Sunnydaze 60 Inch Table Tennis Table Review

This Sunnydaze 60 Inch Table Tennis Table is the ideal choice for any household or school, looking for a quality and reliable ping pong table. It is especially perfect for those who wish to play ping pong but have limited storage and a tight budget. This table comes to your rescue if you are in such a situation.

Portable and Foldable

The table is portable and can set in your garage, backyard, basement, or your recreation room.

The table is foldable and when you want to use the table, you can unfold it. Decent Bounce of Sunnydaze

The top of the table is made from quality PVC laminated MDF. The MDF is a high-grade and composite material made from recycled resin and wood fibers. The material’s composition is very sturdy, which makes the table strong.

Another benefit you can have with the PVC laminated MDF is that the material can withstand a certain heat level and is resistant to humidity. With all these materials’ availability to build the table, we can see the table is good in terms of quality.

The tabletop’s thickness is about 90mm, which offers quite a decent bounce for the ball and provides the player with good performance and playing experience.

The tabletop is well covered by robust metal trim. The leg salso can be placed at a right angle if you unfold it properly. This table is appropriate for everyone to play with.

Sunnydaze 60 Inch Table Tennis Table

Process of Assembly

The process of assembly is relatively simple and easy. All you need to do is take the table off from the box.

Once the table is out from the box, you can move up each half table’s attached legs, put these two half tables together, and place them at the location you want to play the game. Finally, attach the net and post it on the table, and you are done.

For most people, the table is quite solid and sturdy. 

You can find wheels under the legs, but you may not need the wheels since the table is very compact and lightweight. If you find the playing position is not comfortable, you relocate it to your area of satisfaction.


  • The table is made from PVC laminated MDF with metal trim and legs to last through many matches.
  • Everything you need to play the game is included: a table, two ping pong paddles, three ping pong balls, and a set of net and post.
  • Save space when the table is not being used and fold it up for easy storage!
  • Sunnydaze Decorscomes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty for worry-free purchasing.



Dimension and Weight

These tables dimensions are 60 x 30 x 27 inches. The weight is 25 pounds (approximately 11.5kg). If you buy the table online, the table’s shipping weight will be about 32.5 pounds (approximately 15kg).

The drawback of the Table

The table is quite petite compared to a regular 9′ x 5′ ping pong table. Thus, you may not get good exercise if you play with this table since you will exert too much energy using this table.

Since the table is too small, it is also easy for the ball to go off the table when hitting the ball. You need to have reasonable control on the ball to drop on the table, just nice when hitting it with the paddle.

Nonetheless, you will have a lot of fun playing with this compact table as it gives you more control and manages the ball. Maybe it can be the ideal table for you first to learn how to hit and control the ball in table tennis.


This Sunnydaze 60 Inch Table Tennis Table is made for recreational play. It is an excellent choice for those looking for a compact ping pong table offered at a bargain.

The table is quite durable. 

If you buy from an online store, check you have all the parts, and nothing is missing. This type of compact table tennis table tends to cut some tiny details like screws and bolts. So you need to check thoroughly before playing. If there is any missing part you found, contact the company immediately and ask for the part replacement or change to another new table. 

You have a 1-year warranty on the table, and the company that sells you the table will be very likely to send you the missing part or replace a new table for you. Just don’t skip this or waste your money with an incompletely assembled table.

For the compact table range, this table is situated at the top 3 bestselling table tennis tables. The other two are JOOLA Midside and Hathaway Crossover compact table tennis table.

If you are interested in buying this table, you can get it from Amazon.


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