond and 1 are you’re best options. Don’t try to do a straight line after you’ve already had a couple to drink because you will need to use more concentration to throw perfectly straight.

Don’t risk the bounce

A lot of people like to throw the bounce even though they suck at it. On the other hand, some people make a bounce more often than not and are pretty good at it. If you’re one of those people that suck, don’t do the bounce, you’re just wasting a turn and making your partner mad.

The best time to bounce is near the beginning of the game when there’s a lot of cups on the table. Never bounce the ball with three or fewer cups remaining, at that time you would have a better chance shooting them in than bouncing.

Once you’ve attempted a bounce and whether you made it or not, you’re chance of making the second attempt drops dramatically because the other team will be expecting it and swat the ball away. This is especially true if you’ve attempted a bounce twice, so a good rule of thumb is to never bounce the ball after two attempts.

Give it enough hang time

Put enough arc on the ball so you don’t shoot too low. Don’t shoot straight for it, with an arc at least if you miss you have a chance to make the cups next to it.

Don’t take rollbacks lightly

Rollbacks are one of the most fun things in the game. You get really happy and a lot of pressure is lifted from your shoulders after making one. This is a bad thing because it lulls you into a false sense of security which makes you shoot your second shot with little or no concentration. Concentrate, concentrate, concentrate.

Put your mind in the game

This game is 90% mental and 10% physical. Pay attention and concentrate at all times. Try not to have “too” much fun with your partner, remember you are there to win. When you’re aiming for a cup, focus.

Ask yourself, “Why am I here playing beer pong?” – to win. “Why am I shooting for this cup?” – to make it in. “What is my only reason for being here right now at this party and playing beer pong?” – to make it in the cup you’re shooting for. You are there for no other reason, so just do it.

If you’re shooting for rebuttal and the only beer that’s left at the party is a beer for playing the game, think “If I miss this, I can’t drink anymore so I gotta make it”.

If you follow these tips, you will see an improvement in your game and longer stays at the table.

5 Tips for No Hangover After Beer Pong

Having a wild and crazy night with your friends at a house party while playing beer pong makes for some memories that you’ll never forget. But the hangover that you know is going to hit you the next day can really suck… But let’s be honest.

Beer pong is too much fun and who really wants to have to fill their cups with water instead of a good old’ brewski? Plus, if you want to gain the attention of that girl from across the room who’s been eyeing you all night, you better be able to sink this last shot to impress her.

Instead of giving up on beer pong all together, here are five pro-tips to help you enjoy the party, without having a hangover that makes you question the decisions you’re making in life.

Stay Hydrated

If you’ve just been killing it on the beer pong table all night and have yet to lose, you’re likely going to be drinking a lot when it’s all said and done. However, a true beer pong champ knows the technique that will ensure that they’ll be able to have fun, without feeling it the next day.

This pro-tip is to keep some water near your spot on the table. That way, after each game that you win, you can quickly pound a glass or bottle of water. By matching the H2O with the hops and barley, you’ll keep your system hydrated throughout the night.

Vitamins Before Bed
When the night is over, there may be nothing more enticing than just laying your head down and passing out. However, your final effort of the night should be to grab a multivitamin and some aspirin and take it with a glass of water.

These vitamins will help you replenish your body and the aspirin will work on the headache. If you want, you can even throw these items next to your bed before you start playing beer pong, you just have to make sure you make it to your bed by the end of the evening.

Grab A Meal

After a night of drinking and playing pong, you know you’re going to be craving some 2 am delivery or if you have a designated driver, some delicious drive-through.

If you can keep the food healthy, such as eggs or natural minerals, then you can help refuel your body before you fall asleep. The healthier the food is, the better the effects will be while you’re getting some shuteye and your body is trying to recharge.

Get Some Exercise

Getting up the morning after a wild night can be hard enough as it is. But add in the fact that you should go to the gym, that’s harder than taking three finals on one day for classes you haven’t been to since spring break.

However, if you can make it to a yoga class or just to run on the treadmill for a bit, you can start sweating out some of the beer from the previous night.

Relieve Yourself

Remember that girl we mentioned earlier who’s been eyeing you all night while at the beer pong table? Well, she might actually come in handy for more than just flirtatious motivation to help you with sinking the last shot.

There have been studies that show that reaching climax can help relieve the tension that is in your body that creates a hangover. Therefore, keep her around till the next morning and start the day off right, and you’ll be able to keep going without too much downtime. Well, at least no more time than it takes to relieve yourself.


Drink Responsibly I just wanted to add this extra tip because sometimes the obvious needs to be stated. This is actually the best advice. The best way to avoid a hangover is to know your limits. Do not drink more than you can take, and you won’t even have to use the previous tips!

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