Kettler Topstar XL Outdoor Table Tennis Table Review

I would love to discuss and make a short review on the Kettler Topstar XL Outdoor Table Tennis Table here.

I bought the table about 3 years ago and we have used it quite often. We do have a cover for it that we use to cover the entire table and prevent it from getting moisture when it is not being used for a long period. The table held up quite well. Even there are some scratch marks on the table but the overall table still functions very well.

We are really happy to buy this table. My families use it very often together with our neighbor for exercise and gathering purpose. We do have a lot of good time to play with the table.


Some of the features you will see is the table had an aluminum edge that goes around the outside and all the way out the table. The tabletop is able to provide players with consistent and even bounce. The ball is bouncing like a regular indoor ping pong table. You shouldn’t have any problem to make a good shot.

The top of the table is built to be quality material and can be a simple job for you to set it up perfectly. There is a water-based paint which is UV resistant.

So if you are placing the table under the sun, you don’t have to worry about fading over time as it’s held up really well. You won’t notice any significant fade mark even during raining season. The top level can stay very consistent for you.

kettler table tennis tables

The net stays on the table all the time. You do not need to do any assembly job. It has a little side adjustment where you can take it up higher or lower. There is also a latch for you to push in if you want to raise one side of the table or lower it down.

You are able to play in single playback mode for training purpose if you want to. There are buttons that you can find on both sides of the table below the net.

For the mechanism design, you can push the button and latch in and you will hear a “click” sound. After that, you can just fold one side of the table up to become vertically and you are ready to hit against the wall.

For the caster wheels, it built with quality material that let you move the table back and forth easily. It is no issue for you to move the table around on either concrete, lawn or grass floor surface.


One drawback is the table legs are not adjustable. If you want to move the table on an uneven floor surface, then you will need to first raise the legs up. It is not like the high-end ping pong tables that have the legs raising features but here we are talking about a table that only cost you around $800 compare to high-end tables that can cost you more than $1000 to get one.


The whole assembles process can take about one and a half hour. If you ever face any difficulty in getting the job done, you can always be searching for some videos online that show you how to assemble the table.

Even this Kettler Topstar XL Outdoor Table might not of a very high-end table, but the quality is not bad compared to other branded tables like Butterfly table and it can take you somewhere 3 to 4 hours for non-experience users to set the table up.

This table is easy to put together and this will make you use out of it very often. The table is quite durable and it can last for a very long period. Even after many seasons, you can still have a very strong.

It should be one of your favorite tables for this price range.

Kettler Topstar XL Outdoor Table Tennis Table


  • Outdoor Table Cross Section
  • UV resistant finish
  • 1st layer coating
  • 2nd layer coating
  • Aluminum top sheet
  • Resin treated board
  • ALU-TECH Underside

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